Going Straight to Hell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, First,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Young man escapes the clutches of the law and finds shelter with a young mother. Their common needs get them devoted to each other.

It was almost too easy. I mean, every time that nitwit deputy got up to go to the shitter, he took the key out of his vest pocket to unlock his end of the handcuffs and shackle me to the arm rest. He must not of had no idea why I was on my way to reform school, that I'd been nabbed fer pickin' pockets.

I'd been workin' over a plan in my head ever since the train left Charleston and now I was ready. When he stood up to edge by me, I stuck out my foot and made him stumble then I pushed out my hands like I was tryin' to keep him from fallin' on me and slipped two fingers into his vest pocket to snag the key. He slapped me on the top of my head and growled, "Watch your feet, you little shit!"

"Stick it up your butt, flatfoot!"

Of course, that got me another smack but I didn't care 'cause I had what I wanted. There was maybe ten or twelve other people in the train car and they was doin' what people always do when kids like me get knocked around; lookin' the other way.

The shitter was two cars back in the caboose so I waited 'til the deputy stepped through the door. I knew he'd be a while 'cause every time he come back to his seat, he stank of rotgut whiskey. I figured the porter or the conductor probably had a jug back there and they was sellin' shots. Prohibition didn't mean shit. The only thing it ever changed was who you hadda pay fer your hooch. I always thought the joke was on the do-gooders who passed the law, 'cause as long as nobody was sellin' legal whiskey they couldn't collect no taxes on it.

My plan was easy enough. As soon as he was out of sight, I unlocked the cuffs and moseyed down the aisle in the same direction. I figured anybody who even took notice of me would think I was on my way to the same place the deputy was. I closed the door behind me and shinnied up the ladder rungs to the roof of the car and lay flat waitin' fer the right chance to come along. We was chuggin' through the Appalachians, and I knew sooner or later the train would have to slow way down to pull a hill or get around a sharp curve in the tracks. That'd be my chance to make my getaway.

The deputy musta' been gettin' a real snootful 'cause I'll bet we went six or eight miles and he was still in there. The train whistle blew and when I raised up my head to look, I saw we was about to go through a tunnel. That meant I'd be eatin' smoke, and I sure as hell didn't want any of that. Some of them tunnels was awful long and I couldn't swear I'd be able to hold my breath all the way through.

We was only goin' maybe fifteen mile an hour so I figured this was gonna be my only chance. Hopin' to hell the deputy wouldn't pick that exact minute to stumble back to his seat, I climbed down to the bottom rung and leaned way out to look fer the softest spot to land. Just a little ways up, there was a steep place droppin' down from the tracks that looked thick with weeds. Just before we got there, I jumped, tryin' to land on my feet and roll down the hill.

It worked – mostly. I tumbled down the hill faster'n I wanted to and cracked my head on a tree stump. Lordy, lordy did I see stars! When I come to, I lay there a minute thinkin' I'd near killed myself 'cause it got all dark. After a bit, I started seein' colors again and smellin' smoke from the train. I musta' only been out fer a few seconds 'cause when I could see again, the last car was just disappearin' into the tunnel.

I was pretty sure there wasn't nobody gonna come lookin' fer me any time soon but that wasn't no excuse to lay there and wait for 'em. I wiped the side of my head and saw I was bleedin' some but not much. I felt a little shakey on my pins when I stood up but I headed on into the woods to get as far from the tracks as I could. I skint my knee too and my shoulder hurt but, all in all, I think I did a good job of gettin' away. It ain't like I was wanted fer murder or nothin', so I didn't expect they was gonna bust their asses to find me. They'd probably just figure 'good riddance' and be happy they didn't have to feed me on the taxpayer's dollar. I had to grin when I thought about what kinda story the deputy was gonna make up to tell the sheriff. It's fer sure he was in fer a big ass-chewin'.

A couple hours of walkin' got me to thinkin' about food, so I started lookin' fer mushrooms and blackberry bushes. It was early July so I knew the blackberries and wineberries'd be ripe and that there'd be plenty of 'em. Down at the bottom of a long hill, I found a nice little crick where I drank my fill and washed the blood out of my hair. Blackberry bushes was thick along the bank so I stuffed myself knowin' it might give me the runs but that was better than starvin'.

I knew that if I followed the crick far enough, I'd come across a house or a road or somethin'. I didn't have no idea where I was headed, but I didn't much give a damn so long as it wasn't anywhere close to Charleston where I just come from. The train was headed fer Huntington and, judgin' by how long we was travelin', I guessed we must be near there, probably not too far from Ohio, anyhow. Ohio would get me out of the state and I could rest a little easier. I reckoned as long as I was already goin' west, maybe I'd just keep on that direction to somewhere like Wyoming or Montana. Maybe I could be a cowboy and work on a ranch. I seen Tom Mix in a couple of movin' pictures and that looked like the life fer me.

