Whatever It Costs
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Romantic, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Tear Jerker, Slow,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Eric, a high school student, faces violence and betrayal while growing up and struggling towards independent life. He loves and gets hurt and loves again while learning the responsibilities of adult life. 57 chapters total. Codes will be updated while the story progresses.

Author's foreword

I had never really thought that I would start writing myself. Especially with foreign language. Never. And if I'd ever do that I'd never publish it. And yet here we are. You are looking at the first story I have ever finished. First trial. As that it how it feels now. There are parts that I'm not so happy with but once I got the story out of my system I'm not sure if I'm ever able to return to it and make the changes. As that is like chancing history, right? And this is not one of those 'Doing it all over' stories...

There are factual mistakes in the story for sure as my knowledge on the schooling system and jurisdiction in US is based on Wikipedia and to stories I have read. I can only hope that they do not spoil the whole reading experience. After all, this is a piece of fiction.

The story itself ... is something that started from a few scenes that came to my head and started bothering me when I was writing another - even longer - story. I could not add those to to story I was writing but I did not want to lose them either. So I started writing a story around them. During the process I noticed that the interruption was a good thing as I was not ready to write 'Flying with Dragons' - not yet. So, what you may be reading is a result of a writing exercise - a learning process. A test. I can only hope that it stands on its own, maybe wobbling a bit, but well enough to entertain you some.

And for those who managed to read the first four chapters unedited: Your sorrow is mine. Was it absolutely necessary to read them all just to see if my grammar was equally bad in chapter 4 as it was in chapter 1? It certainly was.

Finally the disclaimer: If there is something good in the story it probably is stolen, borrowed, hijacked or edited to look good. And if you do not recognize the original you just have not read it yet.

It is funny how many thoughts you are able to have in a short period of time. I had known that the asshole ex-teammate had the hots for my girlfriend. He had often enough threatened to kick my ass and take her away from me. But we both also knew that he would not be able to do that. Unfortunately I had not considered the possibility that he would use his subordinates for taking care of me. At a school function and inside the school. Nobody could be that stupid. Right now it seemed that I had been the stupid one for not thinking about that possibility.

My head hurt and I could feel blood running down my face. Still, I was not totally helpless. I had only been partly able to duck the first hit. And the second one had hit my hand instead of my head. The good news was that I could still think and function. The bad news was that my head hurt, blood was blocking a bit of my vision and my left hand was useless. The worst thing was that now I could not end this without hurting those morons, and probably not without hurting them badly. So I faked an attack, and ran. Right into a dead end.

I quickly put my phone into record mode and placed it behind me on the ground with the mic facing the three idiots. Two of the idiots seemed to already have hurt themselves a bit. I raised my hands and decided to try and talk them out of this.

"Look guys, you all know me and if you back down now it could be the end of this. Nobody needs to get hurt anymore."

The idiot with the pipe let out a silly laugh and the other two pulled knives out of their pockets. Great. Just great.

"But we have already been paid to hurt you so now we'll just do it for the fun of it."

"If you come any further I may have to hurt you badly. Consider yourself warned."

I stepped forward while saying that. They say that it is important not to show your fear. I wondered if any of those people inventing that great wisdom had ever been in a threatening situation themselves. When those guys got closer I could see their eyes. Shit. They were high. Like this was not bad enough already. Two more steps. One more step.

The guys with knives were the most dangerous ones. But the one with pipe was able to reach me before those two. And he was a bit separated from the two others. So I faked an attack to those with knifes. And once the one with pipe took a step closer and raised the pipe for a hit I kicked him. To the head. As soon as he started to fall down I continued my movement against the other two attackers. My other leg wiped another attacker's knee so hard that I heard something give. High or not, he fell down. That left the third guy and my hands to protect me.

Unfortunately I had only one working hand. So I also had a knife in my groin before I could hit his larynx. He had trouble breathing but he still tried to hit me again. I stepped away from him and saw him fall to his knees gasping for breath. The second guy was trying to get up with one working leg so I kicked that one, too. There was not much force in my kick at that point but it was enough. He fell and I took a few rolling steps to my phone. Sitting down to call 911 seemed like a good idea even if the concrete was cold.

First the person on the other end did not want to take my call seriously. Only once I mentioned that I knew that all of the calls were recorded and that if somebody dies because he did not take me seriously HE would be the one to face the music. Once he instructed me to keep the line open I ended the call. Nice try. I had other calls to make. The second one was from the speed dial, two. Luckily she picked it up immediately and she took me seriously. After that call I tired one more call for a few times there was no answer from speed dial, one. Just rejected. Shit.

