Blind Lust
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Rape, Fiction, Mystery,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A sexy blind girl gets the fuck she has always wanted....

Sheila is a sensual sexy woman, long blonde hair, succulent lips, thirty six c-cup, flat stomach, slim round hips, long legs and an ass like an onion. Girl; built like a super model and she love to fuck. The only problem was she lost her sight when she was young.

Guys were a little reluctant to get involved with her. Which kept her hungry for cock, Sheila did want that special some one. But, she was young, twenty three; she wasn't ready to settle down yet. Sheila loved the feel of hard prick in her tight, wet pussy.

This was her problem; this was her nightmare, lack of penis because she was blind. Masturbation was o.k., but, Sheila wanted more, she wanted to ride a hard long cock.

One day while she was cleaning her apartment she heard a noise. She called out, but, there was no response. She heard the noise again and again no answer. She made her way towards the phone, but, when she picked it up, no dial tone.

Sheila began to panic as she backed her self to a wall. Who's there, she demanded?? There was no answer while she was working her self towards the door. Please, please, she begged, if there's any one here. Please answer me.

Something stopped her from making her way to the door. Then some one put there hand around her neck. She tried to scream, but, they squeezed and all she could do was whisper while her air was being cut off.

She hit the arm attached to the hand because needed to breathe. The hand loosened up and air filled her lungs again. When she could think again, she felt two things. One was natural, fear the other was un-natural. Sheila was very aroused, her nipples were erect and she became moist.

Sheila knew her nipples were out there. She hardly ever wore a bra and why should she, her breast were perky. But, what most people didn't see were her long nipples. Almost a half inch when erect, whom ever this was noticed and with there other hand.

Began to roll one of her long nipples between there fore finger and thumb, sending shock waves of pleasure through her frighten body. The two feeling made her pussy jump and her juices flow.

Who ever this was sure knew what they were doing. The pleasure built and even thou she tried with all her might. Sheila began to moan softly as they worked her erect nipple.

One then the other, one then the other, back and fourth they went. Appling the right amount of pressure to her aching flesh, her body was betraying her as the fear was diminishing, while her lust was growing.

Sheila's panties were damp on there way to being wet. She still struggled some, but, if her nipples kept being fondle she wouldn't struggle for long.

Just as sudden as the fondling started it stopped, not for long thou. Her legs were forced open and she felt a hand on her pussy. Her clit throbbed and she opened wider to give them more access. Sheila's pussy was hungry and she wanted to be fucked. Wait that's not a hand she thought.

That's way to hard to be a hand or a finger. Then she felt the coolness as it found her clit. They ran the length of it forward then back. Sheila figured it out, it was the barrel of a pistol.

Her fear returned and her desire grew, this is crazy she thought. Her heart was racing and her clit throbbing. The pistol went away and then there was a tug at her wait band.

One side of her pants was pulled down then the other. With her pants down around her ankles the pistol was again felt on the outside of her panties. It was the most erotic and the scariest thing she ever felt.

The pistol was run over her clit again and again, her body shuttered as her knee's buckled. She wanted to moan, please don't stop. Please, please, don't stop!

She wished they would pull down her panties, hell, she wished they would just rip them off. Instead her shirt was torn from her body. The cool air felt good on her nipples, but, the pistol made her quiver.

The pistol went back and fourth, stroking her nipples and her pussy. This was driving Shelia crazy and she wanted more. Whom ever must of felt they could trust her. They let her go and the hand that was on her neck was now teasing her nipples.

Just as she had wanted her panties were ripped off. Sheila almost came from the sheer force. Then she was thrown to the floor and the pistol placed between her thighs, the muzzle just inside her pussy lips.

Sheila wished they would slam that barrel in her hungry pussy. She wanted to be fucked and she didn't care by what. She hadn't had anything hard and cold in her pussy, since she put a condom over a piece of pipe and fuck her self to three mind blowing orgasms.

A piece of pipe isn't nearly as exciting as a gun being shoved in her cunt. Instead of shoving the gun in her pussy, they ran the gun up and down the length of her pussy lips. The cold hard steel delighted her clit while her nipples were being tweaked.

The sensation became bliss and Sheila grinded the barrel of the gun. She tried to get it into her twat; Sheila was very wet and horny. She could feel her juices running down the crack of her ass. She was ready to be fucked, but, they took there time.

The pistol was taken away and Sheila kept humping the air in hopes that it would return. Return to fuck her hot, wet pussy. Something returned, but, it wasn't the cold, hard pistol. It was a hot, hungry mouth that replaced the gun.

