Ugly Is Good
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A man is caught between finding a perfect woman or staying with an ugly woman whom is his match sexually.

When I think back I'm torn. On one hand I can't believe I went there and on the other the sex was some of the best I ever had. This story is dedicated to those girls whom work for the cock. You know them girls whom go out there way to be with the one they want. The ones whom show up to a guys house after she knows he has been with another chick. My friends and I use to call them double bag girls, a bag to cover her face and one for you in case hers fell off. I know it's wrong, but, what you expect from a bunch of eight ball drinkers.

Now, where was I, we were late getting to club that night. All the prime goodies were gone and what was left wasn't worth buying a drink for. So, we decided to head over this chick house that was always up for a party. Kim was a super freak a big bone woman whose husband was in prison. This gave her the freedom to act a fool as long as you brought the food and the drinks. Her home was yours and her too if you wanted her.

She lived in a very respectable part of town in a large home with a pool. Her husband was a big CEO before he got caught stealing from his clients. Before he got caught he put Kim in this plush place and socked away a bunch of money in the Islands before he got caught. This made Kim the perfect and accommodating host. Her husband gave her just enough to get by saving it for when he gets out.

Kim is a very pretty woman and her personality makes her very sweet. She is just on the thick side don't get me wrong all of us has fucked her one time or another. We even have two or three full length DVD's of her doing all kinds of kinky things. Kim is a fun time only girl; she's married and not looking for anything other than a good time. You can even bring your girl around her and she will never let on that you have fucked her fat pussy.

We made a stop at the local supermarket got all the things she like and some of what we wanted. Now we always started with eight ball and from there who knows what we end up with. At the market my man Jake the woman taker, met some women on there way home from some club. He convinced them to follow us to our after party. Next thing we knew it was five or six cars following behind us up to Kim's place.

Just as we figured she was lounging around watching T.V. praying we would come through. The smile on her face when she seen all the food, drink and the people we brought lit up the night. "Come on in every body," she gleamed. It didn't take the party long to jump off. Food was good as a few people took it upon them sleeves to cock. The drinks flowed and it wasn't long before the scent of pot filled the house. The clothes were next as people made there way to the pool.

That's when I noticed an ass I could bounce a quarter off of, the ass was round firm and bootielicious. It was packaged in a tight mini skirt that revealed sexy thighs and beautiful legs. Her waist really highlighted her butt and thighs. Working my way up I came to her medium sized very firm breast I knew with out seeing them naked she has those up turned nipples. My dick began to stir as I drank in her beauty. Here deep chocolate complexion reminded me of a heresy bar. My dick throbbed as I thought of the things I could do with this honey.

But, that's when things went south real fast. Her smile came into view and all I could see was crookedness, gaps and discoloration. Her nose looked funny; I really don't know how to describe it. Her eyes were to close together which were highlighted by the ugliest bifocals I ever seen. Her forehead looked like a billboard open for business. All I could do was shake my head, from the neck up this girl was a wreck, but, from the neck down she was a goddess.

She was a freak as I watched her on the dance floor bending that ass over and making it clap. She could shake that ass so sweet that even the leaves would be glade to fall. A few times when she butterflies I got a glimpse of her red thong. Just freaky nasty song after song she had me captivated. Every time I convinced my self to try and fuck her I would look at those bifocals and I backed down. Although I must admit the more I drank the better looking she became.

About four in the morning I was really mellowed up, feeling no pain. When she came up to me and introduced her self as Nikki. I was sitting and all I could see was her sexy thighs as my cock began to talk to me. Telling me she is just a two bag girl. Fuck her; please fuck her, my cock urged. She began to tap her toe impatiently as my hard cock and I tried to make up our mind. I really didn't know what I was going to do when one of my boys Larry pulled her away trying to push up on her.

My penis got territorial on me, that is our ass and you going to let him hit it first? The question did pose a little male testosterone pride. We all considered our sleeves alpha male, but, since she went with him I had to let him shoot his shot. They talked and he inched his hand up her thigh. He almost got a chance to rub that kitty kat before she stopped him. She told him to hold on a minute as she walked back over to me.

"Look, she started off! My girl Kim told me you got some bomb ass dick and I want to find out my self. But, you acting all stuck up. Your friend over there bout to get this good pussy if you don't want it, she threatened. I been flirting with you and showing you my panties all night. I want that big good cock of yours all in my tight pussy. If you pass on these lips you will pass on the best blow job you ever had and no woman can work a penis like me. Look at these hips, look at them they are made for riding big dicks like yours. So, what's it going to be?"

