The Best Erotic Night of My Life


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Fan Fiction, Celebrity, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Glamour model Mya Jane wants to have her first sexual experience with a woman. Maré sets her up with his lesbian friend, Monica, and the three of them have the best erotic night of their lives.

It was Monday morning, and I finished a photo shoot with Mya Jane at my Sutton Place apartment. She was one of those goddesses whom I could stare all day long. Her beauty was exotic! Most women craved to have her breath-taking looks. She was a woman of Hispanic and Italian descent, and her body was perfectly symmetrical. You can't keep your eyes from roaming over her supple curvaceous figure as soon as you look at her. She stood beside me in her skimpiest bikini that nearly failed to hide her big succulent boobs and voluminous ass cheeks. Her tanned skin looked unblemished. She had hips that were wide in contrast to her slim waistline. I curbed an urge to lick my lips and smiled at her. In return, she gave me a smile that buttressed her charismatic facial features. The down turned eyes, Greek nose, full lips, and dimpled chin were set in proportion to her inverted triangular face. Her brown hair was ample; it gave out a celestial luster in soft curls and layers that waved down to her waist.

We stayed in my living room to eat pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon for breakfast. One of my favorite TV shows, ESPN First Take, was playing on the flat screen Samsung TV. Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, and Cari Champion were debating the 2014 NBA Finals, which concluded last night. The Spurs won their fifth championship by dethroning the Miami Heat in five games.

"They made the Heat look like chumps in that series and Kawi Leonard definitely deserved the MVP award." Mya commented; one of her traits was the dulcet voice I always loved. "He was awesome! 'The Big Three' had no answer for him the entire time."

"I'm glad the Spurs won the championship." I admitted. "They are the blueprint of great basketball!"

"Last year's Finals were better." Mya continued. "This year's Finals were a little boring because they were completely biased. I am not a big LeBron James fan but I like Tim Duncan."

"You're right, the series was one-sided." I agreed. "It was definitely the best player versus the best team. I didn't think it would end in five games. I was anticipating a 6-game series."

"Me too, but after the first three games, I thought it was going to be a quick series." Mya said smilingly. "The Spurs wanted it more!"

"I wished it might finish in five games. I definitely would have put a few stacks on the series. Your photo shoot was better than the NBA Finals. Every pose that you nailed was spot-on."

Mya was surprised. "Really? Wow," she said.

"Yes, it was perhaps the best one I ever shot. All your photos came up perfectly and it took us less than twenty minutes to complete. I loved the shots you did in my glass bathroom. You looked so sexy! I thought your hotness was going to melt my camera."

Mya laughed. "Thanks! You know I want my pictures to be the hottest for the summer edition of Maré magazine," she said and kissed me on the cheek.

We consumed everything on our plates. After washing the dishes, I sat on the couch beside her. The cool air from the air conditioner chilled the cozy living room but I felt a bit uneasy because we had to leave shortly. Mya had that unusual smile on her face, which made her look mysterious. I knew she wanted to tell me something and I wished it to be the steamiest sex between us.

Finally, she said, "Umm ... Maré!"


"I'm thinking about..."


"I'm curious to know the feeling after having sex with women."

I laughed. "I can tell you that in a nano second, baby girl!"

"No! I mean how a woman feels to have sex with another woman."


She blushed. "I ... I was just thinking about having my first sexual experience with a woman."

"Really?" That was another shock for me but I managed to smile. "Well, I love that idea baby girl! There is nothing as erotic as the sight of two hot women devouring each other's bodies."

"I want to know this feeling, Maré! Do you have a woman in mind that can help me with that fantasy?"

"Actually, I do. In fact, I am supposed to meet up with one of my friends for lunch. Her name is Monica Hershel, The Predator! She's a lesbian."


"Yes, and she's one of the best when it comes to pleasuring women!"

"Is it possible for you to set up with her for this Friday because I'm leaving New York Saturday afternoon for Acapulco?"

