Pups-R-Us 2 - Sex on Parade
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Humor, Zoophilia, Bestiality, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The folks at Pups-R-Us are going to take part in a parade. Their float will demonstrate what a woman can expect from an appointment for fucking by a dog. Join them for a lot of fun and some laughs. --NOTE: This is a very short story concentrating on the activities at the parade, but Chapter 5 does have something very different, and some people may want to skip it. I don't want to say any more and spoil the fun. As before, if enough people like this story, I will try for more Pups-R-Us stories.

Everybody but the two women who were doing house calls was in the kitchen taking their afternoon coffee break when Grace Evans, the manager and majority owner of Pups-R-Us bounced in with a huge smile on her face. "Hello, Girls. Wow, do I have a surprise for you! I just got off the phone with Bill Cochran, the owner of the Love Box, the largest sex-shop in the city. He wants Pups-R-Us to take part in a parade to honor the first anniversary of the repeal of all obscenity laws. That is a little over five weeks away. I told him that we would be there, so we have to get busy planning and arranging our float. The floor is open for suggestions."

Liz Wilson said, "Well, we could have all 14 of our dogs in travel cages spaced around on the float. They are all beautiful Great Danes, and they would be an impressive sight."

"That is a good opener, Liz, but I wanted something a bit more suggestive of just what our business was."

Betty Washington chipped in with, "How about a demonstration of a dog in action? Hell, even I would volunteer for an extra fuck with one of our dogs. I would not even mind doing it in full public view now that I wouldn't get arrested for doing it. Come to think of it, that could be a lot of fun just thumbing my proverbial nose at the stick-in-the-muds. Of course, it wouldn't be my nose that was getting the workout."

They all laughed at that, and Grace announced that Betty's idea was just exactly the kind of thing that she was looking for. The problem was going to be how to arrange it. The parade was to be two miles long, ending up at the high school parking lot where the parade participants could park and do a more detailed demonstration of their wares.

Liz said, "You know, we have a total of 14 dogs, and that is surely enough that we could have a continuous demonstration of the dogs in action if we could find enough women willing to participate. The problem is, where could we find that many volunteers?"

"That may not be a problem. I can put in our next couple of newspaper ads that we are going to be in the parade and are looking for women to help us out by partnering with the dogs. There's got to be at least 40,000 women in this town, and surely 0.04% would be interested in being in the parade. I'll have our ad say that anyone interested should call our number. We could even pay $50-100 to any woman who actually took part."

Liz laughed and said, "Yeah, getting a free fuck from one of our dogs would be a great incentive, and getting paid for it would be icing on the cake."

Betty said, "The biggest problem that I see is that dogs and women performing in the missionary position will be hard to see from the sidelines. We will have to work out a way to get around that. I am sure that we can solve that problem, so it looks to me like we need two demonstration platforms, one for DP (Doggie Position) and one for MP (Missionary Position). They will have to be placed so that they can be seen from both sides of the street.

"I think that we can stagger the performances so that one dog is actively fucking his partner while the other one is waiting for his knot to go down. That way, there would be pretty much of a continuous performance so that everybody in the crowd could get the benefit of the show."

"You are absolutely right, Betty. We could have the MP demo at the front of the float and the DP demo at the rear of the float. To me, that seems like position matches position."

"Grace, you and Betty are geniuses, but we will need a shaded pavilion for the naked women to wait their turns. All we would need would be to have to treat a flock of all-over sunburns. The way I see it, all of the women on the float would have to be naked during the whole parade because of the space needed to remove clothes and to store them. The parade will take place in early July, so we can figure on a sunny day, but that sun could be torture for anyone who got burned by it."

Grace laughed and said, "Liz, you have hit a very important point. Besides, anyone who is not interested in looking at a dog fucking a woman should still be interested in looking at a bevy of naked women, all with shaved pussies. Do you think that any of us should be among the fuckees?"

Both Liz and Betty said that they would find it fun to participate, but the other three women, Grace included, could decide for themselves. This was all presuming that they had enough women to show up to be fucked. They still had to get input from Sue Potter and Mai Cho who were still out making their rounds. Nothing could be official until they had put in their two cents. Those two women would not return until supper time, so the other women went back to their normal chores.

Sue and Mai were filled in as soon as they returned to home base, and they were both enthusiastic supporters of the project. Sue said that they were kind of stretched out on home visits, but Doggy Bordello had room for more customers, so this would be a good opportunity to make themselves better known. Grace was already thinking about the possibilities for expanding their business, and Doggy Bordello was the obvious place to start. The only difficulty there was that they would need more people and dogs, as well as more building space, but Grace was in hog heaven contemplating all of that.