The sun was gettin' ready to drop over the hill and it was lookin' like I was gonna have to rough it fer at least one night but then I just walked right out of the woods and into a pasture that had one cow, one broken-down ol' nag and a goat grazin' in it. I crouched down inside the trees and watched the house no more'n fifty yards away. That goat come over to check me out and I hadda throw sticks at her to shoo her away.

There was a beat-up ol' Ford pickup truck parked by a hay shed, and a few scraggly-lookin' chickens in the yard. but I didn't see no people. I planned to wait 'til the sun went down and spend the night in that shed. At least it'd be dry. It had a habit of cloudin' up and rainin' in the middle of the night in that part of the country.

Just before it got dark, a little girl who looked to be about seven or eight years old come out the door with a pan and started throwin' scraps to the chickens. I was hopin' to knock one of them chickens in the head with a stick and take it with me fer a good dinner when I moved on. Then a little boy of maybe five or six come runnin' out and jumped off the porch and started chasin' the chickens around.

"Mama," the little girl hollered, "make Charlie stop!"

A woman stepped out the door and yelled, "Charlie, you git yer little butt in here and finish yer supper 'fore I take a switch to ya!"

He musta' figured she meant business 'cause he scampered right on into the house. The little girl finished feedin' the chickens and followed.

I kept on watchin' 'til it got dark but I never saw their daddy. From the flickerin' light in the window, I guessed the place was lit with candles or a lantern. There wasn't no electric lines around any place that I could see, so I guessed I must be a ways from any towns. I made my way to the shed and buried myself in a pile of hay. I was plum wore out and my shoulder still hurt some but, even with the aches n' scrapes, it didn't take me long to fall asleep.

I guess I musta' been sleepin' mighty hard 'cause when I woke up it was daylight and there was a crowd lookin' down at me. The little boy and girl stood there on one side gawkin' at me like I was some kind of critter they hadn't ever seen before and their mama was standin' on the other side of me with a 20-gauge shotgun pointed at my private parts. The look on her face tole me she wasn't about to put up with no foolishness, neither.

She poked the business end of the shotgun in my crotch and asked, "Who are ya, boy, n' what you doin' sleepin' in my shed 'thout askin' my leave?"

I hadda pee real bad anyways and lookin' at the barrel of that shotgun pointed at me dang near made me wet myself. "Uh, I'm sorry, Ma'am. I was just awful wore out last night and I didn't wanna bother ya none. I'll just be on my way now."

I started to get up and she says, "Stay put 'til I say ya kin go! Ya didn't say who ya was."

"Willem, Ma'am. Willem Jordan's my name.

"So what you doin' out bummin' around the countryside, Willem Jordan? You cain't be more'n fourteen, fifteen year old."

"I'm eighteen, Ma'am."

She poked the barrel into my crotch and says, "Like hell you are!"

"OK! OK! I'm almost sixteen and that's the honest truth! Well, um, I was on my way to Huntington to live with my aunt and I musta' got lost."

I knew it was a pitiful weak story but it's all I could come up with off the top of my head and my heart 'bout jumped clean out of my chest when she cocked the hammer back on that shotgun and says, "Don't lie to me, boy! You either a runaway from home or the law. I don't much care but I won't abide bein' lied to."

I didn't dare try another fib, not even a little bitty one. "Well, Ma'am, you're right. I jumped off a train yesterday to get away from a deputy that was takin' me to the reform school."

She nodded her head and looked satisfied with my answer. "That sounds more like the truth. Well I ain't got no truck with the law 'cause most of 'em ain't no better'n the crooks they chase after. What was you arrested fer?"

"Stealin', Ma'am."

"Hard times like these, near everbody has t' steal stuff just to keep body n' soul together. What'd ya take?"

"It was some man's wallet, Ma'am. It only had two dollars in it though."

"Uh huh. Ya know, ever since this dang depression hit us, they's hobos n' bums wanderin' through the countryside stealin' anythang they can git their paws on. You one o' them?"

"No, Ma'am! I wouldn't steal from ya, honest! I just stopped here to rest on my way out west. Maybe if you could spare a crust of bread, I'd be thankful and be on my way." It was a sure bet I wasn't gonna be takin' one of them chickens with me.

She cocked her head to one side and looked me up and down like she was measurin' me fer a coffin, then she said, "Ya look awful skinny t' me, boy. When's the last time ya et somethin'?"

