The Loyalty Test
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 22 year old Belle insults her Master by day dreaming during playtime, and having grown bored with the usual punishments, Maverick comes up with a whole new idea. How much can Belle handle before every last bit of her loyalty is shredded? *Different Universe than 'The Lesson of Fear'*

I love my Master.

Even when he's cruel to me...

Especially when he's cruel to me.

I hiss at the crack of pain that shoots across my bottom, soothed a second later by his hips pressed against me.

"Daydreaming during playtime?" He seethes, genuine anger dripping from his voice, "Could you think of something more insulting?"

Master's cold fingers weave into my hair, sending a shiver of delight through me, accompanied by the slightest bit of fear. His fingers curl into a fist, yanking my head back. His body is no longer behind me, but instead is moving around to face my bent and bound form, twisting my hair even further in his grasp as he leans down to be level with me.

"I wasn't Master, I pr-." That smile ... that sickly sweet, kindhearted smile ... can only mean one thing.

When he shushes me, he touches my lips, kisses my cheek ... and every lingering sensation creates a slithering bit of fear that's slowly building in place of delight. Master's lips are as soft as any lover's should be, when he presses them by my ear, and whispers: "It's okay. I know what you were thinking about."

But I know my Master well enough to know that I probably ruined his mood entirely. I can see it in the way his strange, gray eyes are deceptively relaxed, his lips still holding traces of that soft kiss. If my hands weren't bound behind me, they'd be running through that soft, short, silver hair that only old men should have, in a desperate attempt to calm him. In knowing what's to come, I sometimes wonder just how human Master is. He can truly be as cruel as a demon.

"M ... master?" I shudder. It's coming.

He pulls back, fingers still entangled with my hair, and for a split second his expression is still sweet and serene. In the next it's contorted with anger from before, and I feel the sting of both sides of his free hand. Master continues this until I'm sure that I'm already bruising. My nipples harden at the new-found shame when he stops.

Without a word Master leaves the room, but leaves the door open so that I can see him on his phone. Every now and then he glances over at me, a wicked grin playing on his lips. He makes several phone calls, some ending in disappointment, before finally returning to the playroom, phone still in hand.

"Hold on just a second," He tells the person, then presses the phone to his chest and kneels down so that he can look me in the eye. A soft smile is playing on his lips again, and in spite of rationality, my heart skips. He reaches out and starts to play with my curls.

"You value you're loyalty to me, yes?"

I nod shyly. His smile deepens, as he instructs the person on the phone to, "Tell her". The cold plastic touches my flushed skin, and my heart stops.

"We're going to fuck you so much you won't know who you're Master is anymore." A cruel voice says, before laughing.

Master pulls the phone away from me. Should I find comfort in that Master is pleased with my reaction? I can't find comfort anywhere ... He has been my first and only Master since being brought into this way of life. I should want to please him. I should be proud that he wants to share me. Any good pet could find comfort in that. But I'm not a good pet ... that's why Master is punishing me with this.

The click of Master's phone closing brings be back. My head hangs in defeat, making no attempt to watch my Master and his reactions. I feel his fingertips brush my hair.

"Have you accepted you're punishment, then?" He whispers, gently.

My nod is weak.


"Yes, Master."

My eyes are burning. I can feel my tears dripping onto the concrete floor. Master walks around the playroom after that, and grabs his favorite gag for me. Its a black rubber half-mask with a jaw-breaker sized rubber ball on the inside. Obediently I open my mouth.

When he's finished strapping the gag, he begins to reposition me. I remain bound at the wrists, but I am no longer bound to the small side-table. I am instructed to stand, legs spread, as he gets more rope. When he finds it, he stands in front of me, tying the rope so that it's under my breasts, but instead of tying it in the back he pulls it up and around my neck. Master then runs it down the length of my body, and has both sides of the cord between my pussy lips and ass cheeks. The cord is re-threaded through the loop around my neck where he finally ties it off.

After checking that everything is tied how he wants, Master pulls one of his bondage hooks down from where they hang in his make-shift pulley-system, and attaches it to the piece of rope at my shoulders before pulling me so that my toes just barely graze the ground. By now I'm practically shivering with the feel of the rope against my clit, but Master ignores this. He simply goes to grab more rope, pulling my knees up so that I'm hanging completely by his ropes and chains in mid-air, and ties my knees up separately to two other hooks, ensuring that I'm properly hung so that I can't fall.