As it happened, Grace knew a woman who had a sideline of designing parade floats. She was not well known in the field, but there was no doubt of her competence. The next day, Grace called Helen Shiply and invited her out to see Pups-R-Us and to discuss designing the needed float.

Helen had not heard of Pups-R-Us, and was fascinated by the whole concept. She was amazed at how quickly the business had grown and how successful it currently was. She was even considering availing herself of a dog, but put that off for now to talk business about the float.

Helen, sketched an idea using a flatbed trailer for the support of the float. She envisioned two elevated platforms, one at each end of the trailer, with steps leading up to the pads on the platforms. The dogs would be spaced uniformly around the trailer, and there would be a convenient path to use to reach each cage. The pavilion for the naked women would be between the two platforms and there would be a sunshade over a comfortable bench. She also provided suitable pads for the women to use to recover after the fucking if they needed to lie down.

She suggested that two men, both EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) be on hand with a stretcher to use to carry the women from the fucking platform to the recovery pads. She also suggested that the men wear nothing but flip-flops and jock-straps if two such agreeable and sturdy men could be found. As far as she was concerned, the jock-straps were optional, but might be needed if the men were too shy. No, wait, a cap or hat identifying them as EMTs would add an interesting touch to their outfits.

Grace quickly agreed to the basic design, and Helen promised to have a full rendering ready for her approval before the end of the week. That was when the conversation turned to Helen taking a turn with a dog. There was plenty of time left that afternoon, and the Doggy Bordello was not scheduled for any customers for the rest of the day. A short bargaining session resulted in Helen getting two free passes to experience a dog in place of her regular fee for designing a float. She would get one DP and one MP fuck. Bruno was available, so they agreed to go with the DP fuck that afternoon.

Grace led Helen to the customer's room of the Doggy Bordello and showed her all of the amenities. While Helen was disrobing, Betty brought in Bruno and got him ready. Actually, of course, Bruno was so experienced that all he needed was to be fitted with the protective socks so that he would not scratch Helen with his toenails.

Helen was suddenly quite nervous, but she had shaved her pussy recently, so that was not a problem. Grace squirted a whole tube of KY jelly into Helen's cunt because the woman was so dry from her attack of nerves. Grace assured Helen that Bruno was her most experienced dog at servicing new clients, and she had nothing to fear.

Helen was still somewhat nervous as Grace helped her assume the DP position and get her legs spread appropriately. It was kind of funny that Helen was so nervous about her coming coupling with the dog that it never occurred to her to be shy about exhibiting her naked body to the other two women.

Bruno calmly walked up to Helen and sniffed at her pussy. She jumped, of course, when his nose touched her pussy lips, but that never fazed Bruno. After a couple of sniffs, he proceeded to lick her pussy lips, and that was almost enough to make Helen have her first orgasm. She had experienced cunnilingus before, but this was the first time for her to be licked there by a dog. The feeling was so basically different that she was caught completely by surprise.

Bruno licked until he detected that Helen had relaxed somewhat, so he mounted her. Bruno was such a large dog the he did not have to put much weight on Helen as he covered her back, but she certainly felt his weight when he gripped her sides with his forelegs. Helen's pussy was nicely opened as a result of Bruno's licking so that he had to do very little probing to find her vaginal opening. Thanks to the great supply of KY lubricant, Bruno's cock head slid past Helen's pussy lips and shielding muscles with great ease.

He paused there for a moment before pushing gently into the depths of her tunnel. His balls flopped against Helen's clit as he came to the end of his reach, and she was thrilled by the unexpected contact. Again, Bruno paused for a moment before he began stroking. All of that was because of his great experience in fucking humans and his concern for pleasing his human friends.

Bruno stroked slowly at first to give Helen a chance to adapt to his size. This also caused her G-spot to receive a lot of attention. Once he was sure that she was ready, Bruno increased the speed of his strokes and the rate of stroking so that Helen's G-spot was constantly massaged on both the inward and outward strokes. This, alone, was something new for Helen, and she was absorbing the feelings from her head to her toes.

She came for the first time in what was record time for her, and rose to a much higher than usual peak for her climax. Helen had a fleeting thought that this was the end of things, but she was still being stroked by Bruno with his usual enthusiasm. She had never before had more than one orgasm per fuck, so she was totally unprepared for the fact that she began to rise to another orgasm before she had completely finished the previous one.