"I found some blackberries yesterday afternoon but they went right through me."

"Yeah, they'll do that if ya eat a lot of 'em. Well, come on up to the house then n' we'll get somethin' inside of ya that'll stick t' yer ribs."

I started to stand up again and she added, "Now don't ya be thinkin' 'bout doin' somethin' foolish. I might not shoot ya but I reckon I could whup ya with or without the shotgun."

I didn't doubt it fer a minute. She was at least two inches taller than me and I'd wager she was a good thirty pounds heavier too. And like she said, I was kinda scrawny.

I got to my feet, still needin' to pee real bad. "Ma'am, I got to pass water somethin' awful! Do you s'pose I could I use your outhouse?"

She cracked a halfway pretty smile and says, "If ya just gotta pee, then step 'round behind the shed."

On the way back toward the house, she said, "My name's Cassie Wharton n' my kids is Sue Ellen n' Charlie. Ain't no need o' callin' me Ma'am 'cause I ain't all that much older'n you. Cassie does just fine."

"Yes, Ma'am. Er, I mean Cassie."

She sat me down in the kitchen and filled me up on biscuits and gravy and two fried eggs. The kids kept me busy answerin' non-stop questions 'til their mama told 'em to leave me be and get started on their chores. There wasn't no lip or complainin' neither. I was thinkin' their mama ruled the house with a limber switch.

Well I was so dang hungry I didn't leave enough on my plate fer a fly to lick up. As she collected it, she said, "Ya owe me a job o' work now. What kinda thangs ya good at?"

"Oh, uh, well, I guess whatever you need doin', Ma'am - I mean Cassie." I wasn't a stranger to hard work and it seemed only fair to pay fer my food before movin' on.

"To start with, I need ya to milk that cow and that goat out in the pasture. Can ya do that?"

"I don't know, Ma'am. I never tried. I'm from Charleston so I ain't had all that much to do with farm work."

Her shoulders kinda slumped when I said that and she says, "Ain't it just my luck t' find a city kid! Well then, take that hoe from beside the back door and start weedin' that garden out yonder. It don't take no schoolin' to do that. I'll just do the milkin' myself."

I was wonderin' who did the real heavy work around the place. "Yes, Ma'am, uh, Cassie. Um, I know it ain't my business but is Mr. Wharton around somewhere?"

She eyed me with a kinda odd look and said, "Yer right, it ain't yer business but I'll tell ya anyways. If they's any justice on God's green earth, his evil soul is burnin' in hell. His bones is pushin' up daisies out behind the shed where ya peed. Now you best git to yer work 'cause they's lots to do."

"I'll get right to it." I decided not to ask how he died, thinkin' it might be smart to hold that question 'til we was on friendlier terms.

Well, Cassie Wharton worked my fingers to the bone that first day but she fed me the best meals I'd had in ages. Before supper she brought out a basin of warm water fer washin' the sweat and the stink off my body along with a clean shirt and trousers that was about four sizes too big. It kinda gave me the willies knowin' they'd been worn by a dead man.

Come sundown, the little ones was tucked into their bed and me and Cassie sat on the porch sippin' on boiled coffee with a big spoon of molasses and a touch of some kind of homemade hooch in it. It felt good goin' down and pretty soon it was makin' my face feel kinda tingly.

We just sat quiet lookin' out across the pasture at the hills. She had a handsome face and lookin' at her in the lamplight comin' through the door, I thought she was probably younger than my ma, maybe twenty-five or so. She looked up and saw me studyin' her and says, "Now we got time t' sit n' talk, tell me how ya come t' git arrested fer thievin'. Ain't ya got no ma n' pa to look after ya?"

This was where I'd usually come up with some kind of wild story but I already knew she could see right through me so I told her the honest truth. "Well Cassie, I ain't seen Ma fer better'n two years now and I never did know who my pa was. Ma, she run me off when I was thirteen 'cause she said I was bad fer business. An old man by the name of George that lived down by the Kanawha River took me in when I was about half starved and taught me how to be a pickpocket and how to get into stores and houses at night. I was gettin' good at it too but I guess I wasn't good enough, bein' as how I got caught."

She wasn't much interested in my life as a thief. "What'd yer ma mean by that, 'bad fer business'?"

"Well, she makes her livin' entertainin' men, if you know what I mean."

"I know what ya mean. She's a whore."

"No, Ma'am, she's a prostitute! There's a difference, you know. Anyhow, I guess that's all she knows how to do."

I don't know why her callin' Ma a whore bothered me so much but it did, so I made a stab at turnin' the conversation another direction. "Um, can I ask how Mr. Wharton died?"