He nods, content with his work, and I can see him slip out of that methodical, calculating self that he is when he's thinking. That's when he looks at me, rather than his bondage creation. He chuckles, looking at my trembling form, and moves closer to me. Master removes the gag temporarily, and kisses me, deep and passionate. For a moment, I forget that I'm about to be used by other men, and all I can think about is my Master. I want to please him, more than anything in this world. Even if that means destroying my loyalty. It's all for him.

"What the hell, Maverick? Is she a child?" Someone says suddenly from behind us, and Master breaks the kiss to look at the other man, unable to hide his laughter.

"She's not a kid, John, she's just a little shorter than most women." He looks back to me with pride in his eyes and begins putting the gag back in place. Master has never shown me off before. I'm usually just kept in the playroom, and then sent off. Now I can find comfort when I see how proud he is to have me.

"She's at least legal though, right?"

Again, Master laughs. "Belle's twenty-two." He says simply.


I'm forced to look away from Master when I see the other man walk towards me with intent. I cringe when he touches me, but he doesn't notice. He only goes on to feel my breasts, my ass, and then eventually slides his finger into my pussy. My face flushes with shame, and I try to look at Master again only to see him waving a finger at me. Silently, he points to his guest. When I don't understand, I see the flash of anger once again.

'Look. At. Him.' He mouths. So I do.

I look at John's shoulder, trying hard not to enjoy what he's doing to me. It's not my Master doing it, and I can't help but want to hold on to what little loyalty I can maintain. The intruder slips his finger in and out of me. He groans and licks my neck like an animal.

"Maverick, how do you keep her so tight?" John asks. Master doesn't answer. I glance to see him standing in the back of the play room, watching. Another man accompanies him, and when I see him he starts to move towards me, but Master stops him. 'You'll have you're turn.' I see him say.

Not long after that, John moves his mouth to my breast. His tongue flicks my nipple and he occasionally sucks it. My face grows even more red as he brings me closer to climax, switching between both nipples. Then he stops, and looks over to Master, now noticing his other friend as well.

"One of you poor bastards join me over here, already." The newcomer looks to Master, only leaving his side once he sees Master nod his approval.

John moves behind me and grabs my thighs, spreading my legs even wider. "Look at how wet she is already, Kurt."

The other man kneels down and touches my pussy lips just barely. I didn't even realize how wet I was until I saw him pull his fingers back with a long strand of clear excitement stretching between us before finally falling away. I look to Master, pleading with my eyes for him to understand. I don't want to enjoy this! I don't want any of this. In return, all I can see in his eyes, is the constant message: 'You're wants don't matter.'

John has started massaging my breasts again, but from behind, and I can feel his hard member in his pants, pressed against my bare ass. Kurt, on the other hand, is still on his knees in front of me. When I look at him, I realize that he's been waiting for me to watch him before he starts to eat me out, running his tongue along my slit, dipping the tip of it in my hole, sucking on my clit until I'm swollen, and then I'm undone.

All of the pleasure I had held back suddenly rips through me, bringing new sensations alive that I had never wanted anyone else to bring but my Master. But my wants don't matter. Master wants me to enjoy this, and I want to please my Master.

For the first time since Master's friends began touching me, I moan. I close my eyes and allow myself to let go.

Kurt stands up and pulls out his cock. "I hope you're ready for this you little cunt." He tells me, before spreading apart the cords between my pussy lips and brutally forcing himself inside of me. With every thrust he shoves himself entirely inside of me, making me scream in sudden pleasure. His hands wrap around my ass as he pulls me into him even harder. I had never even realized Johns absence until I hear him asking Master as to whether or not I'm 'clean'.

"Of course, I clean her out before every session." He answers, making me even more embarrassed. I never expected anyone to know about that. But then I hear him ask Master where he keeps his lube and I feel panic start to build. Master hasn't started training that part of me yet. He's only taken it, himself, a handful of times, all of which were painful.

"You're supposed to be watching me, you little bitch," Kurt hisses, grabbing my jaw and forcing me to look at him. I bite on the gag, but still shriek as he pounds into me extra hard as though to prove his point.

