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Desc: Interracial Sex Story: Maré is invited by an artist to become the feature of a beach work. The instantly click and spend a hot and enjoyable time together during their vacations.

I loved the Seven Mile Beach in Cayman Island. The calm ocean reflecting the blue hue of clear sky, the warmth of sun, and the salty breeze rejuvenated me for ventures to come. I desperately needed this sensation in my life. It was indeed a blessing to be out there.

I spent some time swimming and then walked back on the warm white sands smoking my Comador cigar. Then I noticed this tall, gorgeous shapely brunette in a pink bikini; she walked, swaying her hips and unquestionably keeping her eyes fixed on me. Her hotness incited me to an erection. She had long hair that waved on her smooth shoulders. Her firm tits heaved and jiggled as she continued approaching me.

"Damn, she's hot!" I muttered. "I would devour every inch of her sexy body."

"Hi, how are you?" She held her hand out.

"I'm fine, how are you?" I shook her hand.

"Great, I'm having a time of my life out here. I have my art supplies over there and I was wondering if I can draw you?" She asked.

"You want to draw me?" I was surprised, rather overtly. "Well, if you're good, sure!"

"Great, come on."

She took my hand and led me to a nice spot on the beach. Her easel and chair were all setup. Paints and other supplies laid on a black towel along with the radio, playing pop music.

"Where do you want me to stand?" I asked her.

"You're fine, where you are standing." She told me. "I wanted your back to the ocean so I can capture this tranquil scene. Do a quick pose for me."

I put my hands around my waist, and smiled.

I watched in fascination as she moved the paintbrush fluidly. Her Prussian blue eyes were rolling up and down, looking on the paper and me. Doing my best not to move, I enjoyed the sight of her smiling and full tits bouncing. This woman was like a magician utilizing various colors for her masterpiece.

Moments later, she finished her artwork and wanted me to look. I walked around the easel and the painting made me instantly speechless! She had painted every bit of the detail and color. It was perhaps the best painting I ever saw.

"Wow, it is hot." I continued. "You are very talented. What is your name?"

"Dani." She answered softly. "And yours?"

"My name is Maré. How long have you been painting seriously?"

"I have been painting for a long time. I went to art school in California. Now, I mostly paint for fun. I wanted to

go to France and study art, but it was too expensive. So, I got in to modeling."

"Nice, you have the face for it."

"Thanks, you're very handsome. You know, I like to paint the sexiest man on the beach."

After a while, we began walking along the beach. I loved Dani's charming personality. I found out that she was an avid sports enthusiast who enjoys watching football and volleyball. I could not take my eyes off this brown-haired buxom goddess. Dani's tight, toned butt and legs swiveled and swayed ever so naturally. The sexual attraction between us was evident. We began holding hands.

"How about we dome some skinny dipping?" Dani suggested.

"I love that idea, baby girl." I told her.

"Great." Dani smiled. "Perhaps after we do some skinny dipping, we could have our own nude day."

"Sounds good." I chuckled.

With a giggle, Dani tossed her clothes to the ground. She stood stunningly naked in front of me. I licked at her perfection. Dani ran towards the water. I followed. Raced in, dived beneath the waves, and then we stood in the gentle surf. Dani moved in beside me with a sultry smile on her face. Then she engulfed my thick shaft into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth, the tongue stroking along the underside of my dick felt incredible as we floated in the water. I moved my hips, in and out, fucking Dani's angelic face. The water was lapping at my hips as we went wild.

"Oh, my God, this is hot!" I murmured.

Minutes later, my dick twitched and I released in Dani's mouth. The sight of Dani's swallowing my creamy cum was awesome. She stared at me with those blue brown eyes and smiled.

"I know you enjoyed that sexy."

"You are amazing." I sighed.

"What would you do if you had your way with me?" Dani asked, as she wrapped her arms around me.

"I'll fuck you so hard; you'll forget your safe word." I joked.

Dani jumped up and wrapper her legs around my waist. She lifted her hips to allow me to insert my dick inside her. The pleasure of having my cock deep inside Dani was mind-blowing. I began my pumping action, which had Dani bouncing up and down. The bubbles and the water splashing around us were like nothing else.

"This feels so good, baby." Dani moaned. "I want to cum all over your dick."

I thrust faster and harder. Dani moaned and shrieked as she clawed my back. Then I felt her climaxed on my dick, which triggered me to ejaculate a second time. I shot streams of warm cum inside Dani's pussy that added to the sensation.

"Fantastic!" I stated. "Now, this is what sex in the ocean is all about."

Dani laughed. "It's the best!"

We swam back to the beach feeling rejuvenated. Lifting our sand covered clothes, we began getting dress. Then Dani stepped on something sharp. She screamed and grabbed her foot.

I immediately rushed to her aid and asked, "Are you ok, Dani?"

"No, I think I stepped on glass or a shell." She sobbed.

"Let me see."

She offered her right foot to me. "It stings."

I looked at it and said, "Wow, you have a nasty cut there. Let me take you to my suite and take care of that."

"Okay." Dani replied.

I lifted Dani up in my arms and carried her to the hotel. Her aroma was indeed intoxicating me. It was crazy that I was walking with an erection in my shorts, which made them feel tighter and hurt my confinement. Dani put her head close as if she wanted to hear my heart beat. Perhaps she smiled for that reason.

Inside my Presidential suite, Dani got comfortable on the couch. I came out of the bathroom with a washrag.

First, I took her foot tenderly in my hands, and washed her foot with disinfectant.

"That tickles." She giggled.

"You really are silly." I stared at her big blue eyes and dimples. "You know, you are a beautiful girl."

I kissed her passionately and felt her shivering under me. Our wet tongues engaged in a gentle joust. The passion really set her on fire. Dani lost herself in my advances. It felt natural as we both went with the flow.

I unapologetically cupped her breast and whispered, "You have such lovely tits, baby! They are perfectly made for my hands."

Gently teasing her nipples, I slid my hand under her bikini top. I deliberately took it off and began sucking her nipples. She moaned loudly, massaging my baldhead. Her sensual touching incited me to reach down. Her bikini bottom was drenched with her juices and I patted her mound playfully.

"Oh, yes, play with my kitty cat." Dani moaned.

She slowly moved her legs apart while my hand released the string of her bikini. I touched her inflamed pussy and the wet carpet, then slid my finger along her slit, wiggled her pussy lips, and teased her clit. Keeping up with the good work, I continued sucking her tits.

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