With a hard cock, male pride, a buzz out this world and a smile on my face I took her by the hand. I hope Nikki is ready for this ten me strong cock. My boy tipped his cap as we strolled by. My hand slid from her waist to her very soft firm ass. I can't wait to slap a naked cheek and see how this tender ass giggles. She was talking about my male ego, you should of seen the switch and the big smile she had as we left together.

As soon as I let the parking brake off this woman unzipped my fly and fished my hard cock out. "Damm, Kim was telling the truth that is a big cock," she blurted out! That's when she lowered her head and began to suck my dick.

I shuttered, her lips felt real soft as she grasped the base of my dick. Those soft lips caressed my shaft as her active tongue swirled around my dick head. I could barely drive as she sucked my cock. Then the suction started and I had never felt pleasure like that before.

As she sucked her soft lips slid up and down my dick. This girl got skills as she began to massage my balls. I served twice as the pleasure flooded my brain. It finally registered this girl sucks cock real well.

That's when she began to deep throat my dick. I had to pull over when I felt my cock slip into her throat. Along with the fact that she didn't gag really turned my on. Let me explain, this is only the second time ever a woman could deep throat my large cock.

The sensation is awesome as her lips rested on my nut sack. Then she began to hum and my toe's curled. I don't know how she was doing it, but, with my dick down her throat. Her tongue was massaging my shaft. All I could do was grunt, hold the back of her head and pump my man juice down her throat.

I thought I was going to bust her throat out. My balls had never produced so much cum at such a force. I just knew she was going to gag and choke as ounce after ounce hit the back of her throat. Nikki sucked down every bit of my sperm as my toe's curled and lift the tops of my shoes.

She massaged my nut with her delicate hand as she milked them with her suction. Nikki has skills that are second to none as I relax my grip on her head. She slowly eased her hot mouth from my cock and we both panted for air.

Just because I put my hand between her thighs and Nikki was soaked. Her wetness made my cock jump and she spreads open her thighs. My two middle fingers had to pry open her tight pussy lips. I couldn't wait to fuck her tight hot wet pussy.

The rest of the way home she spread her legs and played in her very wet pussy. I counted at least three orgasms on the way to my place. Nikki was hot like a firecracker and I couldn't wait to put her out.

We get to my house my buzz is tapering off and my place is well lit with the lights on. I wanted to get the bags right then and there, but, my cock reminded me what good head she gives. My fingers reminded me how tight she is and when I sniffed my fingers my sense told me how good she smelled. All my senses were over riding my sense of sight. I quickly dimmed the lights and offered to pour us another drink. Nikki declined as I took a shot of gin, then another as Nikki found my sound system and turned on some music.

She began to dance around and strip off her clothes. She really does have a tight sexy body as I drink in her sexiness. On my third shot she began to turn me on again as my cock rose to attention. Nikki danced her way into the kitchen and pulled me to the living room. Were she stripped off all my clothes. My cock was standing ten men strong as she stood before me with that goddess like body and horse head.

She saw my hesitation and reached up grabbed me around my neck. She lifted her hips above my cock head as she spread her thighs. I could feel the heat of her hot pussy as my cock throbbed to find the opening. Like a pro she found my cock and slipped only her wet pussy lips over its head. I moaned and my whole body tensed up from the sweet pleasure. I couldn't stop my self from throbbing as she ran her soft pussy lips over my cock head.

The sensation went from the tip of my cock through my balls to ignite a sexual passion I never had before. My dick was throbbing so hard it was thumping her swollen clit. Her grinding slowed and her motions centered around her fat clit. It seemed like with every thump of my cock sent a pulse of pleasure through her aroused body.

Her wetness was as silk while between her wet pussy lips. But, I wanted to see how tight and sweet her pussy is. I began to thrust my hips up ward to meet soft wet resistance. Nikki grasped me tight around my neck as she placed her cheek on mine. I increased the pressure driving my cock into her tight mound. We both gasped when her opening gave way and I sank all my cock deep into her tight pussy. Instantly my nut sack became soaked.