She let out this big sigh and shook her head. "He died o' pure meanness! Well, that n' a load o' buckshot in his belly. He come home drunk one night 'bout a year ago n' decided he was gonna have his way with Sue Ellen. Hell, she weren't but six then. By the time I woke up n' heard her sayin' 'Daddy, don't!', he already had her nightdress up n' his britches down. Well, aint' no mama gonna let that happen to her child, so I grabbed the shotgun down off the wall n' told him to git out and never come back. Mr. Wharton was a big man n' I guess he judged I was too scared of him to do anythang so he made a grab fer the gun. He judged wrong."

"Jesus! You mean you killed him?"

"Don't be takin' our Lord's name in vain n' yes, course I kilt him. Ain't like he left me a choice. I still feel terrible that Sue Ellen seen her daddy die like that but it couldn't be helped. She still has bad dreams sometimes but I reckon she'll grow out of that in time."

"Well, did the law ever find out about it?"

"After a while they did 'cause one o' the county deputies used to git his whiskey from him. They come out here lookin' to see if he had any to sell n' I told 'em what happened. Well, Sheriff Ames got real mad 'bout what Mr. Wharton was tryin' to do to Sue Ellen n' said I was right to shoot him down like the dog he was. He even took me over to the county seat n' witnessed my mark to git the property put in my name. He said the only thang he'd miss 'bout Mr. Wharton was his whiskey 'cause it was the best around. I kinda wish I coulda learnt how to cook it."

I sat quietly thinkin' about that. Cassie Wharton was a woman you didn't wanna cross and that was the gospel truth!

"Willem, I was just thinkin'," she went on, "you talk like you got some learnin'. You been to school?"

"Some. I was in the eighth grade when Ma run me off."

"Hmm. Reckon ya could teach my little'uns how to read n' write? I ain't got no way to git 'em to the school in town. I cain't offer ya cash money but I expect I could find other ways to show my 'preciation like good food n' a roof over yer head. Maybe some other thangs, too."

That came clean out of the blue. "Well, but I wasn't plannin' on bein' around all that long, Cassie. I'm just passin' through on my way out west."

She leaned over real close to my face n' asked, "You got someplace better t' be any time soon, like that reform school maybe?"

Ma mighta had her faults but she didn't raise no fool of a son, and I caught Cassie's drift right off. "Uh, well I never tried teachin' anybody before but if we had a primer, I don't s'pose it'd hurt anything to give it a try."

"What's a primer?"

"It's a readin' book fer beginners. Ain't you never been to school, Cassie?"

She leaned back n' looked at me like I was some kinda idiot. "Now, if I'd been t' school, I could teach 'em myself, couldn't I? Only book we got is Grampa Wharton's bible. Mr. Wharton could read in it but I cain't. Might be you could teach us all to read. N' write, too. N' maybe do numbers."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt anything to try. When do you want me to start?"

She stood up, threw her coffee dregs in the dirt and said, "Right after mornin' chores. Come on now, it's time we git to bed."

"Where do you want me to sleep, Cassie, out in the hay shed?"

She looked at me and got this big grin on her face. "The hay shed? Why Willem, yer sleepin' with me!"

I reckon even in the dim light she could see me go all pale in the face. I just stood there froze in place, not knowin' what to do next.

She could see I was stuck fer words so she just laughed and grabbed my arm, leadin' me through the door and right on into her bedroom and grabbin' the lantern on the way. She closed the door and set the lantern on the dresser. I just stood there with my mouth hangin' open. She musta' figured I needed more proddin' 'cause she took me by the shoulders and moved me to the side of the bed.

She looked hard in my eyes and said, "Look here, Willem, I know yer old enough t' do this n' I ain't had a man since I hadda shoot that rotten ol' bastard. If yer gonna live here doin' a man's work, why, you ought to have a man's rights. Now git yerself outta them britches!"

Well, I did as I was told. Pretty soon, I was standin' there buck-naked with my privates danglin' 'tween my legs. I watched her pull her dress over her head and step out of her drawers. She wasn't wearin' one of them brassieres.

Sweet Jesus, that woman had a body on her that was the equal of any girlie pictures I ever laid eyes on! She was way bigger'n me but all of her bigness was in the right places! Her tits was so round and full I wondered if she was still feedin' the little boy with 'em. Her belly had that nice little pooch below her belly button, and the hair 'tween her legs was as thick as June grass.

I started to get hard just lookin' at her and turned away tryin' to hide it with my hands. She stepped over and sat on the bed, then she reached out and turned me around to face her. When she moved my hands away and looked down at my dick, her eyes got all big and she marveled, "My land, Willem, I ain't never seen a man's thang that big b'fore! Is somethin' wrong with it?"

