Lola - A Remarkable Life
Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lola Landry gave her cherry to her older brother, T. Jim, at a very early age. Then she began selling her body. Lola quickly started turning other young girls, and some boys, into whores for her clientele. Lola’s mother and three other young ladies opened a bar - - PUSSY - - and that’s just the beginning. Lola meets a very young girl named Willow and starts grooming her for a specific mission …

Lola Landry decided to give up her virginity at an early age. Not because she wanted to have sex, although she didn't dread it. Lola wasn't afraid of much, hadn't been since she was a toddler.

Lola thought it through, having sex, as she did most things, and determined it was the better of two not very good options.

Even as a baby, Lola had been thoughtful, watchful. Quiet, but ever alert.

Lola lived with her mother, Babette, and her older brother, T. Jim, in the heart of the Atchafalaya Basin. Located in southern Louisiana, the Basin is the largest wetland area in the country. Swamps, bayous, cypress trees. Egrets. Beauty and poverty. The only roads are on levees, miles from the Landry's modest shotgun shack.

Transportation: The Landry family had a little 8-foot johnboat, which T. Jim, then Lola, took to school every day.

Their two-bedroom, one-bath home was small, but sufficient. It had both electricity and indoor plumbing. Not every Cajun family in the Basin was so lucky.

Lola's father was referred to by everyone using three names -- Big Jim Landry. He never married Babette, but, as a common-law wife, she took his name anyway.

Babette was a lovely Cajun girl ... slim, dark-haired, petite, quick to laugh. With a dazzling white smile which appeared frequently as Babette was a simple girl, easily pleased. She was a bit vague about some things, not one to pay very much attention to details.

One detail, her first baby -- T. Jim (the 'T' in front of a Cajun name means 'little') -- came along when Babette had just turned 14. Lola would follow two years later. Big Jim Landry was the father of both children.

Babette's mother, Maw Maw, who is still fucking Big Jim Landry, had kept him away from her daughter as long as she could.

Years later, years after her meteoric rise to success, Lola would still say that her father was the most remarkable, charismatic man she had ever met. A true force of nature.

Big Jim Landry lived up to his name. He was 6' 3" tall with muscular arms and legs, huge hands. This strikingly handsome man had a grinning affability about him that most girls all over southern Louisiana found irresistible.

Big Jim Landry didn't spend that much time at home. He worked in the oil industry, often on rigs and platforms offshore, although his company sent him on troubleshooting missions around the world. He was the only one in his family to have traveled outside the state of Louisiana.

Big Jim Landry, in the nude, was also an impressive sight.

Lola had seen him in all his glory ever since she could remember. She had assumed that all cocks were that large, all balls hung down so low. Big Jim Landry wasn't hung like a porn star, he was a little over 8 inches. What his girlfriends noticed, and remarked on, was thickness. Fat, my goodness, was his cock fat. Fatter than a beer can.

He roamed from parish to parish, merrily bedding girl after girl. Young ones, grandmothers, fat ones, slender, homely, pretty, beautiful, single, divorced, married. Such was the force of his happy personality ... most girls just laughed and gave in. And word spread ... you'll pass a good time with Big Jim Landry in your bedroom.

Even though he fucked any girl who would hold still, Big Jim Landry loved his family without reservation. And he spent time with each of them individually on the rare occasions when he did come home.

With Lola, he took her to the levee where he parked his big pickup truck. He knew Lola loved exploring the towns and cities outside the Basin.

Big Jim Landry took T. Jim out on the water. Fishing, trapping, hunting. By now T. Jim and Lola foraged for almost all the food on the Landry table. But those father / son outings were for man-to-man talks.

For Big Jim Landry and Babette, their time together was in the bedroom.

Lola and T. Jim grew up with the sight of their mother wandering, a little dazed from all the sex, into the kitchen. Nude, trying to remember why she had left Big Jim Landry in bed, then remembering. Putting a glass of ice and a bottle of Jim Beam on a tray, blinking at her two children as if seeing them for the first time, then meandering back to her common-law husband.

To Lola and T. Jim the sounds coming from Babette's bedroom -- bedsprings squeaking loudly, their mother's moans, her "Yes! Yes! Yes!" -- were as familiar as the lulling sounds of water lapping against their johnboat.

