Swinging the Bell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Coercion, Consensual, Incest, BDSM, FemaleDom, Interracial, Spitting, Foot Fetish,

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twenty year old Amy has a femdom streak that she has yet to itch, so when she is sent by her domineering father to a faraway city to care for her thirty-five year old aunt she agrees. Her aunt is a mental wreck and so soon Amy finds herself free to do as she wants, both with her sixteen year old nephew and with new friends. Wanting nothing more than to peg a guy to see his bound balls swing she starts with a new black-friend and her nephew as well.

“Why do I like it?” Amy asked herself as she closed the browser window on her computer. Ever since she and some friends, including a couple of boys, had introduced each other to the darker side of Tumbler near the end of High School she had been a little infatuated with a particular kind of erotic sex act. Tumbler was a site where photos were shared and discovering the adult blogs with their generally tasteful yet explicit photos had intrigued the teenagers at a critical time when they were getting ready to graduate and possibly move on to college.

She didn’t recall for sure which friend had pointed everyone to the femdom site or exactly why; only that it was mainly for laughs. And so now here she was two years later at the age of twenty revisiting the exact site again and not for the first time. Always she found herself drawn to the animated GIF images that showed very brief video clips generally only a few seconds in length. The ones she clicked on to bring to full screen almost always showed a guy with his balls bound in some way while some pretty girl teased him. She had always liked the way the balls of these men swung about freely particularly when their cock and balls were bound in a tight package; it reminder her so much of a bell that she now thought of them as bell-clips.

She found it a little embarrassing still that she watched these guys get butt-fucked, or pegged as it was often referred to, by girls wearing strap-on dildos. Her fear of being caught watching these clips or more likely someone later finding the files on her computer, made her often shutdown the browser abruptly as she had just done. She had trouble imagining performing such an act with the several boyfriends she had had over the past three or four years. Now that she had just moved to a different city to live with her aunt she was between boyfriends and so didn’t feel too guilty about watching the clips again and fantasying about dominating some cute guy in this way.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like straight sex so much, it was more the knowledge that there was a lot more out there besides just that. Watching a helpless guy with big biceps and a tight ass, who clearly had allowed a girlfriend or wife to tie them up, was so psychologically fascinating that she had promised herself she would try it herself the first chance she got. Thinking about it again suddenly made her decide to open a browser window and head straight for the web site.

The site was updated daily with sometimes a dozen or more stills of guys being dominated by women and then there would also be those three or four GIF images that played their clips automatically in small neatly aligned boxes. Picking another new one that looked interesting she clicked on it to bring it to full size and was pleased she had picked correctly. It displayed about twenty seconds of a sexy young woman pounding fiercely the ass of some young stud. Little of the faces of the two participants could be seen as the camera had focused in from behind to show the girl straddling the guy’s thighs to peg his ass deep every second or so with a pink strap-on dildo. This caused his chastity-device encased cock and balls to swing wildly like a bell out of control in some kind of earthquake.

The binding device she recognized from countless other video clips. It was one that largely encased the balls and had a kind of plastic tube that held the man’s cock tightly against his scrotum and clearly prevented any type of proper erection. There was a small slit at the end to allow the man to pee or cum through, should he be allowed. She had seen enough clips and read enough comments on the site to know that in order to pee without making a mess of things the man had to sit on a toilet like a girl, or “bitch” as the men were often referred to.

About every dozen panels or so was a witty comment posted to the site that either gave advice or alluded to so femdom related fantasy. Amy had figured out that these blogs were moderated and so the gross stuff and irrelevant comments had been filtered out; making this blog, and others like it, kind of artsy in a way. Panels around the clip she was watching now talked of “the inner desire” of all men to be dominated by sexy woman making her confident she could pull off this fantasy of hers; for most guys considered her “hot” she knew.

Deciding to shut down her internet browser again she then headed downstairs to the kitchen to prepare some lunch for herself and maybe for her nephew, Warren, as well. Her Aunt May spent her days taking courses at a nursing school in hopes of obtaining a certificate that would then lead to a decent job so tasks like lunch and dinner fell to Amy mostly. Her aunt sorely needed a career as her third-husband had recently left her, which was part of the reason Amy had come to help. Arthur, Amy’s dad, had sent Amy to put his much younger sister, May’s, house in order; a condition he insisted on since he was now paying the bills.