"No problem! I'm going to confirm that," I promised her. "You will surely have one hot lesbian experience that you won't ever miss!"

With a sultry smile on her face, Mya crawled to me and we engaged in the wettest kiss ever. The heat that effused from her body made me take an advantage of her and unhook her bra. Pushing Mya on her back, I broke our kiss and avidly ravished her big boobs. Grabbing and playfully squeezing them, I began sucking her nipples and continued sucking until she sighed. Then I embarked on licking her stomach, tracing a wet line over her linea alba and kissed on her belly button. I fumbled with the knots of her G-string and removed the skimpy material before licking down to her mons. As I nuzzled into her fine light brown carpet, she moaned and impulsively splayed her thighs. It was an invitation for me to have a go and consume the nectar that oozed from her ripe flower. I grabbed her succulent ass cheeks and glued my mouth to her quivering pussy. As hungry as a cat that licks milk, I continued lapping her pink flower up and sipping on her juices to the last drop. She grabbed my head, pushed my face deeper into her pussy, and pulled my hair as she reached her climax.

When she recovered her lost vitality, we swapped places. Mya unzipped my pants and began performing fellatio on me. She made love to my dick like a world champion. I could manage to last only for a few minutes, moaned as she brought me to edge, and ejaculated on her chin.

Mya beamed at me. "Now that was a little sample of what I'm going to receive from your friend Monica," she said. "Not only I want some face in my pussy, but I also want a big, hard cock tearing up my ass."

"Oh, you know you're going to get that for sure."

We both laughed.

Feeling like a champion, I put on my Air Jordan 11 "Two Rings" PE sneakers and matching white Air Jordan T-shirt. Then Mya and I left the penthouse. I drove her to the gym on the East Side and promised to text her later that night if the set up for Friday was confirmed.

Inside the well air-conditioned Hakkasan restaurant in midtown Manhattan, Monica and I were sitting at the table consuming some steamed dim sum and Jasmine tea smoked pork ribs. We liked eating there because the place had an exotic ambiance and luxurious space. It almost felt like having lunch at a nightclub due to the long blue-lit bars and marble-paneled cutouts. Majority of the people around us were chatting about the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

"So, how is your day so far?" I asked Monica.

"Fine! I cannot complain," Monica answered. "I'm just curious about what you have to tell me."

"Do you think I always call you here just to tip my hand?"

"Not always Maestro! It's a wild guess," she said, frowning at me.

"That's a wild guess for a wild idea, Ha!"

"Yeah, I can make it when you eat less and look at me more."

I laughed. "You are a smart girl I must say."

"So what are you up to?"

"Here's the deal! A friend of mine named Mya Jane wants to fulfill her fantasy." I said, keeping my voice a little low.

"Okay, and what's her fantasy? I hope it's the best one."

I grinned. No fantasy other than two women having sex was best for Monica. "You got it," I affirmed. "She wants to have sex with a woman because she's curious to know how women feel when they make love. Since It'll be her first lesbian experience, I told her about you and she got excited."

"Is she cute?"

"She's a stunner!" I said, raising my voice. "I did a photo shoot with her this morning at my apartment. Trust me, Mya is your type!"

I pulled out my smartphone and showed her Mya's pics. Monica smiled and bit her lip. I could tell the pics had aroused her instantly.

"I like her." Monica said as she gave the smartphone back to me.

"So, are you with it?"

"Yes, I'm with it. I want to be the one to pop her cherry in the lesbian world."

"Cool. It has to be this Friday because she will be leaving New York and flying to Acapulco on Saturday."

"No prob, Maestro!"

"Also, she wants it to be a threesome with us," I added.


"Yes, she wants a threesome." I continued. "We are going to double-team her as we did with Namitha a few years back!"

"Humm ... you better make sure when you cum, it doesn't fly in my direction." Monica quipped.

"You don't have to worry about my slip-ups. Just be ready to do some tongue-flicking action this Friday."

"Or even more," Monica said, winking at me. "A lesbian knows how to pleasure her mate."

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