Mark's First Rodeo
Chapter 1

Caution: This Rodeo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fiction, Harem, First, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Slow,

Desc: Rodeo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mark goes to the stock show, and gets a very unexpected surprise, and all sorts of interesting things follow.

What the hell was I doing at a Stock show? This was the question I was asking myself repeatedly as I walked around the various exhibits. I was down past the cows and horses and well into the pigs and goats. Bored, I knelt down in front of the stall containing one pig, he was probably about 180 pound boar hog. He and I made friends real quick. He was grunting and wiggling happily as I scratched him between the ears. I was there about four or five minutes when I heard a loud squeal. I turned and looked to see three girls all dressed almost identically. The one in middle was blonde, and her two friends apparently brunette. She was staring at me wide eyed with her mouth open. I watched as a wet spot appeared in the front of her pants and spread. One the two girls quickly ushered her away. It wasn't five minutes later before one of those two girls approached me.

"Um, excuse me Mr. could you come with me?"

"What's all this about?"

"Just please come with me," she looked at me pleadingly. We walked through the fairgrounds and to a large black and white painted dually pickup truck. "Can you drive?" she asked looking at me.

"Yeah, sure."

She handed me the keys and hopped in the passenger seat as I climbed in the driver's seat. I drove out of the fairgrounds and followed her directions until we came to a large spread of land with an enormous house. "Just pull up right there," the girl said pointing. She led me inside the foyer and said "Wait here," and she disappeared down the corridor.

A few minutes later another blonde woman appeared, sort of the older version of what was apparently her daughter. "Hello, I'm Marissa Rogers", she said, offering me a hand

I shook it, "Mark Avery."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mark, I bet your wondering about why you're here and who I am and such."

"More than a little," I replied

"Come," she said taking me by the arm. She let me to what was obviously a sitting room or parlor, which was intended to entertain guests. "Have a seat." I sat down on one of the comfortable leather couches. "Something to drink?" she asked me as she turned over two tumblers at the bar, I shrugged and she poured two measures of amber colored liquid from a decanter. She handed it to me and sat down. "Do you like animals"

"Yes, I think so?"

She nodded and continued, "Would you be willing to manage a ranch?"

"I don't know that I'm qualified"

"Don't worry about that", she smiled at my reservation. "I have a offer for you, ten thousand dollars. Payable now she reached over to a cabinet nearby and opened a drawer and handed me a stack of bills. "Now you can take the money and leave, the truck you came in is yours."

"I feel an 'or' coming on."

"I thought you might, or you can impregnate my daughter. For spending the next two weeks here and ensuring she's impregnated, you will be paid One hundred thousand dollars. Or, you can choose a third option, and that is move in here and take over running the place, of course you have to follow whatever rules my daughter would put on you and eventually marry her."

I took long hard pull from the drink and sputtered a little as it burned all the way down into my stomach. "That's one hell of an offer."

"Which will it be?"

"Its a lot to think about, um, can I sleep on it?"

"Of course, I had Clara prepare a room for you, but first would you like dinner?"

"Uh, yeah sure"

"I'll have Clara take you upstairs to freshen up we will eat in about an hour."

A dark haired woman appeared at the door. She was dressed in a stereotypical maids uniform. As I got up and walked toward the door, she turned and I followed, enjoying the view as her hips swayed back and forth almost hypnotically as she led me up a staircase. A few minutes later I was in a room with a bed and an adjoining bathroom with a walk in shower and all the other things that belonged in a bathroom. I undressed and got in the shower. It had really been a hot day and when I stepped out I was confronted with new clothes laid out on the bed. They were a little long but who was I to complain they were cleaner than the clothes I had been wearing. A pair of slacks and a golf shirt, some simple black shoes and socks, and a pair of plain white boxers. I finished drying and got dressed. I opened the door to see Clara waiting outside; she escorted me through a maze of hallways and at least one flight of stairs to a dining room that looked west.

Marissa was sitting at the head of the table, as were the three girls I had seen before. Marissa indicated I was to sit beside her and I did. I took my napkin and set it in my lap just as a woman placed a salad in front of me. I waited till everyone was served and looked at Marissa who nodded and picked up her fork. The salad was fresh and good, lightly dressed with a vinegar and oil with a slight hint of bacon. When they had set down their forks again and the same unobtrusive servant came through and removed the plates Marissa turned to me again. "You see her father my husband set this up as her trust, she is required to enter a pig every year in the stock show. If a man makes friends with her pig, well then he gets the offer I made you."

