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Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Prologue - Read as how a different history, having an imaginary twin sister at a young age, and a having a different life before Hogwarts changes Harry from a weak and lonely boy, to the most powerful Dark Wizard the world had ever seen - Overlord Vulcan. Not much sex at the start of the story, but as it gets along there'll be a lot. Some of the Categories might be altered as the story gets on, removed or added.

The Birth of Lucy Potter!

25th of December 2006 - Dursley's Household!

It has been five years since the six year old Harry Potter was found by his Aunt Petunia Dursley on the front door like a pint of milk, and since then Harry's life had been awful. He was treated like a slave. Worse, in fact, as a slave would be allowed to eat, have good fitting clothes, and bedroom bigger than the broom cupboard that Harry currently slept in.

But young Harry received none of that. He got the oversized hand-me-down clothes that belonged to his large cousin Dudley. Dudley was what Harry called a pig in a wig, as he was fat, ate a lot, and had the manners of a pig. Harry would be lucky if he ate at all. One of the punishments his family loved to inflict on him was to refuse to let him eat for a few days, and when he was finally allowed to eat it was only a glass of water, a dry slice of bread, and if he was really lucky, some dry cheese. As for his bedroom, it was a small cupboard under the stairs, which was full of spiders.

Harry didn't know why his family hated him, but they did; as far back as he could remember they had hated him. They would never call him Harry, but instead called him either Boy or Freak - he only found out his name last year when he started school. The only time they wouldn't call him Freak, just Potter or Boy, was when they were out in public. Then they would treat him slightly better, as appearances were very important to the Dursleys and they wanted to be seen as a nice and respectful family.

If only they knew the truth about them, his so called family. They were anything but nice and respectful. Harry didn't know why they treated him harshly, but they did. Apart from calling him Boy or Freak, they punished him for the simplest of things. Things like "forcing them" to spend money on him, "daring" to burn the food he was forced to prepare for them, but never eat himself, or any number of other things that they blamed him for. He usually had one of two punishments, they either punished him by withholding food and keeping him in his cupboard for days on end, or his so-called Uncle would beat him for whatever imagined wrong Harry had committed. It wasn't often, but when his Uncle had one too many drinks, or he had a bad day at work, he would beat him and his Aunt would allow it. She would set back with a smirk her face, and watch as he did so. Aside from punishing him for imagined wrongs, they would also allow their son Dudley to bully and beat him whenever he chose, and they would reward their son for doing so.

Harry often wondered what it would be like to have a family, someone who would love and care for him like a normal person. He would often imagine that he had a family. A mother and father, and sometimes a brother or sister or even both, who loved and cared for him. He enjoyed these times, as it would dull out the pain of his hellish life. But, due to the Dursleys' normal treatment towards him, that imaginary scenario was shattered very easily. He might imagine that he had a happy family for a few hours, at most for a day, before the Dursleys would do or say something that would return him to the hellish world that was his life.

It was Christmas Day and young Harry Potter was curled up in a ball, sobbing in his closet. It was another Christmas Day where the Dursleys had locked him up in his cupboard whilst they were all having a big Christmas Dinner and giving each other gifts, none of which were for him.

Harry was again indulging in his fantasy of what it would be like to have a happy and caring family, and what it would be like to have a Christmas Day with them, with dinner, gifts and all the festivities that come with the day. A smile formed on his lips as he thought about it, the gifts he might have had from his parents and any brothers and sisters he might have had, and the fun they would have, before having dinner. Oh, how he wished that his dream could come true, so he wouldn't be alone anymore, but it wasn't to be.