Nikki began to tremble as her climax took hold of her as my big cock throbbed against her tight pussy walls. That's when her pussy double clutches my hard dick and made my nuts stir then her pussy began to massage the shaft of my cock. The pleasure was sweet and sensual, but, I wasn't ready to cum yet.

That's when I grabbed her waist spun her around on my cock. She ended up bent over the back of my lazy boy with her legs and feet dangling. I began to ram my cock in and out of her tight tender pussy with my nut sack slapping her sweet firm ass with every thrust. I could tell by her deep orgasmic moans she loves to get her wet pussy beat up. I lined my cock up just right and went real deep into her tight pussy to hit that cervix. Oh, yes was all I heard then she was back to trembling and that good pussy was back clutching my large cock.

I fought off my climax to stay strong and to keep fucking her sweet pussy. Her head just tossed and turned as her pussy massaged my cock. Nikki only moaned two words that were very erotic, but, I wanted more as I picked up the pace as slapping sounds filled the room. For some reason Nikki put her hands on the arm of the chair. Lifted her upper half of he body up and arched her back. This caused my cock to sink at least another inch into her very wet pussy. Dam, was all I could grunt as my cock slipped even deeper.

I really began to beat that pussy up with little soft encouragement such as yes ... fuck that pussy ... oh yes ... fuck that pussy. But, she didn't get erotic until I tapped that cervix again. Telling me how good the dick is and begging me to fuck her deep. One time I punched that cervix so hard I thought I punched through to the other side. But Nikki just came while telling me no one has ever fucked her this deep before.

I pulled out of that hot pussy because she was about to make me cum. Nikki whimpered but, it didn't bother me. She came here to be fucked and I aim to please. I had to get in a position to let her do the work for awhile plus I like the way she work that tight pussy. I went and sat in the lazy boy with my hard cock sticking right up. I didn't even have to instruct Nikki what to do. She came right around straddled me and eased that wet pussy down over my penis.

She did it nice and slow too, inch by incredible hot wet inch. I watched as her hot pussy took my big hard dick in as she gasped in pleasure. Half way down Nikki began to work her hips left than right, right then left as my cock pulsated against her velvet pussy walls. She bottomed her soft ass cheeks on my balls and we both gasped. Her firm up turn breast was right at my mouth I try to suck that nipple, but, she pulled back and I mouthed air. She grinds her pussy on my shaft and I gasped once again. The she caressed my lips with her erect nipple. She seductively worked her nipple over my top lip then the bottom, left nipple than right, all the while fucking my cock with her sweet hot pussy. I told you this girl got skills.

Finally she forced the erect nipple into my hungry. I lightly bit down on the firm flesh which drew a squeal from Nikki while she whipped her hips right then left. Her pussy creamed my dick while her pussy walls quivered around my shaft. Breathlessly she asked, "How ... how did you know I like to have my nipple lightly bitten?" "I didn't I was getting even with you for with holding your sexy breast," I explained to her.

My mouth enjoyed going from nipple to nipple biting, sucking and hearing Nikki squeal when I bit a little too hard. My hands began to explore the finest ripest softest ass I ever felt.

In appreciation my hips lifted straight up driving my cock deeper into her sweet pussy. Which she loved as she gasped and her pussy double clutch my dick. The sensation was amazing and the erotic squeal made my dick throb when I bit her erect nipple.

That triggered her hips as she did semi-circles on my cock. The pussy was very wet as it slid up and down and on the down stroke that pussy circled left than right. It was like her soft pussy was giving my cock a massage.

This girl can ride a dick and she knew how to get down with it. I looked into her eyes and she wasn't as ugly as I thought any longer. How could she be, fucking my cock the way she fucks?

At that point I believe she knew she had me as she picked up the pace. She rode my cock like there was no tomorrow. I felt my self starting to feel something for this girl as she fucked my cock. Her confidents and her hood style made me see a different side of Nikki.

Plus I like the fact she isn't shy about getting cock, Nikki is real about hers. So many fine women know they are freaks, but, play that game like they're so innocent. Then there are the ones that are just stuck up. These thoughts kept me from coming in her tight pussy. Nikki was really trying to put it on me!

That's when I hooked her behind her knee's stood up and took her to the bed. Nikki was in a fuck zone as she kept sliding up and down on my dick as I took her to my bed.

I through her down on her back and my cock made a pop sound as her pussy left my cock. Nikki moaned at the rough treatment as she pulled her legs back and spread her legs. Showing me that tight very wet while I maneuvered my dick for entry.