"That is totally bizarre?'

"I know but my husband was not your average man, it's a condition of her trust that she follow the instructions every year she can tell no one about it. So it was a complete surprise when you made friends with Jasper."


"The Pig" Marissa smiled the girls who had been eating silently tittered. The servant then produced a tomato gazpacho. "These are, of course, my daughters, Nicole and Sharon, and their friend Sara. Who you met."

"Yes I remember Sara," I said between spoonfuls of soup.

"So what do you think?"

"I feel like I'm being sized up for studding."

Marissa laughed, "It is something like that." The girls laughed too. When the soup disappeared a thick slab of beef replaced it.

"It's either that or your trying to fatten me up to eat me later," Marissa smirked at that.

"What brought you to the stock show anyway?" Marissa asked

"A little reminder of my youth" I replied

"You had animals when you were young?"

"Yes" I responded examining the bloody cube of meat on the end of my fork, "I lived on a farm as a child, at least during the summer." I chewed the juicy piece of meat thoughtfully.

"How is that," Marissa asked.

"I grew up on my grandparents farm. My folks sent me there during the summer. They had cows, a few goats, horses, and pigs of course. They made their own bacon. I responded around another savory bite.

"That's a good start." Marissa responded hopefully.

"Well if your going to use me as the stud."

"Yes," Marissa said hopefully.

"I think it only fair that I be able to stud for all the mares in the pasture."

"Oh," Marissa almost choked on the piece of meat that she was chewing. The girls tittered across the table. She hurriedly took a drink of the tea that was set before her. After the steak and potatoes a chocolate mouse was served. We finished it quietly. The girls retired to their rooms casting glances back at me as Marissa led me into another room. "Were you serious?"


"The mares comment?"

"Well I figured since you wanted me for stud it seemed only reasonable or maybe it was unreasonable," I shrugged "Take it or leave it."

"I'll take it on two conditions," she said seriously.

I tried not to look shocked and it appeared that it had worked. "They are?"

"The first is that you service my daughter daily."

"Don't you mean daughters?" I parried.

"I ... I suppose I do," she responded hesitantly

"And the second?"

"I get to examine the stud's equipment before he does anything."

I shrugged, "Fine."

She slowly turned to me, "Fine?" I nodded she knelt down and worked the fasteners of my pants. After they dropped to the floor she pulled down the boxers and grasped my semi hard cock in her hand. She stroked it lightly and I could feel it growing in her hand. She examined it closely her fingers caressing every ridge and vein. Her fingers drifted to weigh my balls and I could feel her hot breath coming fast as she stroked my cock.

"Well", I asked.

She gasped as she tore her attention from my meat. "You'll break her in half, hell you'll break me in half," she whimpered between breaths.

"So that's a yes?" I asked.

"That's yes", she said as she pressed her face against my cock letting it press against her cheek and then her lips as she kissed it gently.

"Okay then, I'll see you in the morning."

"In the morn..." she said as she kissed my balls.

"We'll talk about the wedding later, after I've gotten to know your girls"

"Yes..." she whispered

I kicked off my shoes and walked out of the room and down the hallway and eventually running into Clara, who I asked to show me to my room. She turned a very interesting shade of red as she stammered and stared and finally gave up talking and led me to the bedroom.

Sleep came quickly and on a full belly I was more than a little drowsy. The bed was soft and comfortable and when I woke I dressed in a pair of freshly laundered jeans and a soft cotton shirt that were laid out for me as were a variety of other accouterments. I used a simple belt with the jeans and shirt and a pair of boots. Clara was waiting outside the room. I let her lead me down to breakfast without her having to say anything awkward.

Breakfast was simple biscuits and a ham steak with eggs and grits. I ate slowly as the girls ate and watched me from across the table. Marissa ate quietly as well. When we were finished she called all the house servants into the breakfast room. There was the cook Jo, Clara, and Beverly, the girl who served us both breakfast and dinner the night before. Maddie, who apparently helped Clara keep the enormous house clean, and two women who I had yet to meet, who were named Jocelyn and Anne. They apparently worked with the animals and worked the fields, their faces were a dark tan. "Ladies as you know since my husband died there have been no men at the Gables. This is Mark Avery, he will be marrying one of the girls. The condition of his staying is that he be able to have his way with any woman working or living here. Any children that are caused by this will be taken care of, and if any of you object, you may leave now." The gathered women looked at me and then looked at Sharon and Nicole. "Very good then you may get back to work."