And Lola thought nothing of seeing her father, grinning, dripping water, nude, coming out of the shower, yawning and stretching. That impossibly fat cock swaying gently as he strolled into the kitchen, where Lola would say, "Hi, Daddy, pour you another drink?"

Big Jim Landry would smile down fondly at his daughter, that fierce, intelligent little girl he loved so much. He'd kiss the top of her head and say, "Thanks, Sugar, and maybe another breakfast too."

Big Jim Landry was a man of appetites.

Lola, when she was around 8, had taken over the cooking chores from her mother. Babette was a fine Cajun cook when she concentrated. But she was easily distracted. A catchy tune would come on the radio and Babette, who loved to dance, would be bopping all around the house while the squirrel stew filled the kitchen with smoke from their little two-burner stove.

Lola didn't make a big deal of it, it was just easier for her to do some things on her own. Like the household budget. Lola, when she was 9, took the finances over from her mother. After CLECO turned off the electricity because Babette had neglected to pay the bill three months running.

Babette worked as a waitress in a good restaurant in Henderson, Louisiana. It was on the Basin's westernmost levee, reachable by johnboat. It paid minimum wage, but the tips were pretty decent because Babette had perky boobs and loved to flirt. Sometimes more than flirt.

Babette's best friend, Honey, worked at the same restaurant. Honey had also grown up in the Basin, but now lived in Breaux Bridge with her boyfriend and his brother.

Babette and Honey, best friends forever, had no secrets from each other. Big Jim Landry fucked them both whenever he was in the mood. And wore them both out. His energy, his endurance, his relentless enthusiasm, was acknowledged throughout Cajun county.

Big Jim Landry would fuck you for hours, hit a roadhouse for some drinking and dancing, get into a friendly gravel dance with some good ole boy who had overestimated his own fighting prowess. Big Jim Landry would grin, help him to his feet, buy him drinks. Then come back and fuck you for hours more.

Babette discussed The Problem, as she had come to think of it, with Honey. The Problem which Lola later addressed by giving up her cherry.

The Problem ... T. Jim had just discovered that his penis now did more than pee.

Babette said, "I know it's coming, me. I just hope not for another year, maybe two."

Honey said, "The Basin ain't ready for two of them, no."

Babette knew exactly what her friend meant. Two Landry males. Randy, rutting, erect.

Babette said, "Maybe he ain't like his daddy, T. Jim."

Honey snorted. T. Jim was already 5 inches taller than his mother, 50 pounds of muscle heavier.

Babette sighed, "I know, I know."

Honey said, "What about Lola? She don't miss much, that little girl."

"T. Jim, he don't care who sees him, no. He just jacks off, 4, 5, 6 times a day, him. Lola seen him cum the first time, she ask me, is that semen? I have to tell her yes."

Honey said, "Well, she had to see boys cum someday, we all did."

"I know, I just wish it could be later, me."

"T. Jim just jacks off in front of you and Lola?"

"Yep, he don't care, him. All over my house. Kitchen, bathroom, out on my dock, living room, back porch, his bedroom, mine, he don't care, the urge strike him."

"Babette, that T. Jim gone be one big problem, you watch and see."

"I know."

"He ain't gone be satisfied, just jacking off, not Big Jim Landry's son."

"I know, I know."

Big Jim Landry, Babette, T. Jim, Honey and their friends spoke in a distinct accent, a mixture of Cajun French, stilted English, with a little of the New Orleans Irish Channel thrown in. Lola was working on losing some of the idioms, some of the accent. Lola was a demon on self-improvement.

A couple of weeks later, after the breakfast rush was over, Babette had a conversation with Honey. The two friends were so close that people often referred to them as HoneyBab.

Big Jim Landry might tell Lola, "Call up HoneyBab, Sugar, tell them come right home after work, I need me some company."

Lola knew that company meant pussy.

"Okay, Daddy, I'll pick them up 4."

This particular morning Honey could tell, just from looking at Babette's face, that something was up. Neither of those two girls could control their expressions. Honey knew Babette was thinking about The Problem.

Babette admitted, "I jack him off, me."

Honey nodded in sympathy, "You just putting it off, cher, you need to find that boy some pussy. Fast."

"I had the money, I'd buy him some, me."