Thirty-five year-old Aunt May had always had problems ever since Amy could remember. May’s first husband had died only a year or two into her first marriage; leaving Aunt May with a son and this house they both still lived in. A string of abusive boyfriends and husbands had followed over the next ten years or so leaving Aunt May a psychological mess. For the most part sixteen year-old Warren seemed to have held up pretty well and Amy had always liked him. The two had always come to visit on holidays at Amy’s parents’ house along with many other relatives and she had bonded enough with Warren over many years to consider him a kind of distant but friendly cousin.

Since college had not worked out so well for Amy, much to her father’s chagrin, Amy had agreed to come and stay with Aunt May. Partly it was to take another shot at earning a college degree, though she still hadn’t concluded what she would major in, and partly to get away from her controlling father. Her dad, Arthur, treated his younger sister May much like he treated her, Amy had concluded, and since now that her father and mother had divorced it had gotten worse. Countless times Amy had been forced to listen to phone conversations between her father and Aunt May which always seemed to be one-sided lectures; with a meek and submissive May always promising to oblige her stern older brother but never seemly able to in the end.

“Warren, you hungry?” Amy called out over her shoulder as she descended the stairs but got no reply. Shrugging she prepared herself lunch as she absently scrolled through her text messages on her cellphone. Stopping to read several from a guy she had met will sighing up at the nearest community college she tried to picture what he would say to the suggestion that he let her tie him up for some hot sex play. With a big grin on her face she decided to ask him as she figured such a bold guy as Joel appeared to be, would be delighted at any such suggestions from a cute girl like herself.

“I want to tie you up!” Amy texted. It was totally out of the blue as she hadn’t sent him a message in a day or two. As soon as she sent it she started to have regrets; Joel was a thin black guy about her age and not much taller, and now might just think her weird.

Her heart nearly skipped a beat when just as she was finishing the final touches to her turkey sandwich her phone lit up with a return message from Joel. It read “Baby anything that makes a fine girl like you happy!”

With a smile she took a bite of the sandwich and began to form a reply in her mind. “I need a test subject. Someone patient – and big!” She chuckled to herself as she sent it.

“Test pilot Joel at the big stick baby – willing and ready to land!”

What followed was a flurry of messages from him that showed his accomplished flirtatious side, making her conclude he did this a lot. At first she found the thought that he was a “player” disconcerting, but then reminded herself that she herself often strung on several guys at once. She had lost count of the number of times she had been on a date and had secretly texted a different guy, right in front of her date.

After finishing her sandwich she walked to the refrigerator to look at her Aunt’s schedule that was attached to the side. Since it looked like May wouldn’t be back home until nearly nine she figured, so she maybe had time for Joel. Thinking then of Warren, and the fact he hadn’t yet come down for lunch she called up the stairs for him but again got no reply. With an annoyed look on her face she walked up the stairs to his bedroom where she knocked softly. He didn’t answer so she tried the door, and finding it unlock she peeked in.

She found him around a corner at his desk with headphones on sitting in his boxer shorts with a t-shirt on. Since he had arranged his desk to partially face toward the direction someone walking into the room would come from, she was surprised he hadn’t noticed her yet. He was so engrossed in what was on the screen and apparently the dialog that came along with it that he didn’t notice her until she walked up to peek at his screen. Practically jumping out of his chair when he saw her, Warren then tried to quickly bring his mouse to bear to close the pornographic scene playing in front of him. So startled was he that it took him several attempts to close the window that portrayed a young woman giving some lucky guy a blow-job.

It looked like some amateur sex site to Amy, who smiled and then asked loudly to make sure he could hear, “Are you hungry?” Poor Warren looked like he had been caught in a serious crime and so was unable to reply for a moment.

“Umm ... yea.” He said meekly as he tried to nonchalantly cover the boner that threatened to peek out of his boxers.

