Red & Gold Ecstasy


Caution: This Interracial Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Interracial Sex Story: Maré has a hot threesome with two sexy college seniors named Sela and Carnisha.

Inside a well air-conditioned New York University two-bedroom campus apartment, I was lying in my girlfriend Lilith Lust's bed. She was a senior at New York University and it was her last day of the spring semester. Lilith was in the bathroom taking a hot shower. We just finished having sex for two straight hours. Lilith mastered in flaunting her awesome assets to her advantage. I enjoyed every second with that delicious foxy chick!

Finally, Lilith came out of the bathroom and walked inside the bedroom smiling. She was a short, pale-skinned French hottie with Tamales-red hair and a curvaceous body. She had big firm tits with pink nipples, well engorged to be teased and sucked. Her oiled long toned legs gleamed in the bedroom lights.

I sauntered up to her and said, "You look so amazingly ASS-naked."

Then we kissed.

She pulled back and told me, "Ditch this, baby! I have to take my final. If we keep fucking like wild rabbits, I can never take it."

"But you smell great, baby girl!" I cajoled.

"Ah, you cannot get enough of my pussy." Lilith spoke giving me a sultry smile. "Sienna should be here any minute. She has been blowing up my phone!"

"Oh, God, Naughty Sienna!" I jested.

"And you better behave yourself if she gets here before I do." Lilith said, punching me on the chest. "I know how you are around the aroused girls."

"You better warn Sienna." I continued. "It looks like she has taken a fancy to me. I know you'll be telling her the freaky things we do."

"Whatever, bae!" Sela said as she squeezed my dick.

She got dressed, kissed me, and left. I put on Michael Jackson's new album, Xscape, and lay back in the bed. Still nude and aroused, I could not get Lilith's sexy body out of my mind. We always had fun, an incredible sex. I prayed that her exam was easy so she could breeze through it and fuck me again. I put my hands behind my head and closed my eyes. I was about to drift into a peaceful nap when I heard Sienna Day walked inside the apartment and stopped in front of the bedroom.

"Oh, hey!" She said, with a shocked look on her face. "Now, I know why Lilith wasn't picking up her phone. I knew she was doing something. She is such a slut!"

Sienna was a short, British beauty with long, wavy gold hair. Her pouting lips looked sensual, the tits well round, and the ass bouncy. She had on a blue front-close sport bra and black shorts that revealed her toned legs.

"What's up?" I asked her, as I pulled the sheets down. "You look hot in that outfit."

She watched as I massaged my dick and then she sat next to me with a grin on her face, a look of fascination.

"Oh God, how long have you been in here? This is ridiculous. You guys were having sex." Sienna put her hand around my dick and began stroking it. "It is so big! This is crazy. I've been calling her a hundred times and now I know why she wasn't answering her phone."

"I love the feeling of your hands there," I told her.

"This is such a big dick. I cannot..."

I got tired of her running her hand and put her face to my dick. Sienna already knew what to do. She licked along the underside of my dick until she got to the head. Then she slowly took it in her wanting mouth. Sienna showered my dick with her warm spit and ran her tongue around the head. Keeping an eye contact with me, she continued doing the fellatio.

"That feels so good, girl." I moaned.

"Oh, yeah?" Sienna replied, giggling. She pulled her head back and unzipped her sport bra. Then she removed her shorts and stood in front of me. Sienna brazenly showed me all the assets she had. Her boobs were perfectly symmetrical that attracted my attention.

"You're a bad bitch!" I said, grinningly.

Sienna moved her hands to her shaved pussy. She rubbed her clit with one hand and with the other, opened her labia so I could see the glistening morsel of femininity.

"Are you ready to punish my pink little pussy, Maré?" Sienna asked in a sultry voice.

"You know I will." I answered, motioning her to my direction.

Sienna climbed atop me and impaled herself on my dick. Then she began riding me at a smooth tempo. I marveled the sight of her tits bouncing up and down on her toned chest. Reaching up, I tweaked her erect nipples that made her untamed. She yelled in abandon, letting my cock go up the depth of pleasure.

"Oh, I love how your cock feels inside my cunt!" She moaned. "Yeah, hit the top of my hole with that big dick! Oh, God!"

The sexual words of encouragement Sienna spewed out of her mouth incited me to grab her by the hips. She rode me harder, holding tightly to my chest. Moans of pleasure echoed the bedroom. Soon Sienna's breathing became heavy and rapid. I knew she was about to cum any minute on the rate we were fucking.

"Cum on my dick, baby!" I told her.

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