He was sad; all he wanted was a friend. Someone, anyone, who would talk to him, care about what happened to him, and be there for him in times of loneliness and need. But, between the lies that his so called family made up about him, and Dudley bullying anyone who came near him, it seemed impossible for him to make any friends. As Harry thought about friends, he thought about a few kids at school who he found talking to themselves. It was strange, but when he confronted one of them about it they explained they were talking to an invisible friend that only they could hear and see. Harry found that strange, but when he asked a teacher - he knew his so called Aunt and Uncle wouldn't tell him as it wasn't normal - they explained that these kids created pretend friends, or imaginary friend as most people called them. They weren't actually real, but were only real to those kids as they have problems in life or have no friends and so they make one up, so they could have someone to talk to.

As Harry seat there in his cupboard he begun to think that this is what he needed, an imaginary friend who he could talk to. It would be a great idea; it would be one person who Dudley couldn't bully away, and who wouldn't stay away from him because of his Aunt's and Uncle's lies about him. The more he thought about, he decided he could do one better, he could create an imaginary family member. Someone who would love him, care for him and support him in whatever he did. He knew that it wouldn't actually be real, but it would be better than what he already had.

That had been around lunch time. As dinner time approached the smell of food, food that he cooked, was coming from the kitchen as the Dursleys were eating dinner. Harry had been sent back to his cupboard with the only food he was allowed, one slice of dried bread and a small glass of milk that was starting to turn. For the first time Harry wasn't bothered by this, since for most of the day he had been thinking about what kind of family member he wanted, and he finally decided upon a twin sister.

He came up with a twin because there was a pair at his school, and no matter what happened they were always together and having fun. As for it being a twin sister instead of brother, the truth was that he flipped a coin; he couldn't decide if he wanted a brother or a sister and so decided to let a flip of a coin decide. Heads for brother, tails for sister.

Seeing that she was going to be his twin sister, Harry decided she would be like a female version of him, black hair and green eyes, but her hair would be longer. Not only that, but he decided that she wouldn't be like him, shy with a lack of confidence and fear of his family. Harry often wished he had more confidence himself, but he really disliked brash, cocky people who were always talking. So instead of brash and cocky, his sister would be quiet and calculating in public, but mischievous and fun-loving around those she cared for. And unlike him, she had the confidence to not care one lick about what people thought about her as long as she was happy with the decisions she made.

The world is a strange place. Despite many people spending their entire lives delving into the secret turnings of the world, the Earth still has many secrets that she keeps to herself, and one of these secrets was about to change Harry Potter's life forever.

This particular secret that was about to begin revealing itself to young Harry, was the existence of magic. Earth was a clever and mysterious existence. Centuries ago it was able to convince people the world over that magic was nothing more than the superstition of primitive people who didn't understand the way the world worked, so they invented the idea of magic to explain the unexplainable. But the reality was that magic was real, and since Magic Users had learned how to use it, Earth now had a harder time in hiding magic from the world. As a result, it became the responsibility of magic users the world over to hide the reality of magic from the world at large. The transition was a little rough, which explains rumours of magic during medieval times, but eventually the magical community was able to hide magic from the rest of the world.

Even though magic existed, there were only a rare handful of people who had the ability to use it. Young Harry was one of these select few, and unknown to Harry magic was about to manifest itself in helping him to create his imaginary sister.

As Harry sat in his cupboard and focused all of his childhood concentration on the image and personality of his twin sister, he felt something rather strange welling up from deep within him. His concentration was briefly broken as he tried to identify the sensation, but as soon as he focused on it, it disappeared.

Slightly confused, Harry went back to focusing on his sister only to notice the strange sensation again. But, once again, as soon as he tried to concentrate on the sensation, it disappeared. This strange phenomenon repeated itself several times until a frustrated six-year-old Harry decided to just ignore it and focus on creating his imaginary sister.

Now, Harry was surprisingly fortunate in one regard. Because the Dursleys had ignored him so well over the course of his life, Harry had always had to rely on his own mind to entertain him. As a result, his powers of concentration and visualization were surprisingly well developed for a child his age. So, because of the amount of, inadvertent, practice he had, Harry was able to fully imagine the full basic makeup of his sister while ignoring the strange sensation welling up from deep inside him.