Thinking this was a great opportunity to ask for some more cooperation from Warren, she crossed her arms and smiled down at him knowingly. “I would like to have a friend over tonight, before your mom gets home. Do you have somewhere you can be? Say between five and eight-thirty?”

Warren still looked a bit shocked at being caught doing something they both knew he shouldn’t, and so could only stare down at the floor while he gathered his thoughts. “What do you mean?”

“A friend’s house?” She suggested as she leaned down to look closer at the porn site he was on. It was defiantly an amateur website she concluded as she blatantly ran her finger from box to box on the screen. “Or is there something you must do?” She said in a daring tone as she left her finger on a hot naked-chick that looked to be promising an especially professional blow-job.

“I can’t think of anywhere.” He said meekly.

“Don’t you have friends?” She asked in a less demanding tone as she started to feel a little sorry for him. He was handsome enough she was sure to have girlfriends, and not so geeky as to be friendless she figured.

“Yea.” He said defensively.

“But nowhere to go.” She stated as she began to think of an alternative that would work to get him out of the house, and while she was doing so she noticed a piece of lingerie laying crumpled on a shelf next to him. “I know that is not mine!” She barked while concluding for sure that it was as she pointed. It was a pair of expensive panties that she had recently worn, so figured he had snuck it out of her laundry-hamper.

As his face turned a beet red she stepped into him so she could buffet him with her knees as she lorded over him and growled. He was speechless and so obviously humiliated that when she bent over him to reach over and grab the panties, he closed his eyes tightly and looked like he just might cry. Lifting up the panties she concluded with a look of disgust on her face that they were unusually damp.

“Fuck.” She said under her breath as she struggled to decide whether or not to drop the gross thing or walk away with it and immediately throw it in the washer.

“Mmmm.” He moaned weakly as he prepared to flinch at some coming blow.

Huffing with anger she stormed out of the bedroom and threw the panties down the stairs and then decided she wasn’t finished with him. Walking back in on him she found him hunched over staring down at the floor looking practically suicidal. Her mind whirled with what to do next as she recalled how sensitive he could be to criticism. Though he helped some with house work he didn’t respond well when she suggested he try harder to help around the house.

Calming herself for a moment she then told him, “I have a friend coming, and I don’t want him to know you’re here!” When he tightened up again and nodded his understanding she continued. “You stay up here.”

“Ok.” He said with a guilty glance at her before looking away again. “I will.”

His pathetic demeanor softened her resolve to yell at him more so she decided to make the best of it. In fact she decided this could really work out in her favor. Her aunt had mentioned a couple of days ago how much Warren idolized her, and Amy had acknowledged that he had been treating her very kindly. Still he had that lazy teenager attitude going that was a bit annoying.

“I’ll forget about the panties for now.” She said as lightly as she could manage. “But you wash them now!”

“Ok, I will.” He promised with a sincere look as he tried to hide his returning erection.

A warm glow of superiority started to flow through her as thoughts of what she was possibly going to do with her boyfriend tonight as she looked as this seemingly helpless teenager. This reminded her that she needed to remind Joel to bring some bondage equipment since she sure as hell didn’t own any. And now since she had another male, though one she didn’t find sexually attractive, looking to be amendable to her domination, she wondered what she dare do with such intoxicating power.

The Tumbler site had many suggestions for this situation she recalled. Many of the stills and clips posted there had captions about how the male, who was often well dressed and handsome, would respond favorably to dark demands that seemed to happen on a whim. Warren was only sixteen but that made it legal she figured, and besides she wasn’t actually considering sex; just sex related manipulation.

“Do you like boots too?” She asked him seductively recalling countless video clips on Tumbler portraying guys licking and even cumming on the sexy boots of an apparent mistress.

“Huh?” He asked with a week smile.

“Have you used my boots?” She demanded to know.

“No!” He replied defensively in a whinny voice.

“Would you like to?” The question caught him off guard, so she left him hanging for a moment as she quickly walked to her room after motioning for him to wait. Looking for something with the highest heel, she settled on some black glossy square toed boots that were nearly knee high. Grabbing them she returned to Warren’s room and was happy to see that he hadn’t yet moved. She smiled at him as she sat down on the bed so she could slip on the boots.

