Being Made to Share
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A husband with a wife that can't get enough...

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching  

My name is Sin Lo, I'm of Asian descent, golden brown skin, jet black well moose hair. I am successful, big house, three high end cars, yacht and money to burn. I live the good life in every way. Vacations three times a year in all the hottest places, hell, the party doesn't start till my wife and I get there. Yes, I said wife. I know what you're thinking; with all I have why would I be married. I should be living the bachelor's life. Fucking all the most beautiful women of the world, I agree, except for one thing.

My wife, who's name is Lotus has the sweetest, tightest, wettest pussy I have ever fucked. Just to show you I'm not exaggerating my wife fucked two other guys before me and they still offer me everything they have just for one more fuck of my wife's hot pussy. Here are the vitals, five feet five inches tall, long dark hair that flows down to the top of her ass cheeks. Big beautiful eyes that many men have been lost in, nice dick sucking lips, breast that fit a man's hand with just enough left over, nipples that are long and inviting. Hips that enhanced her sexy long legs look. I know, she's only five foot five, but, some how she gets that from men and women how long her legs are. You cover all that with her sexy golden skin and erotic demeanor. Hell, my cock throbbing as I write.

Yes, my wife is all kinds of fine and I am one lucky man. Does any one feel a, but, coming on. Well, here it is, my love goddess has a craving that I still have trouble understanding. My fine Asian wife, that rocks my world every time she fucks me, craves big black cock! It blows my mind at this craving that she has and at first it pissed me off. We had many, many knock down drag out fights about her need, but, through it all we knew we love one another.

I am a husband that truly loves his wife and wants with all my heart to make her happy. Even though, I never thought I would ever share my wife, my wife with another!!! I would, just to keep her happy and to keep those sexy thighs open to me. What can I say, I'm a man. When I finally agreed my wife Lotus fucked and sucked me like a woman possessed. I remember that night like it was yesterday, although it was a few years ago.

Guess I better start at the beginning; I met Lotus at a step show. We were with a hand full of Asians' who really enjoyed the music and all the fancy moves. I guess that should have been my first hint, but, I didn't have a clue. She became so excited we had sex that night. She turned me every way, but, loose as she rode my cock.

I was in love from that very moment I shot my cum in her tight pussy. I was totally under her spell as her nipples danced before my face. While her soft ass cheeks were grounded into my lap. Her pussy is so good, I didn't even get soft after I came, and that was a first for me.

I was wide open when it came to Lotus and I still am. We fucked every where and at least three times a day. All was going well until Lotus seemed to be loosing interest. The mad intoxicating hot sex was fizzling out and I couldn't figure out why.

We hadn't made love in about a month and I was horny ass hell. That night I got naked, hard dick and all. I boldly walked into her room and demanded she sex me. Lotus took one look at me and burst into to tears. I quickly forgot about my needs and went to her.

"What's wrong," I inquired?

She took a few moments to right her self. While she did she placed her soft hand on my deflated cock. Slowly she began to stroke it, my prick quickly responded. Needless to say Lotus had my full attention while her hand rubbed my shaft.

"Sin lo, I love you," she began.

"But, I haven't been totally honest with you. About the true reason I was at that step show," she paused for a few.

"I crave black men, well what I really crave is the big black cocks," she confessed through tears.

I wanted to be shocked, but, her tears pulled at my heart. I found my self saying something I thought I would never say. Looking back I am still amazed I offered, but. I did and I meant it at the time.

What I told her was, "I will do what ever makes you happy."

"Really," was her response as she perked up?

This opened up the wildest, hottest, erotic, mind blowing sex of my life. Lotus dragged me to the nearest black club she could find. The music was thumping and the dance floor was packed. I was a little afraid, but, Lotus was right at home as she pulled me on the dance floor.

I tried to move to the beat as I watched Lotus shake her sexy ass. I noticed a few of the brothers checking her ass out as well. That's when Lotus switched into wanton mood. She hiked her skirt up a few inches and every one got a good look at her black see through panties.

I couldn't believe what she was doing, but, I must admit, she was turning me on. By the second song there was not a soft cock within five feet of us. Lotus parted her thighs a bit further and when the light hit her crotch, I could see her glistening wet pussy.

My cock was throbbing as Lotus rotated her hips left then right. At that time six big black men were locked in on Lotus's movements. They look at her with a lust in there eyes that would devoured my little Lotus. After making all of us very hard she pulled me over to the bar.

