Subjugation of Keady
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Uncle, Niece, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Black Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Enema, Voyeurism, Lesbian Sex Story Female Domination

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The tale of the sexual awakening and degradation of a teenage girl at the hands of a a female dominatrix

As I sat on the leather sofa, listening for the key in the door, I felt my pussy begin to get wet with anticipation.

Keady had been living with me for four days now. An unusual arrangement, as I didn't know her that well.

Her grandmother lived next door to me, and Keady was supposed to be staying there for four weeks, while her parents went on a make-or-break holiday to try and save their crumbling marriage.

However, the grandmother had been taken into hospital a week after Keady's arrival, so I kindly agreed to step in and allow the girl to stay with me.

At fourteen, she wasn't old enough to be left home alone. This didn't seem to stop her from wearing make-up, short skimpy clothes, and hanging around the local park after school drinking cheap alcohol with a selection of interchangeable friends, I had soon discovered.

I had been watching her visit her grandmother for a while now. A small, petite blonde child, she was very innocent looking. All curly hair and freckles. She had also recently began to develop small, firm breasts, which were displayed in a range of tight, girly looking t-shirts.

I now knew that she also had a neat bush of pale pubic hair, too.

I had been wanting to fuck her for months, and I had decided that this evening it was going to happen. I heard the door open and slam close again, closely followed by the thud of a school bag thrown carelessly on the floor. Slightly unsteady footsteps heading down the hall, clearly her little gang had managed to lay their hands on some drink.

I made a mental note to inventory my wine rack later.

She entered the living room, where I was waiting. Her big blue eyes widened in shock, and her mouth dropped open as she saw what I was wearing. My large tits spilled over the quarter cup bra, and my pussy was clearly visible through the crotch-less knickers. She didn't seem to notice the strap-on waiting next to me, or the video camera blinking as it recorded the scene.

"Come in, sit down. I've decided that, while you're staying here, we're going to have a special, secret relationship. There's nothing to worry about. Sit next to me."

I patted the sofa invitingly.

"What the fuck! You fucking pervy old bitch! I ain't a lezzie! What do you think you look like, with your tits and fanny hanging out? Do you think I fancy you, you minging old slag? Oh. My. God. I'm gonna tell everybody about this!"

I laughed as I opened the screen on the laptop.

"Oh Keady, do I look like a fool? I'm not trying to seduce you. I know you're not a lesbian from listening to your incessant conversations about the Year 11 boys. I know you're a virgin, from the childish content of them. I would never dream of trying to get you to fancy me"

She was confused by this, and reminding her that she was a virgin seemed to provoke her to drop the tough girl attitude. She noticed the laptop.

"I'm not trying to talk you into bed, Keady. I am telling you that you are going to spend the next couple of weeks being fucked in every way I desire. Unless, of course, you want these photos sending to Facebook, going round school, printed out and tacked up on every lamppost in this town?"

I clicked the button and she gasped.

The first picture was of her, completely naked, spread-eagled on the floor, with a dildo stuffed up her arse. Her eyes were closed, and her fingers were touching her small hard nipples. She looked like someone who was receiving the fucking of a lifetime, rather than someone who had unwittingly drank a Rohypnol-spiked orange juice with their evening meal three nights ago.

"Now come and sit next to me, and I'll show you the rest of them. After each one, you have to take off an item of clothing. That is the rule."

Speechlessly she sank onto the sofa, keeping a fair bit of distance from me. Her eyes were riveted on the screen.

The next picture was of her wearing a tight pair of white knickers and sunglasses. She had 'CUM SLUT' scrawled across her small breasts in red lipstick.

"Blouse please. You can leave the tie on, though"

With shaking fingers, she undid the buttons of her blouse and slipped it off. She wasn't wearing a bra. Presumably she was so firm and ripe that she didn't always need to. The tie dangled between the small tits.

In the third picture, her fingers were plunged into her tight cunt. This had been my favourite one to take. As I had rubbed her pussy with Vaseline she had moaned slightly.

I indicated she should take off her school trousers.

Now she was just wearing a pair of white knickers.

Although there were still five more pictures to show her, I couldn't wait. My pussy was soaking wet. I glanced down at my nipples, poking through the peepholes in the lace.

"Come over here, and lick my nipples with your little virgin tongue. Now."

She began to cry, which made me even more aroused.

"It's quite simple. If you do what I say, you get to delete the pictures when you leave"

She reluctantly slid towards me and lowered her head, hesitating about an inch away from the tip of my nipple. I could feel her hot breath. I pulled her head towards me, and she began to lick and suck it, surprisingly well. I switched her to the other nipple. The sight of her gazing up at me, tears streaming down her face, sucking on my hard nipple almost brought me to the edge of orgasm, and I couldn't stand the foreplay any longer.

I spread my legs wide, grabbed her head, and roughly shoved her face into my soaking cunt.

I was too turned on to patiently teach her how to lick pussy, so instead I ground myself all over her face, faster and faster. I could hear muffled choking noises, and gripped her hair tighter to keep her in place.

I wrapped my legs around her head and rubbed my clit hard against her nose. As the orgasm ripped through me, I clamped tighter to her, shuddering, screaming, and flooding her young face with my pussy juice.

I released her and she fell back onto the floor, face wet with tears and my pussy cum.

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