“Zip them please.” She said as she extended her leg toward him.

He hesitated for a moment before complying with a slightly dazed look. After he had zipped the second one and after giving him several moments to stare at her feet she stood and walked around a little bit, making sure to walk right under his face several times as he continued to focus his eyes mostly on the floor.

“Like them?” She asked after coming to stand in front of him.

He nodded his head while giving her a shy smile. She then looked down at her boots as she fidgeted her feet around for him until he seemed to calm a little.

“This toe is a little dirty.” She declared as she lifted her right foot a little to show him and then rubbed the toe of the boot on the back of her left calf for a moment. “Hmmm ... would you mind cleaning it a little?”

He glanced up at her for a second before looking around for something to clean it with. Grabbing a tissue from a box, that Amy concluded was a little too conveniently located at his apparent masturbation station, Warren then reached down to clean the toe which obviously didn’t need it.

“No...” She said suddenly. “ ... not with a tissue ... something softer.”

“Like what?” He asked with some confusion.

“Well ... what’s the softest part of you?” She asked with a mock pout.

He paused for a moment and was clearly thinking strange thoughts as he blushed and began to sweat again. “I don’t know.” He said hoarsely.

She smiled and enjoyed watching him squirm for a bit before telling him, “Your lips.” A tight smile came to his face as he began to noticeably pant and sweat even more. “Kiss them, and stay in your room later, and I’ll let you peek if you’re careful.” That last part she had thought of suddenly but wasn’t really sure what she meant by it.

His mouth went agape as he looked up at her for a second then slowly sank to his knees. “Really?” He asked almost desperately.

Nodding her head several times she then watched his slightly skinny ass stick out as he gingerly leaned down and kissed the right toe of her boot then withdrew a little as if unsure of what to do next. She almost let her eyes roll back into her head as the ecstasy of conquest rushed through her mind. With a smile she regained some self-control.

“Use your tongue to get it a bit wet.” She told him in a slightly husky tone. “Then move it around with your lips.”

She could see he was too embarrassed to look up at her now and way too excited to stop. As she craned her neck to sneak a better look at his ass, she saw just a hint of his balls bulging on either side of the seam of his boxers. A pity, she concluded, as she wasn’t able to proper see the “bell” that clearly would be swinging there had his balls been bound. Something she again promised herself she would do to Joel that very night.

He did as he was told and soon had the whole toe of her boot painted with his spittle which he continued to move around with his lips. When the spit threatened to run down to the sole he stopped and withdrew his face a little so he could stare in fascination at what he had been allowed to do.

“Lick it up now.” She told him as she sat down and leaned back a little on the bed. “That’s it.” She cooed several times.

This was a technique she had learned from the many Tumbler posts that dealt with foot worship. Be a little humiliating and treat him as a lesser, the many posts from experienced women had instructed. “It puts him in his place, which is where they want to be!” One anonymous lady had promised.

“Now go to my room and get a fresh pair of panties...” She told him after watching him lick with ever increasing enthusiasm. “ ... your favorite ones.” He avoided eye contact as he jumped to his feet to comply in a slightly hunched fashion. As he rushed by she could see his cock trying to burst free of his shorts as she called out, “Then you can buff the toe dry!”

Amy was sitting on Joel’s knee as she dumped out the contents of the package she had just opened. It was a set of bondage equipment that showed a tied up woman on the front of the box and a guy on the back. There was two sets of Velcro cuffs, a cheap blindfold complete with elastic band, and a couple of cheap looking plastic nipple clamps. She turned to him with disappoint.

“Where is the cock-cage I asked for?” She pouted. They had just finished the take-out food he had brought and Joel was sitting on the living room couch slowly working to get her naked. So far she had allowed him to remove her blouse and short pants in anticipation of getting him worked up enough to allow her to tie him up. She had refused to remove her high-heeled boots as she loved the power they portrayed.

“I looked at them baby, but the only good ones were like over a hundred.” He said defensively. “Besides you don’t want this monster in a cage, girl!” He rubbed his dick through his pants as he said it then promptly went back to caressing her thighs and back.