After that I took a look at the three other guys. The one I kicked to head was lying still. Maybe I should worry about him. Or not. I really did not care much. The one with two broken knees seemed to be in some pain. Even if high. And the last one was still gasping for air but with much less force than before. The school football team seems to have lost at least three more starters. I decided to take a look of my own groin. As soon as I decided to do that I wished that I hadn't tried as I almost fainted from pain. Then I started to shiver from the cold. I knew that I was soon going into shock. When I heard the sound of the incoming cars I rose my head to see who was coming. A police car. Just great. Again I pressed a button on my phone and put it in the shadows. And waited. This time not for long.

Luckily the medics also arrived before the deputies could do much damage. However, some of the damage they did was almost fatal. When I yelled to one of the deputies that he should be careful not to touch the knives or the pipe as they are evidence he did not like it. Or I think so because he kicked me and told me to keep quiet. Which was a good time for my lawyer to arrive. Unfortunately the chief of the police came too.

She - my lawyer and my guardian - was an old family friend. A lady in her early forties, thin, dark hair with some grays. And sharp. I do not know where I would have been after my parents were killed in a car accident six months ago if she had not been there. Or maybe I know. In a deep shit. Like I was now. She kneeled next to me.

"Eric, what have you done now?"

"Self-defense. Only that."

Then I pulled her closer and whispered in her ear.

"Make sure that they do not wipe the school security videos. And my phone is back there, there should be two recordings in it. Please make sure to have copies of those. The deputy already destroyed some evidence."

After that she was pushed away from me. I noticed that she managed to take my phone and keep it recording when she talked loudly.

"My client here is the victim and he needs medical care. Please send some paramedic here. Now!"

I could hear the chief of police mutter something about 'that fucking dyke'. I hoped that my phone recorded that, too. After a while someone came to see me and once he saw the wound he was all business.

"Hurry here, a knife wound, possible internal bleeding."

Maybe I should not have heard that. My guardian came to me.

"I'll see you at the hospital. It'll be OK."

The blood in my eyes prevented me from seeing clearly but I tried to smile at her and nodded. It hurt. Once they were carrying me one of the deputies stopped them.

"He can't go. He's a suspect and we want him at the station. After all, he called 911."

The paramedic looked at him like he could not believe his ears.

"You mean that he is a suspect because he called 911? Get the fuck away from here. You may see him in the hospital if the doctors allow it. Which I doubt."

And they rushed me into the ambulance and off we went. Once the ambulance was moving I looked at him and managed to talk.

"Thanks. How about the attackers? I hope they can make it."

He sneered.

"Do not worry, they will. One is unconscious and will probably have a concussion. The one with the hit in larynx could have been bad but he'll be OK. The one with two broken knees will probably take the longest to heal. What did you do to them to get them so pissed off?"

"I did not voluntarily give my girlfriend to their master. That is what they probably were paid for. However, he probably is with her now."

"And what did you do to piss off the chief? Pissed on his lady's roses?"

Even in my hazed state I could not miss the sarcasm there. I guess he wanted to keep me talking just to keep me conscious. And in my current state I just did not care.

"No, it was just ... It was half a year ago when my parents died in car accident caused by a drunken driver. It was his lady's cousin. And they tried to cover it up and make it look like my mother and father were committing suicide together. And our lawyer caught them messing with the evidence."

He looked at me and blinked a couple of times. Then he picked up his own phone and called.

"Hi Stan, look -- the assholes may try a prank again. Make sure that all the phones you just HAPPEN to find are handled correctly. Great, thanks!"

Then he turned back to me.

"They have made me and couple of my friends looks bad too many times. So we are just happy if there will be some payback sometime."

I smiled and tried to answer but I just started to feel fucking tired. Too fucking tired. Once he had slapped my face a couple of times I was a bit more awake. And I stayed awake at the hospital, too. They had me stripped and an infusion running in no time. And once they started poking on my head and the wound in my groin there was no way of falling a sleep. I could understand from their discussions that I had been lucky, since there probably would not be any concussion as the hit to the head was more a wound than a hit and the one I had in my groin had not penetrated to any of the internal organs but it was in flesh only. And since I was a big boy they kept the level of the pain killers low.

A new hair model - partly shaven - and some stitches and I was almost as good as new. No broken bones in my hand, just very bruised muscle. I just did not feel like it. The good thing about the pain was that it mostly kept my thoughts away from Marie and what she was doing - and with whom. But only mostly.

Luckily before I was too deep in my dark thoughts my favorite dyke was there to see me. And in business mode.

"Those idiots made sure that the pipe and knives cannot fully be used as evidence. I'm sure they did it on purpose. I got my friend there to make sure that they cannot delete the security camera recordings. And the phones of those idiots are now safely stored as evidence."

I could not help smiling a bit. Even if I hurt a lot.

"Nice to see you too. And I'm happy to see you are OK."

She did not even blush.

"Of course I already checked your status with your doctor. After all, I'm your guardian."