I loved the way she looked at my cock every chance she got. We both grasped my big cock and guided it to her tight wet pussy. Her gasp was extra erotic as my dick head pushed passed her fat soft pussy lips. Dam, this girl is pushing all the right buttons!

But, now it was time to ware her tight sweet pussy out. I pushed her knee's up and thrust my dick deep into her hot pussy. The squeal was high yet erotic as my scrotum slapped her soft ass. I couldn't believe how good my balls felt spanking that ass.

Sensations were jumping off all through my body as I plunged my hard long cock deep into the softest wettest pussy I ever fucked. On top of every thing Nikki was meeting my every thrust as she whipped her hips right than left.

I picked up the pace and a slapping sound filled the room. I couldn't believe how wet Nikki was until I heard the gushing sounds with every thrust. Along with her whimpering soft titillating moans this woman fucked me like I never been fucked before.

A light gasped left my lips as I looked down upon her face. Nikki with her charm and sex skills was teaching me looks are not everything. I watched as her erect nipples jumped with every push. I watched as lust, fucking and desire filled her to the point of eruption.

Her hot pussy grabbed and released, grabbed and released my cock. Nikki bubbled with pleasure as the climax over whelmed her while she creamed my dick. I could feel her fat clit quiver as I sank my shaft over and over again.

Thinking to my self, yeah, I got this pussy! Then I began to pound her pussy as she came. Slap, slap, slap rang out in my room as my balls began to boil with orgasm. I could feel her tight hot pussy massaging my throbbing shaft coating it with her silky wet cream. Dam, this girl can fuck! I thought to my self trying not to cum as I sank back deep into her sweet pussy. Nikki was still meeting my every thrust fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

I wanted to make Nikki cum one last time before I splashed her soft pussy walls with my hot cum. I picked up the pace once again as her soft moans intensified. I could tell she was nearing another climax as I bit down lightly one her erect nipple. Her legs still on my shoulders giving me direct pound ability to her sweet tender pussy. I arched my back making my shaft have more contact with her swollen clit.

Her moans got amp up as the shaft of my cock stroked that g-spot. Nikki began to quiver as the pleasure overwhelmed her. I could tell Nikki wanted to fight it, make that euphoria last as long as it could. I was dicking her down with long deep strokes that ended with my balls tapping that firm soft ass. Her climax shook her while body while my cock slid in and out, in and out. I could feel the massaging sensation of her her tender pussy walls as the pleasure flowed through her. Her orgasm was so powerful it made me almost erupt.

It took Nikki a minute to recover from the bliss, but, as soon as she did she was back to rotating her soaked pussy on my cock. I throbbed and pumped that sweet thing, but, she knew as well as I did that I wasn't going to last much longer. yet, I still had something I wanted to do to this sex goddess. If I was going to cum, Nikki was going to cum with me. I needed one more moan, one more gasp, one more climax from her.

I picked up the pace to get her going in the right direction. I moved to the other nipple and began biting down on it, her erotic squeal just lightens a mans soul. That squeal caused my balls to boil once again and that grasping hot pussy began to weaken my defenses. But, I was determined to take Nikki with me. I pushed my cock back deep in her soaked pussy while using my hips I made semi circles left than right. Nikki loves a deep dick grind as her clit began to quiver with her juices flowing all over my nut sack.

I was about to explode, when I reached down between Nikki and I to find her soft erect love button. First I got my fingers all slippery and wet from her erotic nectar. Then I began to lightly caress her g-spot while I worked my large cock deep in her hot pussy. Her clit was already sensitive from all the good fucking. The stroking caused her clit to jump as she took a big gasp, her body tensed and her pussy double clutched my dick. Her pussy grasped my cock so good it made my ass hole pucker.

That's when my testicles let loose my hot man juice all over her tight pussy walls. I pumped my cock in and out, in and out, I could feel the ounces being ejaculated deep into her hungry pussy. I came so hard and so much Nikki came for a second time all over my throbbing dick. When she felt my cum splash her pussy walls she arched her back allowing me to sink deeper into her sweet pussy. I thought my nuts were going to slide in.