John returns, slipping one, coldly lubed finger into my ass. I whine in protest. I feel my anus clench around Johns finger, simultaneously trying to push him out, but he's relentless. It hurts that much more when Kurt intentionally pulls me so that John's finger is stretching me out. Then, John slides another finger into me, and another. He clumsily continues trying to finger my ass until my senses are overloaded with so much pain and pleasure I'm practically mindless. Then, John pulls his throbbing member out of his pants.

Kurt stops pulling me and stands still, balls deep into my pussy, and allows John to position himself as necessary before he starts pushing into my ass. I can't help it. The second I feel the head of his cock inside of me, I find myself riding waves of pleasure, each one harder than the next as he shoves himself into me. By the time he's all the way in, and the both of them are finally pumping into me at the same time, I've came so hard that I'm glad I'm tied up, or else I'd be useless.

Its a few seconds before I come back to my senses and find myself still being filled more than ever by two complete strangers. I look over at Master, only to see a look of sick pleasure on his face. He has something to punish me for later. My heart races, and I begin to pay attention to Kurt and John again.

"Maverick,"Kurt calls suddenly, though he doesn't stop fucking me until Master actually walks over to us. "Can we use her mouth as well?"

"Of course." Master nods, "I'll bend her over."

John gives one last thrust into my ass and pulls out. Master, on the other hand, barely even touches me, he simply pulls some of his chains around so that his pulley-system drags me forward so that I'm bent-over with my knee's still tied awkwardly. He goes over and unties them from the hooks and uses the rope from my knees so that he can tie my ankles up, tying the rope around my left ankle to the the closest cord in my lower half, and the same with my right ankle, so that now the cords are spread and allow easier access to my holes. As kind of a finishing touch, Master goes beneath me and I feel a painful tugging at my nipples as he attaches weights to them.

Master then returns to his spot at the back of the room, leaving Kurt to remove the gag. I keep my mouth open expectantly, and glance at Master to see him nod in approval. Kurt starts of gently, as opposed to before, and John has already started to fuck my pussy.

Kurt tastes sweet in my mouth, the same way that Master tastes after he's fucked me. For a moment, I can pretend that it's my Master's cock in my mouth instead of this stranger's, and I close my eyes. My hair is suddenly pulled violently and I'm forced to look at him again. He doesn't say anything this time, only starts to pump into my mouth even harder. I run my tongue along his shaft as he pushes all the way in, stuffing his way down my throat and back out. He does it again, slowly. The contrast is so different from John, who's pounding away at me, that my body is confused, until something in Kurt finally switches and he begins fucking my face the way he did my pussy.

I feel Johns hand grab my hair by the ends and use it to pull into me harder, and I cry out. Tears start pouring from my eyes as the pain builds, my nipples throbbing with every thrust they give into me.

"I want you to swallow me," Kurt says, moving even faster in my mouth. By now my throat is raw, and yet the promise of cum excites me further. I bob my head back in forth what little I can, loving the tendrils of pain that shoot through me as I pull against Johns grasp and onto Kurt's cock. I deep throat him, until finally, he shoves himself all the way into my throat, and I can feel his hot cum shooting down my throat. When he's finished he pulls out of my mouth, his now soft member still twitching and spitting out tiny little strands of cum.

"I want to watch you do it." He tells me just before I swallow him, and he kneels so that his face is level with mine. He inspects to make sure that none of it is on my face before he's satisfied. "Okay."

And I swallow. He pulls his pants back up and zips them, moving back to Master's side to watch as John pulls out of me and pushes back into my ass. Without the gag to bite on, I find myself almost screaming with pain as he shoves into me completely with one quick thrust, and doesn't stop. He tugs my hair even harder, rubbing my clit with his other hand. I remind myself that Master is watching, and hold back the excitement that's fighting to make me cum again.

"Say my name." John says suddenly, snapping me out of my pleasure-ridden state. I look directly at Master, purposefully keeping my mouth shut. "I said say my name!"

He begins angrily thrusting in and out of me, before pulling out entirely. "Maverick, what the hell's wrong with this bitch?"

When I look at Master, I see the same, sickly sweet expression from before. The calm, innocence hiding his rage. "There's nothing wrong with Belle."

"I thought you trained her to obey?"

"No, I trained her to obey me." I notice the slight curl of his lip as he speaks, but that's the closest he gets to regaining his composure. "I think you two are done for now. Get out."

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