She didn’t say anything as she glanced up at the top of the stairs to see if Warren was maybe watching them by now. She saw only darkness there and so guessed he was hiding in his room as instructed. Trying not to let her disappointment show at not getting a chance to lock his balls up, she reached down to help him slip off his pants.

“Let’s go upstairs, baby.” He suggested as he kissed her neck while she freed his cock.

“Wow!” She exclaimed as she got her first real look at a black cock. Wrapping her hand around the shaft she stroked it a little as Joel suggested again that they go upstairs to the bedroom. “No, I don’t want to.” She replied as she toyed with his cock then his balls as she helped him remove his underwear entirely. “No one’s home!”

“Ok, baby.” He cooed as he tried to free her tits but she resisted so he gave up and laid back to watch this beautiful half-naked girl play with his cock.

Amy didn’t want to end up in the bedroom, figuring she would soon find herself on her back with his big dick in her. Not that it wouldn’t be awesome, she told herself, it was just that she had planned to be the dominate one and figured that would work best here on the couch. Glancing up again at the top of the stairs she decided if Warren was watching it would be a turn on to tease Joel while Warren secretly watched.

“Lean forward.” She told Joel as she opened a cuff of the Velcro restraints with a loud tearing sound.

They both laughed and he resisted a little but finally allowed her to bind his hands behind his back. Once that was done she went back to teasing the biggest cock she had ever had the pleasure to play with. None of her former boyfriends had been the type to let her do what she was doing now, and she had never been that bold with them anyway. Stroking his cock a little more as he moaned, she decided to give Warren a proper show of femdom.

She turned in his lap and then unhooked her bra so she could press her tits into his face. “Like it?” She cooed as she stuck first one nipple in his mouth then another.

“Ummm yea!” He breathed as he sucked her nipples.

Deciding she needed to give Warren a good look at her naked tits she turned to press her panty covered ass hard against his cock and then arched her back deep in order to point her tits up the stairs. If Warren was up there she figured he was jacking-off by now.

“Ohhhh ... yea baby!” Joel moaned as she stroked him with her ass. He couldn’t bring his hands to bear so in frustration he begged her, “Baby let these hands play with your pussy girl ... ooohhh ... I’ll get you off ... ahhh ... promise!”

“Ummm!” She cooed playfully as she placed her hands on his knees so she could jab her butt into his face. He immediately started licking her pussy through her panties until she pulled away to then rub his cock some more. After a couple of minutes of this he was dry-humping her hard to the point where her ass was bounced off his cock with each thrust. Turning a little so she could jam her tongue between his moaning lips, she began to feel his pre-cum soaking through her panties onto her pussy lips.

“Oohhh ... ohhh ... bitch!” He moaned in frustration as his cock slid up and down her protected slit.

“Who’s the bitch ... hmmm?” She demanded to know as she rubbed her pussy faster on his thrusting cock. “Tell me and I’ll fuck you!” She told him as he sucked on the nap of her neck.

Finally in frustration he moaned out, “I’m your bitch, baby ... your bitch.”

Focusing again on the top of the stairs she noticed for the first time a shadowy figure in the dark doorway to Warren’s room. With lust she smiled up at him and jutted out her tits again as Joel jostled her about on his lap with quick frustrated thrusts. After a minute she became so turned on she stopped her movements so she could pull her panties to the side and off her pussy, and then pressed her naked pussy lips to the shaft of his cock.

“Fuck me!” She commanded as pre-cum worked its magic, allowing his black dick to sink its head inside her. “Ohhhh ... ohhhhh!” She moaned as she leaned back into him for more kisses all the while watching the figure near the top of the stairs. Sure now that Warren was masturbating she placed her feet on either side of Joel’s thighs and then began to bounce her ass up and down on the biggest cock she had fucked to date.

“Oohhh baby ... ohhh yea!” Joel cried as he neared climax.

Amy did her best to concentrate so as to fuck him as fast as she could as she displayed all of herself to her cousin. “Ohhh cum ... cum for me bitch!” She moaned and wasn’t surprised when his cock began spasming cum.