Bruno's skill was such that this orgasm, too, was of a monumental size, and she almost fainted from the sensations. Fortunately, she did not faint because this was when Bruno released his jets of semen and his knot began to swell. That was something that Helen had been ready for on a kind of intellectual basis, but not on a truly physical plane. The pressure put on her G-spot by the inflated knot caused another orgasm, and this time Helen did faint.

The spread of her knees and elbows kept her in the proper position so that she did not fall over, but it was a near thing. Bruno's knot was inflated for about 10 minutes, and Helen drifted in and out of consciousness and felt the last dregs of an orgasm the whole time that Bruno was inflated. She was so far gone by this time that she did not feel the dog pull his deflating cock from her cunt and the short pause while Bruno contemplated the hole that was left by the incomplete closure of her lips.

Bruno pushed his tongue into her vagina through that hole and proceeded to lick it thoroughly until it was empty of dog semen. During this precess, Helen finally fainted completely as the result of a fourth orgasm. She rolled over onto her side when Bruno stopped licking her pussy, and Grace straightened her limbs so that she would not cramp.

Bruno moved away and licked his balls as was his habit after a good fuck. He lay on the floor afterward to await the next order from his friend. Both Grace and Betty congratulated Bruno for his performance and he duly appreciated all of their hugs and kisses. Bruno was a happy dog!

Helen was unconscious for over five minutes, but she finally came to into a groggy state that far exceeded any other time that she had engaged in sex. Grace let her lie on the pad and recover herself while Betty returned Bruno to his kennel. When she was finally able to talk, Helen's first words were, "My God! What an experience that was! Do the dogs always perform like that? I have never experienced anything like that. Homer must have meant something like that when he talked of the way the lotus eaters lived."

"Our dogs always give their best to a customer. The final reaction, though, depends on the customer, herself. A woman who is difficult to arouse would not have felt what you did, and I would have to put you in the top row of positive responders. Now you can see why we have so many repeat customers. Obviously, you will have to wait for your next fucking with one of our dogs; otherwise, you will never be able to drive home. Next time, you will probably get Hero, our best at the missionary position. Maybe we can do that when you bring out the finished rendering of the float.

"Right now, though, I recommend that you avail yourself of the shower which is through that door as soon as you are able. The shower should loosen up your tensed muscles. Then you can get dressed and relax a little more until you can manage to drive. We certainly don't want you to have an accident on your way home."

"My God, I don't know if I can even stand up for the next 24 hours! That is certainly the kind of massage that is good for what ails you, no matter what your problem is. It has also given me a couple of ideas of additions to the float. I will keep it within your budget, but I could do wonders if money were no object."

Grace had a jolt when she heard that last statement, but Helen's laugh eased her momentary fear that Helen was going to run amok. This float was a good idea as long as the price didn't get out of hand. As it was, the number of people involved was growing beyond what Grace had originally expected. Grace was anything but dumb—she had just been so enthralled by the idea of the float that she had not considered all that it entailed. Fortunately, Pups-R-Us had the resources to pay for the float at least twice over, so that was not of real concern except to Grace's frugal soul.

The next question to be considered was how to space out the fucking so that all of the dogs would take part, but so that none of them would become overly tired. The speed of the parade was expected to be about 2 miles per hour, so the parade time should last about one hour. With 14 dogs, that was about 4.3 minutes per dog. Any of the dogs was going to last about 15 minutes from start to finish, so it would not be possible to get more than eight or nine dogs to perform during the parade. Therefore, it would be easily possible to have some of the dogs perform in the parking lot. Aha! Maybe some of the expenses could be recovered by having impromptu fuckings after the parade. Grace could charge $100 for DP and $125 for MP on a catch as catch can basis. Who knows, that might actually be a popular thing to do. The reduced cost would be because the fucking was taking place in public.

That evening at supper, Grace told everyone what had happened that day and her idea about making extra money following the parade. Sue was not completely enthusiastic about the after-parade fucking, but the other women thought that it was a great idea. Sue withdrew her objection; actually, she had no good reason to be opposed to the idea—it just struck her as not being a good one. On the other hand, Grace had not been wrong, yet, so what the hell?

They got to discussing where to pick up the extra women they needed if the advertising in the newspaper did not produce adequate results. Mai suggested that they contact some local prostitutes if no one else showed up.

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