The women departed with half smiles on their faces, I stood and walked over to Sharon, the girl who had peed herself at the rodeo. I took her hand and led her out onto the back porch. Sharon like her mother was slim, small busted or at least appeared to be in the simple blouse and skirt she was wearing. We walked to the railing, "How do you feel about all this?" I asked.

"Excited, anxious...", she whispered. I moved so that her back was against my chest and I was pressing her against the railing, she was a good six inches shorter than me. I brushed her light golden hair out of the way and I leaned over and kissed the smooth soft flesh of her neck. I held her lightly as my teeth grazed her neck. She squealed as my hands cupped her breasts. I bit into her neck and her butt pressed and rubbed against me. I slowly worked the buttons on her blouse, as I kissed her from earlobe to collarbone and back again. When I pulled her blouse free I discovered her small breasts were topped with long thick pink nipples. I bit into her neck lightly as my fingers pulled at them. I was all that was holding her up I could feel her weight as her knees failed to hold her up. I let my hand slid down to her thigh and pull her skirt up my hand sliding beneath it, I let my fingers press gently against the front panel of her panties.

"You want me to fuck you," I whispered in her ear.

"Yes" she whimpered.

"You want me to make you pregnant"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Have you ever... ," I started.

"No mother wouldn't allow it; my sister would have tattled on me." I turned her so that she faced me. She held herself up as I pulled her white cotton panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. I took her by the hand and led her out into the yard. I unfastened her skirt and turned to kiss her as it fell to the ground, I let her fingers work my clothes, free first my shirt and then my pants, and I laid her on the soft grass as we both found ourselves naked. I kissed and sucked and pulled at her nipples as my cock pressed against the lips of her sex, not quite entering but sliding against the excited swollen flesh. I let my cock rub over the swollen nub of her clit for several moments before I reached down and positioned myself to enter her. I slowly slid forward until I met resistance. I sucked her nipple as I slowly stroked shallowly, until her legs wrapped around me and she pulled me into her she gasped and cried out as my cock was buried to the hilt inside her. I slowly started stroking as her body shook and writhed beneath me. I could feel somewhere inside her it was like a mouth sucking my cock as I fucked her, and it took little time at all before my balls boiled over and white hot streams of baby juice spurted inside her. She lay there afterwards barely moving breathing lightly. I lifted her in my arms and carried her into the house, her mother led me to her room and I laid her on the bed.

Marissa then came with a wet cloth and there in front of Sara and Nicole washed my cock clean of the blood and crusting goo. When she was finished she kissed the tip lightly and then started suckling on it as if she were nursing on a bottle. I could feel my cock getting hard in her mouth and I beckoned at the girls, Nicole was apparently in too much shock to move to react at the events that were and had transpired in front of her. Sara however stood and walked over to me as if hypnotized. Sara was the shortest of the three girls, Sara was curvy, to say the least, her breasts bulged in the tight shirt she was wearing and while Marissa was nursing on my cock, I slowly peeled the clothes off of Sara. When she was naked I pulled Marissa off of my cock and we retired to another nearby bedroom. I don't know if it was the one that Sara sometimes used or just a empty bedroom. I pushed Sara onto the bed and preceded to undress Marissa who while older than me was still in her prime and quite attractive. Like her daughter though she had smallish breasts, bigger than her daughters, perhaps I though because of the two pregnancies. I stripped her and pushed her down on top of Sara. I pushed my cock into Marissa's already juicy slit. Slowly fucking her and she in turn ground her hips against Sara kissing and licking the younger woman's neck and lips. I kept up a steady pace and I felt her clinging slit contracting around my cock I pulled out and pressed my cock against the entrance of Sara's tight pussy. Her eyes bulged as I plunged deep inside her. I was already excited to the point where I was near spilling my seed into Sara and when the first spurt exploded inside her she clung tightly to her friend's mother, I pulled out quickly between spurts and slammed into Marissa's hungry slit, emptying the rest of my seed into the elder woman. I lay on the bed next to the two women who remained tangled together.

It was a few minutes before Nicole entered the room, she was naked, her breast small and proud on her chest, her hands carefully placed over her light brown bush, "Do I get some too?" she asked.

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