“Yes!” She cried as she let his cock slide nearly free of her slit, then she held it in place with her hands as white cum started painting her clit and pussy lips. “Nice baby ... ohhhhh ... ohhhh ... lots of cum!” She proclaimed as the stuff threatened to leak down upon the couch. Before it could she climbed off her black-stud to then feel the hot jism began to run down her thighs.

Seeing that Warren had retreated into his bedroom she turned to release Joel who gladly let her unbind his wrists. After a few kisses she pushed herself away and told him she would be right back after she changed. With a sigh he let her go and allowed his head to fall back on the couch.

Climbing the stairs Amy then paused at Warren’s open door to look in and found she could see him in the dim glow from his computer monitor. His dick was poking out of his boxer shorts and before he could think to hide it she stepped into the room.

“Did you jack-off yet?” She asked excitedly as she stood before him naked except for her panties which were still drawn to the side.

“Once.” He admitted quietly as he stared at her.

Figuring he couldn’t really see her too well with the way she was silhouetted in the doorway, she stepped back a bit to look down the stairs to see what Joel was up to. Seeing that he was about to watch TV, she quickly stepped back toward Warren and then closed the door behind her.

“You want to cum on my boots?” As she said it she turned on the lights causing the both of them to blink a few times.

She could see his smaller cock was rock hard and guessed he was ready to cum a second time. Warren nodded his head quickly as he stared at her tits and glistening slit, and so she pointed to the floor in front of her and told him to get on his knees.

“Did you see him cum?” She asked devilishly as he knelt and began to self-consciously jack his dick.

“Yes.” He squeaked as he stared at her thighs and began to jack faster.

“Lots of it ... huh?” She asked as she watched his fist began to fly as he squinted to the point where his eyes were nearly closed. “Did you hear what he called himself?” She then demanded to know as she moved close enough to allow the shin of her boot to nearly touch his cock.

“Yes ... oohhh ... oooh.” He said in a near whisper as he kept his eyes down and nearly closed.

She smiled as the thrill of domination once again filled her and drove all concerns of inappropriate behavior from her mind. “Give me more cum bitch!” She told him as she let her boot nick his flying fist a few times.

“Oohhh ... ohhhh ... ohhhhh.” He moaned softly then let out a “SSSHHHH!” as his cum began to fly from his cock onto her boots. “OHHHHHHH!” He called out as spirt after spirt flew to near the top of the boot to the very toe.

“Yes ... bitch ... cum good.” She cooed as he walked on his knees to desperately press his cock between her calves. He was panting so hard now as his head jostled about on his neck that she thought he might actually pass out from the orgasm.

“Oh god! Oh god!” He kept saying breathlessly before finally sitting back on his ankles; all the while stroking his softening dick.

She let him rest only a few moments before commanding, “Lick it up bitch! Now!” To emphasize the command she placed her boot on his thigh to bring the dripping cum on it closer to his lips.

“Huh?” He asked in disbelief.

“Do it now or this won’t ever happen again!” She exclaimed. Seeing a number of video clips on Tumbler where guys licked up their own cum at their mistress command, she figured he would if she pressed him hard enough and before he fully recovered.

“Uhhh ... uhhh.” He complained as he began to lick his own cum up.

She smiled when he stopped his complaints as he got into the act in earnest. When she switched boots on him he hardly missed a beat.

“You want to lick my pussy?” She teased as she ran her index finger up and down her dripping slit to make sure he could see the cum leaking there.

His eyes widened in disbelief as he raised his head up to eyelevel with her pussy, and when she stepped up to press her crotch in his face he hardly hesitated at all before starting to lick up black-cum. When she started to moan he found himself trying harder to please her with his tongue as his face became soaked with her and Joel’s juices.

“Ohhh ... yea ... lick it up little bitch ... oohhh.” She moaned as she pulled his head closer. “Now tell me what you are!” She commanded as she suddenly grabbed a fist full of his hair and jerked his head back a few inches.

“Ahhh.” He moaned in complaint then after staring at her pussy only inches away he told her, “I’m your bitch.”

The words came out slowly and sincerely; so much so that she let him tongue her some more.

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