Once there she told me I had to choose one of the big black men that would fuck her tonight. My cock was so hard I couldn't think straight. Lotus saw my hesitation, took my hand and put it under her skirt. I never felt a pussy that wet before. Her panties were soaked and her pussy juice felt like liquid silk.

At that point I would have done any thing she asked of me. My hand was covered and my cock wanted to be in the place my hand was. Her pussy lips and her clit were silky tender to the touch. I ran the tips of my fingers over the supple flesh that drew a erotic moan from her lips. My fingers slipped in and out, in and out of her tight hole.

I worked her clit, circling the erect flesh with just enough pressure that made pleasure bubble from her mouth. I could see her erect nipples strain against the thin material of her flimsy blouse. I sensed the eruption building deep in her when one of the men tapped me on the arm.

He wanted to know if he could dance with my hot girl friend. Then he caught a glimpsed of me finger fucking Lotus soaked pussy. His words got stuck in his mouth when she spread her thighs a bit further to give him a better look.

My fingers were soaked and glistening as they eased in and out of her tight hole. Lotus erotic gasps were having the same effect on the black man as they were on me. It wasn't long before he was rubbing the inner thigh of my hot woman.

My fear melted away and it was as if the black man, whom we later came to know as Marcus, Lotus and my self were the only three in the huge club. I thought it would be much harder to share my woman, but, I must admit I was very turned on.

Lotus was well on her way to ecstasy when Marcus hissed as he coated his fingers in Lotus's silky pussy juice. She almost came when she heard another of his lascivious hiss. I watched the pleasure envelop Lotus like I have never seen before and when Marcus teased and rimmed her virgin ass hole. She erupted in a huff of moans and squeals that almost could be heard over the loud club music.

Our hands were covered with her sweet nectar and Marcus wasted no time cleaning his hand. He sucked each finger clean as Lotus watched to rekindle her desire. Wanting to keep Lotus in this erotic bliss I put my hand under her nose. The smell of her own pussy really turned Lotus on and when I pushed two fingers in her mouth. She almost came again from the titillating taste.

That's when Lotus bolted off the bar stool, grabbed Marcus and I and pulled us out the club. She told me to drive while she and Marcus got in the back seat. I did as I was told, but, I adjusted the rear view mirror were I could see the action in the back seat.

Lotus wasted no time fishing Marcus's huge ten inch thick cock out. Her stare froze as she got a look at his massive black dick. His cock was throbbing once freed and she tried to handle it with one of her small hands. She couldn't, so, she had to grasp the penis with two hands.

Once she wrestled his monster steal she lowered her head over its head. There was a deep sigh from her as his tasted filled her mouth. It was the first time I saw my woman give another man head, yet, I didn't feel threatened. As I watched her small mouth open wide and slip down his long shaft.

She could only take about half of his massive cock into her throat, but, when her suction took hold of him he moaned. Her tongue went to work and Marcus grabbed hold of the car seats as he groaned out in pure pleasure, I knew that pleasure all to well and felt proud my little woman could break this big man down. That's when his tongue loosened up and he uttered words of bliss.

"Dam, this hot ass has a mouth just as hot! Ooooh, she sucks a good dick," Marcus offered!

"You have felt anything yet," Lotus told him as she looked up at him with those big dark eyes.

I know to well the state of bliss Marcus was in, especially when she strokes the cock and look up at you with that erotic lustful look. That's when I heard slurp, mmmm, slurp. I knew Lotus was enjoying his big black dick as the sounds filled the car. I glanced in the mirror to see her head going up and down on his huge penis.

I picked up the speed wanting to get to the house, so, I could have a better view. It was like watching a skilled pro when watching Lotus handle a hard dick. I was hard as steel and needed some attention my self when I pulled into the drive way.

I parked the car turned to watch Lotus lick his huge balls as her hands pulled at his thick shaft. I whipped my cock out and began to stroke it as I watched the action. I could tell Marcus was about to erupt.

Lotus was licking the head of his throbbing cock and fondling his nuts. His cock head disappeared as she enveloped it with a slurp. My cock throbbed as I could see the workings of her tongue on his dick head. His eyes were closed as he fought not to shot his load.

