Valoria & Cersei
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Paranormal, Rough, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fantasy tale of a magical princess who re-awakens her peoples most feared enemy in order to defeat a new threat. Slow build up, then lots of depraved sex. Collaborative effort with Ravishing Jane

The dream came again as it always did, tempting him, arousing him - and ultimately frustrating him...

The battle was a cacophony, the clash of weapons, the screams of the dying, braying of trumpets and beating of war drums.

Over it all Lord Valoria bellowed with laughter.

The body of the Elven prince lay nearly severed in two at his feet and he turned to face the other Elven champion who he held aloft by her head.

"You shall not be as lucky as your brother Princess Xanthe ... I have far more interesting things in mind for you than death" the demon lord promised, his tongue snaking out from behind his fangs to languidly and provocatively lick the cheek and mouth of the Elven princess.

Twisting her face away from the probing tongue Princess Xanthe spat in reply "foul demon lord, you think you are victorious? Your desire to kill my brother and defile me have distracted you from your true goal. Even now our fairy allies seal your doom!"

Damn! The Elven bitch was right, the Sidhe King couldn't be allowed to complete the spell, Valoria thought enraged.

Xanthe's head exploded from the pressure of Valoria's crushing fist, as he hurled the headless corpse away and turned to face where he knew the Sidhe King must be, a bright pure be of light struck him in the chest and quickly enveloped him.

In his mind he saw the damnable fairy king again, his ears ringing with his voice "Valoria you are banished from this dimension - cursed to be forever trapped in a statue of stone."

Then, blinding light, followed by the torturous monotony of being unfeeling and unmoveable stone. The statue of the demon prince Lord Valoria had lain unseen by human eyes for millennia, but now, through the eyes of the statue Valoria could see a light approaching.

As the light got closer it coalesced into the form of a young female Sidhe.

Lady Cersei paced. Back and forth, back and forth, her heels sharply clicking against the stone floor of her room in the castle.

She would have to leave -- and soon. She had lingered far too long already. But this was her home, had been since her childhood; every brick and inch of mortar was her birth right as heir to the throne.

Things were changing now, and that was not to be - not if her head was place upon a stake as the Elves wished.

Cersei scowled at her reflection in the window pane, as the sun set in a blood red sky. Her pale skin was flushed with both anger and nerves, vivid purple eyes (the trait that proved her Sidhe fae royalty) bright with emotion. Long tresses of midnight black wildly curled over her shoulders and down her back, to her slender waist. She was tall and lithe but her breasts belied her mother's human ancestry. She had died giving birth to Cersei and so she knew little about the woman who bore her, and her father had died in the recent battle between the Elves and the Sidhe.

Her father had fallen in love with the human woman Arya and had, against Sidhe rules, wed her and made her his Queen. Uprisings had occurred because of it but swift deaths had put a cease to them quickly, and the Sidhe King had ruled with an iron fist, his human Queen by his side for many years. Until her birth, that is.

Tears fell and coalesced on her cheeks as she thought of having to leave the home where her mother had roamed, the halls she had played in as a child. It was all she had left of her parents and her world as the realm she knew and should have reigned over was slowly sinking into chaos.

She would be forced to leave; she would go to Earth then. It was rumoured that the Demon Lord Valoria was entombed in stone there, having been banished during the last Great War, when her Sidhe people had promised to protect the Elves and had proven strong allies again him.

And now, in return?

They had turned traitor, were hunting the Sidhe, hoping to wipe out the realm of the powerful dark magicked fae. Cersei shook her head angrily at the wrongness of it all.

That was it then, she had no choice but to abandon this futile quest. Her people were dying, her father was dead, and she, a lone young heir, could not begin to fight and save her people. Not while being hunted.

Her ancestor had entombed the Demon Lord, and from the tales she had uncovered, her blood would re-awaken him. But there was a caveat - her magick was not strong enough to fully resurrect him; if she died, he would be recast into stone once more. Thus, making him the perfect ally against the Elves who sought her demise. He would be unable to harm her unless he wished to once more live for eternity in a stone body.

Cersei smiled to herself for the first time in a very long while. The Elves wanted to rebel against her people's trust and loyalty? Well, she would do the same. She would seek out the enemy and bring him to life once more.

With a sweep of long crimson silks, she turned and left her bedroom. The portal to Earth would open tonight by her hand.

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