I couldn't help to grind my thick cock deep into that good pussy and the sensation of my balls resting against her ass cheeks made my cock throb. That's when Nikki began to rotate her hips and ride my dick that was deep in her hungry pussy. This girl could ride a good dick as her panting became erotic again, mashing her clit up against my still hard shaft. My word, this girl was walking on yet another orgasm as she worked my stick. I knew I couldn't cum for at least another hour, but, that didn't stop me from throbbing and pumping her pussy.

It didn't take her long to get off; she creamed my cock and balls yet again. I really liked that about Nikki, she's a freak and doesn't mind showing the one she's fucking. She arched her back for a second time and my cock had seen heaven. No woman has ever fucked me the way she has fucked me. Once her quivering and her hips quit rotating my cock became soft and slipped from her very wet pussy. I got up off of her as we snuggled together.

Nikki fell asleep quickly i couldn't blame her she put in work. But, I laid there as my high was wearing off, I'm glade Nikki's back was to me. My dick and my mind began to war. My mind kept asking me if I could look her deep in her eyes with the looks she has. Of course my dick was answering, hell yeah! I fell asleep before I found out who won the war, my dick or my mind.

Day light came quickly and I awoke to the wonderful smell of beacon, eggs and toast. I got up brushed my teeth and washed my face. I walked into the kitchen hungry as a loin. Nikki was in a apron and her high heels only, dam, them heels really set her ass off. My cock began to stir until she turned and smiled, that horse head just made my heart drop to the bottom of my stomach.

I tried to play it off as she fed me breakfast and it was good too. But, I could tell she knew something was up. Once she cleaned the kitchen she brought a jar of honey into the bed room. This girl dipped my cock into the honey; spread it all over with her tongue. Once I was nice and sticky she sucked my cock clean, But, I couldn't hold an erection because she kept looking up at me.

Frustrated Nikki finally gave up and put her back up against the head board. She then spread her legs and started playing with her moist pussy. She went into this erotic gaze as two fingers on one hand pulled back her fat pussy lip. Exposing her puffy clit while the fingers of her other hand stroked the puffy flesh.

I watched in amazement, desire and lust. Her moistness turned to wetness and her fingers became coated in the silky nectar. At times she had to close her eyes the pleasure was so good to her. The motion of her fingers ran along the length of her fat pussy lips, from her clit down to the rim of her ass hole.

On every third stroke she would slip two fingers into her tight hole. She gasped on entry and exit of her satisfying fingers. Once she became slippery and wet she took her free hand to tease and stroke her alert nipple. I couldn't believe sensual gasp as she pinched her own nipple my cock was fully erect and throbbing.

That's when she began to speak in a sensual sexy voice. "I only please my self like this when I'm really pissed off," she began with. "I choose you, I fucked you, I sucked your big dick and you can't get beyond my looks," she gasped as her two middle fingers slipped back into her hot wet pussy.

I watched as her eyes closed and the pleasure enveloped her, Her lips fell silent as she finger fucked her pussy. I could see she was resisting the urge to cream all over her fingers.

Once she regained control she asked me, "why, why, why," she repeated her self.

I don't know if all the blood was in my cock, but all I could do was babble about we are not right for one another or I believed this was just a one time fuck. Knowing in my heart I want some more of that good pussy.

Nothing I said fazed her as she continued to please her self. Her fingers were so wet and coated with her hot nectar. I have never been so turned on by any sexual act like this in my life. But, I knew I couldn't even approach that wet pussy.

"Your not man enough for me, although, we really connect on a freaky physical level. But, I need more than a big dick, I need a man with a big heart," she demanded!

She was nearing orgasm and all I could do was watch while she tweaked her erect nipple and finger fucked her juicy tight hole. The touch was so soft yet deliberate; she knew where she was going and knew how to get there. Her fingers moving in and out at a quicker pace when her gasps got caught up, her body tensed up and she came all over her probing fingers.

Her body shook and her fingers slammed deep as they could into her twitching pussy. The pleasure on her face was at peace and satisfying, I believe I seen some joy and some justification cross her face as well.

"I never done that in front of any one before, she informed me as she licked each of her fingers clean. My, my, this is some good pussy and you will never get another piece of this hot pussy. I think I will fuck all your friends so they can tell you how good this pussy is and that you fucked up when you let me go," Nikki threatened."

I couldn't say a word and when I did try to speak I got caught up in her looks. I watched as she slipped her panties on and thought that's the last time I see that sweet thing ever again. That ass looked so good as she slammed my door.

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