The feeling built as he added more and more details in his mind about his sister. It started deep in his stomach and spread throughout his body until his whole body was infused with a strange, tingling, warmth. Soon the warmth turned to pressure, like something within trying to escape. The pressure also seemed to drive Harry harder and faster to add new things to the character of his sister. It became a feverish race between Harry adding characteristics and features to his sister and the pressure building up and pushing him even faster.

Finally the pressure peaked just as Harry completed the last detail that he wanted in his imaginary sister. As soon as he realized he was done, he felt the pressure surge and seem to explode outward, with every nerve ending in his body lighting up simultaneously; the resulting loss of pressure drained all the energy from his young body, and Harry fell back on his bed, exhausted, and felt sleep overtake him.

"So, Harry, this is your bedroom, huh brother?" a female voice said, startling Harry from his impromptu nap. He looked around and saw someone who looked very much like himself, only female, sitting on the side of his bed watching him. A mass of long, black, hair framed startlingly green eyes, identical to his own, that were currently staring at him as a sly smirk began to creep across her face.

"S-S-Sister?" Harry sputtered.

"Who else could I be?" the girl responded playfully. "What other girls do you know? Besides, who else could possibly fit inside this dreadfully small cupboard?"

It was true, too. The only other kids Harry knew were his classmates, and hardly any of them even acknowledged his existence, let alone spent any time with him. Besides, even though he was six-years old, the broom cupboard under the stairs was already becoming uncomfortably small. No other real person could possibly fit inside while he was there.

"It worked! I can't believe it actually worked! I'll have to thank some of those kids at school for telling me about this! I finally have a sister!" Harry whispered excitedly. Even though he was near bursting at the seams with joy at his imaginary sister experiment working, he was still mindful of not drawing unwanted attention from the Dursleys. "I wasn't positive that this would actually work, but it did! This is awesome!"

"Of course it worked, silly brother. Why wouldn't it work? It's your imagination, and we both know how good you are at imagining things to keep yourself entertained." Harry's sister stated matter of factly before reaching out and giving Harry his first ever hug.

Harry was shocked. Not only did the imaginary sister idea work, but now she was hugging him and he could actually feel it! Who knew that imaginary friends could give you real hugs? Harry didn't really care about how she was doing it, all he cared about was the fact that he was enjoying his first ever love-filled hug.

"So, Harry, what's up? Whatcha doin?" His sister asked when she broke the hug after several wonderful minutes.

"Nothing much." Harry replied. "Just trying to get over how cool it is that I finally have a sister. And trying to think of a name! Oh crap! I spent all my time thinking about how to make you real, that I didn't even think about what to call you. What is your name?"

"I don't have a name yet, silly." His sister said with a smirk that changed to a full faced grin. "You haven't given me a name yet. I would like to help you select a name for me, though. That way I don't end up with a name like Daisy or Penny. Yech!"

Harry's face flushed red because those were two of the names that had actually been floating around in his mind as good names to use. "Sure, sis. Any ideas what you would like to be called?"

And so the back-and-forth conversation began between Harry and his Sister. It took quite a while, because they both had lots of fun proposing ridiculous names just to get the other person to laugh. Never before had Harry enjoyed himself so much for so long. Always before his moments of happiness were incredibly brief, but this time the happiness lasted.

Harry's favourite memory of his life to date was when the discussions were finished and he was able to say, "I love having you as a sister. Lucy Anna Potter."

Now that they came up with a new name for Lucy, Harry went to sleep for the night. When Harry woke up in the morning, the real fun would begin, and soon Harry would find out how special he really was and begin to learn what he could do and how to control his new skills.

Next Chapter: In the next chapter will be the start of Harry's Childhood Saga, in this chapter we'll see Harry finding out about his powers, and we'll see a small glimpse of the new group Harry'll be facing later in the story.

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