The feeling made Sheila squeal with ecstasy as she pushed her hips up to meet that sweet mouth. Her body jerked and Sheila erupted when a soft tongue caressed her swollen clit. She stabbed out and found the head that sweet tongue belonged to. Sheila locked her hands around it and fucked it like she owned it.

The tongue swirled her clit intensifying her climax. Sheila could feel her streaming nectar fill the mouth that was giving her such pleasure. Once her climax subsided she released the hold

of the head, she went limp for a moment.

As she rested the cold pistol returned to her nipples, then her pussy. Sheila wanted it, she wanted to ride it, Sheila wanted to fuck that pistol. Then she heard a zipper being unzipped. Some one was taking off there pants.

Sheila waited to see what was going to give her pleasure. Her thighs were parted and her pussy lips probed with a tip of a big cock. Sheila didn't have many so she knew one when she felt one.

She felt around for its shaft and she thought wow ... he's thick. She felt up the shaft for about twelve inches. Yesssssss ... She hissed, this monster cock is going to fuck my cunt well.

Her pussy lips were parted, by the massive cock. Inch after inch sank into her hungry cunt. Sheila moaned as the big prick filled her pussy. Half way in she began to talk.

Big cock ... big fucking cock ... yessssssss ... fuck my pussy with that huge cock. I want this cock all in me, she demanded. In and out, in and out, the big long thick dick fucked her. He pounded twelve long inches of prick in her tight wet pussy.

As she screamed and demanded more, fucccccccck meeeeeee ... fuccccccck meeeeeeeeeeee ... Sheila loved every inch of his cock, she wiggled and moved until her legs rested on his shoulders. Letting him pound her cunt good and hard, with her legs up there was nothing stopping that massive cock from beating her pussy like a drum.

She lost count of the orgasm's she had, she believe it was around eight. Eight and counting as he still fucked her pussy. Her wetness has never been like this and her pussy has never been fucked like this.

Her pussy was sucking, clutching, dripping, massaging and cumming all over this dick. No one had ever made her pussy act this way. Who ever this was, she hoped he would always fuck her. He got some goooooooooood ... big daddy dick.

As that thought cleared her head he pushed his cock real deep and paused. His first sound was a low drawn out grunt. Then she felt ounce after ounce of hot man juice splash her insides. The hot sticky jism flooded her pussy, spilling from her pussy lips and down the crack of her ass. This caused Sheila to cumm again as she shouted out, what a AMAZING FUCK.

His cock stayed hard for another five minutes, throbbing and jumping in her drenched pussy. He nor she moved, just his cock and her milking pussy moved. His throbs and her milking slowed as his raging cock became soft. It slipped out of Sheila and she could feel her gaping pussy return to normal.

That was the best fuck of my life, Sheila said out loud. Panting and enjoying the rapture that engulfed her. She felt around to see if any one was there, when she got on her hands and knees. She knew who ever it was, wasn't done with her yet.

The cold pistol was back just inside her pussy lips again. This time from the rear, Sheila thought she was done. But, she could feel her juices start to flow again. The pistol really turned her on. It was as if she wasn't just fucked.

Sheila had a new need and that gun was it. It was something about that steel, the danger, the kinkiness' that drove her wild with lust. He coated the barrel with there juices. The wet sounds it made were so erotic and to a blind women whose hearing was finely tone. It just sent quivers through her body.

He took his time working the barrel of that gun the length of her wet pussy lips. The quivers were very intense as her pussy throb. Her breathe got caught in her throat when she felt the gun being shoved into her, She could feel her pussy wrap around the cold steel.

She hoped the gun was on safe as it invaded her pussy walls. She propped her self on her arms, sticking her ass further up to allow greater depth into her hungry snatch. Oooooooh ... please ... fuck my pussy with your gun, she heard her self say. Please ... please ... fuck my pussy, Sheila begged. He began to pump her pussy with the gun. In and out, in and out, he even twisted left and right as he pumped her pussy with the gun.

Sheila became wanton rocking back to meet the pumping gun. The more she thought about the pistol going off the more she came. Fuck my pussy she demanded, fuck my hungry pussy as she screamed out in pleasure again. Yesssssssssss ... yessssssssss ... fuck that pussssssssssscy ... I love that cold hard steel in my pusssscy. Dayummmmmm ... it feeeeeeeeeeels sooooooooo good. I-I-I'm cummmmmmmmmmming again. Sheila collapsed on the floor and continued cummmming. Every few seconds she came, she couldn't help herself.

Now that's a awesome FUCK she heard a voice say as she drifted off to sleep. Once she woke up she made her way to the shower. Sheila was a little sore, but, she beamed with euphoria. Sheila use to lock all her doors and windows, no more, she leaves them open so she can be ravaged again.

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