"Don't go down that road, babe. You never have enough money, keep a Landry in pussy."

"I know, I know."

The next month, Babette said to Honey, "Lola tell me she help me. T. Jim."

Honey said, "That's one fine little girl you got there, babe. She jack him off for you?"

"Yeah, we take turns."

"How big is that boy, cher?"

"He gone be big, just like his daddy. I can't get my hand round it, me."

Honey shook her head, "Trouble on the hoof, T. Jim."

"I know."

While all that T. Jim seemed to think about was sex, Lola made sure that the Landry household functioned as usual. Lola took her mother to work on the johnboat, took T. Jim to school, checked his homework every day at the kitchen table.

Lola did all the cooking, but she assigned chores to T. Jim that he did on time. Neither T. Jim nor Babette argued much with Lola. It was just easier to do what that strong-willed little girl wanted.

When Big Jim Landry came home, grinning and unannounced, he almost always brought something useful for Lola. A smoked ham, ducks he had shot, quail eggs, something.

This particular Saturday morning Big Jim Landry had been fucking Babette for over two hours. When Babette wandered into the kitchen for his Jim Beam, Lola watched her brother eyeing their mother.

Babette's lovely face was flushed, her chest was flushed, her nipples erect and pointing up. Her little pussy lips were red and swollen.

Lola glanced at the bulge in T. Jim's jeans, picked up a dishtowel, took him by the hand, "Come on, T. Jim, I'll take care of it."

In his bedroom T. Jim slipped out of his jeans, the only garment he was wearing. Lola oiled up both hands and stroked him off in a couple of minutes. Because she had studied her brother's body, as she studied most things, Lola knew to keep masturbating him.

Sure enough, he stayed hard and shot out almost as much cum as a few minutes earlier. He said, "Thanks, Lo, I needed that."

"You're welcome T. Jim, happy to help."

The act had been just another chore to Lola. Doing the laundry, mopping the kitchen floor, jerking off her brother.

Not that Lola didn't love T. Jim. She did. Intensely. As she loved Babette, her kind, child-like mother. And as she did Big Jim Landry. A larger-than-life father with pussy and friends all over the southern part of Louisiana.

Need help repairing a engine? Patching a roof? Need a loan? Big Jim Landry is your man. Loved by most folks, respected by the wealthy. Adored by the ladies.

Lola watched her brother drift off to sleep as she heard the shower start up. When Big Jim Landry came into the kitchen, grinning, nude, dripping water on her floor, Lola handed him a glass of Jim Beam over ice, smiled up and said, "Another breakfast, Daddy?"

"Thanks, Sugar.'

Because T. Jim was a slightly smaller edition of Big Jim Landry, Lola still assumed her father's package was normal. She glanced at him, easy and relaxed, leaning back against her kitchen counter.

His cock, far fatter than the glass in his hand, was 5 or 6 inches long, even soft. Lola noted, because she was a girl who noticed things, that his balls seemed to hang even lower than his penis. She believed they did after he had climaxed.

For his part, Big Jim Landry couldn't have been more pleased with his daughter. By far the smartest one in her school. Not just in her class, but in her school. Strong-willed, more the adult than her kind mother.

He hadn't said anything as Lola gradually assumed the head-of-household role over Babette and T. Jim. She wasn't bossy, didn't demand, just quietly took over.

At the stove Lola said, "Should I fix some for Mama?"

"Nah, she's taking a nap, be out for a couple of hours, that girl."

"T. Jim's asleep too."

"What say we take a run over to Lafayette, Sugar? I haven't seen Maw Maw in a while."

"Let's do it, Daddy, she's always glad when you come calling."

Maw Maw was Babette's mother. Big Jim Landry first started fucking her when he was even younger than T. Jim is now. Had gotten his first head from her back when Maw Maw still lived in the Basin. Back when he could only dry cum.

Lola understood that her father was in the mood for some more pussy now that Babette was out of it. It certainly wasn't worth discussing, any more than he breathed in and out. Pussy was just part of the Big Jim Landry equation.

On the ride to Lafayette, Lola wasn't thinking about Maw Maw. About her father fucking Maw Maw. Lola was thinking about T. Jim. About The Problem. About what she would do solve it. Jacking him off wasn't going to cut it much longer.

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