That's when his cock slipped into her throat and she stroked his balls. His face had pleasure I knew to well he was going to come at any moment. He grabbed Lotus's head pushed it down and held it in place. His body tensed up and his hips thrust up. He filled her throat, mouth and some semen seeped out the corners of her mouth.

Lotus sucked down every drop she could as the extra dribbled off her chin. Marcus was finally able to ease up off of Lotus's head. She quickly popped up wiping her chin with her fingers and licking them clean. Her eyes were still full of lust and she fixed on my hard cock.

I knew what was coming next as she walked over to where I was at. I could see the wetness flowing down her thigh. She wasted no time wetting my cock in her nectar as she straddled me, her soft pussy lips felt so well.

The sensation was causing my cock to throb and seep with pre-cum. She took her time getting my cock all wet up to slide deep into her tight golden pussy. Just before she was about to slide down my hard dick. I looked over to see Marcus stroking his dick back to hard. But, it was his turn to watch Lotus please me.

At that moment the head of my cock slipped past her wet pussy lips. We both moaned out in ecstasy as she slid down my prick. I reached up to tweak her nipples and the pleasure ran to her clutching pussy. My body tensed as I had to fight off the eruption building in my nut sack.

I thrust up as she ground her hips into my tight balls. Left than right, right than left she swung her hips on my pulsating dick. I knew I had to pump my cock in and out of her or her sweet pussy would milk my balls dry.

The pleasure caused her breathe to catch in her mouth as I pumped her pussy fast. Her pussy felt so, good as I pushed in and out. Her soft sensual ass cheeks felt wonderful when I slammed my dick up in her.

Marcus was long and hard as he watched my cock fuck Lotus's tight pussy. He stroked his shaft as she rode my cock. His eyes were full of lust as I tweaked Lotus nipples. Her moan turned us both on as the pleasure engulfed her body. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I fought not to cum. If you have never fucked a woman with total control of her pussy muscles than you can't imagine how good her pussy truly is.

Her pussy is tight like fucking a virgin every time, with the experience of a sexy hot porn star. Talking about the best of both worlds, that's why guys come back and beg to fuck Lotus. Just thinking about it makes my dick throb as she rides my very hard cock. I am one lucky man when it comes to fucking Lotus. She has a pussy that massages the cum from my dick.

At that moment Lotus began to work her hips left than right, right than left. She knows my throbbing cock couldn't take much of that whip appeal. Her pussy began to massage my shaft as she whipped her hips from side to side. The eruption was beginning to rumble as the pleasure started to overwhelm my endurance. Lotus was extremely wet which added to the sensation.

That's when I cupped, grabbed hold of and wrenched down on her firm tits. I thrust upward and pumped her pussy for all I was worth. My tight balls slapped her sweet soft ass. She squealed from the mixture of pain and pleasure that took her by storm. I splashed her pussy walls with all my hot spunk.

When I could focus again my deflated cock was slipping from Lotus' tight wet hot pussy. As she eased off my lap I looked over at Marcus. His cock was ready willing and able. Lotus moved to the sofa onto her hands and knee's. Her Pussy looked exceptionally well from the back.

The sight of her golden tight treasure stirred my spent dick. Marcus wasted no time taking up position behind her. He took care to coat the head of his cock in our mixture before he eased his monster in to Lotus' hot pussy. I watched as the head of his prick part her soft tight pussy lips.

Her body quivered from the sheer bliss of her pussy being forced open by his cock. I became a little envious as I knew I could never part her pussy like that. She moaned as her pussy accommodated the size of his cock. The moan was an erotic melody to my ears.

Marcus' cock was half way in when Lotus had a climax. Her body twitched and her pussy clamped down on his dick. He grunted from the sensation and yet he continued to push his penis into her tight pussy.

The look on his face was one of deep concentration. I know that look cause I'm like that all the time, trying not to cum in that sweet tight hot wet pussy. The pleasure is surreal, yet the work is no joke as the cunt massages the cock.

Lotus was on her way to another climax with three quarters of Marcus' cock in her tight pussy. It was amazing to see her pussy take his big dick and to see her get the pleasure she craves. She kept her ass up high allowing his cock all the access it needed to fill her up.

I watched as his nut sack neared her swollen clit, know when they touch it Lotus would explode. Her pussy was super wet as I watched her pussy juice wet up her inner thigh. If it wasn't for the tightness of her pussy and the thickness of his cock, Marcus' cock would just slip into all that wetness.