It felt good to laugh. Or it could have felt good to laugh if I were not hurting so bad. Of course she knew exactly what she was doing with me. Had I not known differently I could have sworn that there was some moisture in those steel gray eyes. If I would suggest something like that she would probably hit me.

"OK, please get me out of here now before the cavalry arrives. They would probably arrest me if they see me."

Of course the hospital would not have liked to release me but she was a lawyer. A good one. And soon we were on our way to my home. I would have liked to pick up my car put she did not allow that. She promised that she would have it delivered back to me. I had no power or will to argue.

I quietly listened to her when she explained the legal actions she was going to take. Like my attackers would have some money. But she wanted to make sure that they would not get any of my money either. When we got to my place there was an unknown car parked in front of the house. Suddenly my stomach hurt a lot and not from the injuries.

She stopped me by the door.

"Do you really want to do this?"

"I have to."

She nodded and took my phone. I guessed the reason but I did not say anything.

Even if I almost guessed what I was going to find up there it did not make it any easier. That asshole was fucking my girlfriend in my house and in my bed. I looked at the action for a moment and was about to interact when I felt a hand on my shoulder. She went past me and grabbed him by his balls. He whimpered and pulled out. I looked around.

Marie whined a bit like she did not fully understand what was happening. By looking at the mess her pussy was it seemed that he was on his second or third round. And without any protection. There were a few empty bottles of beer rolling on the floor. So stealing my girlfriend and fucking her was not enough. She had released him and he was picking up his clothes and smiling silly at me.

"She is mine now. I told you she would be mine."

I took a step towards him but she stopped me.

"No Eric, he's not worth it."

So I watched that bastard get his pants on and go down the stairs. I opened my desk and picked up a cheap prepaid phone that had been laying there since my parents died. Yeah, he was not worth it. But there was something I could do. Second time tonight I dialed 911 and masked my mouth.

"Hello, I'd like to report a driver that may be drunk..."

Once a finished the call I removed the battery from the phone and gave the phone to her.

"I do not know why dad ever bought this. Can you please dispose of it for me?"

She took the phone from me and nodded. Then she turned her attention to my girlfriend. Or to my former girlfriend who was lying on the bed. She was not sleeping but she was not really present, either.

"Eric, she is either very drunk or she has been drugged."

I looked at her and my stomach was about to roll. And I thought that my wounds had hurt.

"We must take her to the hospital. I'll help get her dressed. Please give me my phone. I'll make it sync the recordings to someplace safe."

There were a few unread messages in my phone and two unanswered calls. There would be time for those later.

Soon we were on our way back to the hospital. I was on the backseat with Marie when she whimpered something.

"Oh, Anton, please..."

I almost threw up at that point. Luckily not, aunty would have been angry if I messed the interior. Back in hospital I sat there while aunty took over. I heard when she asked for a drug test and a rape kit. I read my messages and understood that most probably it was not a rape. She was pissed off at me because one of the cheerleaders had told her that I had left the dance with another cheerleader.

Marie and I had been each other's firsts. And we had been together for almost a year. She had stayed with me even when I had to give up football. Up until this fucking party.

I hoped that there would be something discriminating against Anton in his subordinate's phones. Fat change, his parents were the good people in this god-forsaken little town. Going to the same church with the chief of police. And probably related, too. My thoughts were interrupted by people rushing in from an ambulance pushing an emergency bed in. I could hear parts of the discussion.

" ... suspected drunken driver..."

" ... tried to outrun the police car..."

" ... hit a telephone pole..."

" ... only pants on ... will probably not make it..."

" ... just a terrible Friday, first the three or four guys and now this..."

I started feeling cold inside. Very cold. And then I rushed to the toilet. Once there I tried to empty my already empty stomach several times. I had wanted some revenge. But not like this, he might have been an asshole but he had also been my teammate a year ago.

Once I got back aunty was there waiting for me, looking worried.

"I'm OK now. Just got some nausea."

"Maybe we should check you in again."

"No, it is not that. I think they just wheeled Anton in. He tried to outrun the police."

She paled for a moment. Never seen that happen before.

"You come to my place for tonight. There is no way you will be alone tonight. Besides, we need to go to the station tomorrow morning to give your statement."

"I need some clean clothes."

"No, we'll wash what we can. Or are you afraid to undress with us?"

That caused me to smile a bit. She knew me well enough to distract me.

"No, besides I've always thought that you two are smoking hot dykes."

She did hit me. Just to let me know that to I was well out of line.

She and her mate - who was almost ten years younger and really a smoking hot dyke - made sure that I ate some and then they made me strip so that they could wash my clothes. I think that they just wanted to see a hot young male. Lesbians or not, they had no problems pinching my bare ass. I'm sure they just wanted to keep me distracted before they put me to bed.

"edited by Ray"

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