I shrugged and answered, "I don't think so. It's always been like that. Does it look like there's somethin' wrong with it?"

"No, no! It looks mighty fine but I ain't only had but two men in my life n' neither one of 'em was anywhere near that big." She reached out and wrapped her hand around it and skinned it back. Then she started in t' movin' her hand up and down and it didn't take but a few strokes 'til it was as full-grown n' hard as it was ever gonna get. I come near passin' out from the pure pleasure of her touch!

She looked up at me and asked, "Willem, you ever done this b'fore?"

I shook my head. "No, I never did! Least ways, I never done it with a woman."

She got a troubled look on her face and asked, "What you mean by that? You sayin' you done it with a man?"

I didn't really want to say but I knew she was gonna make me. "The only sex I ever had outside of pleasurin' myself wasn't of my choosin', Cassie. I ain't even sure you could call it sex but last week when I was still in jail, one of them deputies made me bend over the desk and he shoved his dick in me. It hurt like hell but I reckon it coulda been worse 'cause he just had a teeny little pecker."

She gave me a sorrowful look and said, "I'm sorry you was treated like that, Willem. It just ain't right!" Then she smiled and said, "I b'lieve I can promise you'll like this a whole lot better, n' it ain't gonna hurt none either." She took another look at my stiff weenie and added, "Least ways it ain't gonna hurt you none."

And lordy, wasn't it ever somethin'! Back in them days, I hadn't ever heard of a thing called foreplay and I don't reckon she had either. She just laid herself back on the bed and tole me to climb on. I got on my knees 'tween her legs and started in to pokin' my dick around in all that fur but I wasn't gettin' nowhere 'til she reached down and grabbed hold of me to put me in the right place. She was all wet and slippery and I started slidin' right on in. That's when she let out a loud groan and said, "Sweet Rose o' Sharon, I ain't never felt this stretched b'fore 'thout I was pushin' out a baby! Lay down here on my breast so's I can hold on to ya!"

Well, she wrapped her arms around my chest and commenced to wigglin' her big ol' butt around and squeezin' my dick with her hole. I was in heaven! But damn it all, I hadn't even humped my dick into her more'n a dozen times before I went off like a cannon. Now, I been pleasurin' myself since I was twelve years old but I never felt nothin' that felt as good as that or got me off as fast!

After I stopped shootin', I started to pull out but she wouldn't let me. She said, "You just stay right where ya are 'cause I ain't done with ya yet. Young boy like you aught t' be good fer at least one more go."

Well, she kept on huggin' me against her tits and her hole just kept on squeezin' and squeezin' 'til ol' Roy (that's what I call him sometimes) came right back to life. Next time around, I went a lot longer and I guess she musta' got what she wanted 'cause after a while she let out this funny noise and started to shakin' all over. It scared me at first 'cause I thought she was havin' some kinda spell, but when it was over she just smiled up at me and smacked me on my butt. Then she kissed me full on the lips and said, "Willem, long as you wanna stay here with us, I can promise yer gonna be took real good care of. I ain't felt so much like a woman since I come into flower."

I didn't know what she meant by that but it sure sounded nice.

I woke up about daybreak and seen that I was spooned up against her backside. Soon as I felt my dick pressed up against her butt, I started gettin' hard. I just couldn't help myself; I reached down and found the bottom of her nightdress and pulled it up real easy like, tryin' not to wake her. She was sleepin' on her side with her knees drawn up and when her big white ass come into view, I could see some of that black fur peekin' 'tween her legs and that's where I aimed my dick.

I guess I shoulda known I wasn't puttin' nothin' over on her though. She was already all wet and ready and she just lifted up her leg to let me slide right on in. I gotta tell ya, I think that's my favorite kind of sex now; just all lazy-like and slidin' in and out so slow and easy. I think Cassie liked it too. After a few minutes, she musta' guessed I was gettin' close 'cause she started pushin' back against me and makin' them soft little animal sounds. Pretty soon, she started to tremble and that's when I let go and shot my load in her. When I started to get soft, I just left my dick inside of her and she took my hand and pulled it under her arm to take hold of her tit and moved my fingertips around her nipple to show me what she wanted me to do. We just lay there driftin' in and out of sleep fer a while 'til we heard the kids movin' around in the other room.

Well, you can bet your last nickel that after one night with that woman, I wasn't in no big rush to be on the run again. Cassie rolled over and kissed me on my nose and said. "First day o' school, Willem. Git up n' git movin' 'cause we got lots o' thangs to do first."

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