With an inch or so left to go I could see her firm ass cheeks begin to tremble. That's when Marcus clinch her waist and slammed his cock the rest of the way in. His balls tapped her sensitive clit which ignited an body shaken orgasm. I could see her pussy walls contract and her ass hole pucker as the rapture took her over.

Just as she was reaching the height of bliss, Marcus began long fucking her tight massaging pussy. His pumps were steady, using every inch of his long thick cock. In and out, in and out I watched this powerful cock fuck my hot girl friends pussy.

My cock returned to hard and I began to stroke it, as I watched Lotus' pussy being stretch. I thought I would be moved to jealousy while another man fucked my girl friends hot pussy. But, seeing the pleasure and the raw animalistic passion turned me on.

Her pussy looked so good as the big block entered and exited her wet cunt. Her tight grabbed, parted and massaged his thick black cock. I could see the lips of her pussy quiver with excitement. Her moans told a story of lust and a deep desire.

Although, it hurt my male pride I could see how much Lotus loved big black dick. Her whole demeanor was erotic and libidinous as he pumped his monster in and out her wet tight pussy. Every thing about her was more sensual as he fucked her.

The way her hair tossed with each thrust. The way her nipples swayed as he slammed into her soft ass cheeks. Her nipples looked fuller, her back arched deeper. Giving Marcus unimpeded access to her hot pussy as he fucked her.

Marcus took care not to go fast in her tight wet hot box. He was a master at slow fucking her juicy twat as he bottom his cock ever so slowly in her pussy. I could see his focus, he watched as inch by inch went in and came out.

His cock was covered with her warm nectar that I love to taste. She was so wet even his nuts were soaked with her juices. It was so erotic to watch her pussy open up to his long cock. Wishing it was my cock that she lust for.

Marcus began to pick up the pace, his cock ramming in and out of her pussy at a quicker pace. That wet noise started to build as I watched the pinkness of her pussy being pulled back when he pulled out of her. To watch Lotus' tight hot pussy caressing and massaging every inch of Marcus' hard throbbing cock, really had me going.

That's when Marcus grunted out loud and began to pound Lotus' sweet wet pussy, Her pussy gushed with wetness as his balls slapped her swollen clit. The sheer pleasure radiated to her nipples causing them to throb. I could see she enjoyed having her cunt full of black cock.

Marcus started slapping her ass after every thrust, causing her to thrash around wantonly. The dick was so good to her she began telling him things like, "fuck my pussy with that big black cock. This little Asian pussy needs that big cock. Fuck me, fuck me," she tailored off!

Slap, slap, slap filled the room as Lotus begged him to fuck her harder and deeper. The whole erotic scene made my dick swayed and jump like it was fucking that hot wet pussy. I know Marcus' cock was being showered with sweet bliss, as her pussy stroked and milked his throbbing cock.

Even the strongest man could not hold up to the immense pleasure her pussy could apply. Yet, Marcus was holding his own. In and out, in and out he fucked her tight wet pussy. Then I saw the beginning of thr end when she clamped down on his cock.

His balls tightened, his cock quivered and his breathing became erratic. His thrust became deeper and forceful. Which drove Lotus wild with lust and when he pumped deep into her canal, he drove her to a powerful orgasm.

This triggered her pussy to double clutch his thick cock. One clamp down a man can fight off, but, when that sweet tight wet pussy doubles down on your cock. It does not matter how strong you are or what dick skills you think you have. It does not matter if you think you have dick control.

All that matters is that sweet release, when your balls tighten and your man juice is ejaculated deep into the sweet hot pussy. The walls of the pussy are splashed with hot spunk rushing as deep as it can go. Then it's forced back to sweep past the pussy lips.

Just as a woman's warm nectar drives a man deep inside her. A man's spunk easing over her enflamed clit drives her wild. It was extra erotic to watch this play out as Marcus shot his man size load into Lotus.

She bucked and arched her back to receive all he had as he ground his thick cock in her. Marcus grunted and slammed his dick deep into her wetness. The lust was heavy as Lotus began to whimper from the pleasure. Marcus roared as his seed was deposit.

My cock was in rage from this display of erotic lust. They panted and sucked win as there high's subsided. I couldn't wait to get at that soppy wet pussy as I watched the semen run down the inner thigh.

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