Dogging Fun With Louise and Simon
Chapter 1

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Public Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Fun times when Louise and Simon come to visit

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Following on from the fun and frolics I had enjoyed down at Ron's, Louise and her partner got in touch via Ron.

They had planned a trip up to Scotland to see some of the Commonwealth games in Edinburgh(diving events) and asked if we were anywhere near.

Geography isn't their strong point clearly, but after a telephone call it was arranged that they would come up for a visit for a night and day after they had been to the events they had tickets for.

Frank had passed Ron's message on and I cancelled my plans with my friend Tracey for the weekend, I knew I was in for a real treat with Louise again.

Tracey got the hump a bit with me, we had planned a double date with her latest 'boyfriend' and his brother ... That would have to wait.

The kids were away on camping trips with their schools as part of some summer camp fun, so I had the place to myself, Mike was away for a long weekend with work, so I planned to meet Louise and Simon with Frank. Bill and one of their good friends Peter would join us later.

They got the train from Edinburgh up here to Inverness and we met them at the train station.

Louise had dressed the part already and on picking them up Frank couldn't believe how pretty she was. I had told him as much after my trip to Ron's, but he clearly hadn't expected such a 'stunner' as he called her.

She had worn a short summer dress for the journey, pale blue in colour and about mid thigh length. Her tanned and toned legs were a sight to behold and I was fucking creaming myself at the anticipation of the fun we would be having over the next night and day.

They were both a bit nervous as we met them, but a quick round of introductions, some charm from Frank and a wee kiss on the cheek from me seemed to break the ice.

We decided to go out for a meal on meeting them, Mikes treat(he's such a generous husband, )so we all headed to a lovely local Italian where we enjoyed some delicious food, more flirting and got to know each other a bit better.

We hadn't chatted much down south, most of our time had been taken up with the dogging in the woods and then to amazing gang fun at Ron's. Louise and I had both had our mouths full of cock for most of the time and hadn't had a natter!

On getting to know them better it was great to find we all hit it off. Louise had always enjoyed sex and admitted to being a bit 'easy' at school with a bit of a reputation, rather like myself, she however had always enjoyed female company and admitted to having had a steamy lezzy relationship with one of her mums friend for a while.

I could tell the talk was getting her hubby and Frank excited as we nattered about how much fun we had both enjoyed with Ron and the gang, Louise saying the highlight for her had been our 69 session and licking the guys spunk from each others faces as well.

My knickers were fucking sodden by the time we finished our meal and coffees.

I had decided to be quite conservative for meeting them, and was now regretting it! If I hadn't had a pair of jeans on I would have had my hand up my skirt having a little diddle with myself under the table!

Louise admitted that her hubby had been rubbing her leg and she was also getting turned on and was feeling randy as fuck.

We told them that we had 2 older male friends who would love to meet them and they both readily agreed, Louise saying that I had obliged by entertaining the English, now it was her turn to make sure some Scottish beef got its rewards as well.

Once we were in the car, Simon sat in the front with Frank whilst Louise and I made ourselves comfy in the back. It wasn't thong before we were holding hands and then she took the initiative by giving my ear a playful licking, something that always gets me fucking horny!

I reciprocated and soon we were kissing each other deeply. After a short snog fest, the kiss turned to some heavy petting and our tongues were slipping and slopping into each others mouths. Simon and Frank tried to get good views in the mirror as we kept on going. My hands wandered up her dress and I took my time lingering over her slim and silky smooth legs.

I worked my way slowly up her dress as she willingly parted her legs for me, placing a foot up on the backseat.

"Go on Anna love, get your hands and fingers working if you want too," she urged.

I was absolutely dripping wet and she was rubbing my crotch through my jeans, damn I wish I had worn a skirt!!

I found my way to her panties and felt her gusset, it was hot, wet and her knickers were sopping too.

I slowly rubbed her through her blue knicks, nice lace ones as she moaned and tossed her head back. As I continued to rub around her clit, I felt her button hardening and Louise was rolling her head around, her hair tousling around her face. I kissed her hard again as she rammed her tongue deep into my mouth

"Oh she's getting close," Simon said. "She always gets her head moving when she's about to cum!"

"I'm very close Anna," she told me breaking off our deep Frenching.

"Fucking hell. Pop a couple up me if you can love," she said. "And I will work on my clit. Oh fuck that's good. Oh fuck," she added.

Two of my fingers had now worked my way up the side of her panties, and I was now knuckle deep up her creamy young gash.

"Oh fuck!" she cried again as I began to rhythmically slide in and out of her frothy gash.

"I'm fucking cumming!" she informed us. No shit!

She was fucking soaking wet and as I slipped and slopped up her tight cunt, she rubbed faster and faster around her rock hard clit.

"Fucking hell she's soaking!" I told the guys. "Her fucking twats hot as hell."

"My cocks hard as hell!" Frank said laughing as he was driving.

"Just you keep your eyes on the road," I laughingly said to him.

Louise then continued writhing against my hand and fingers.

"Oh Anna, I'm cumming so much. Fucking hell I want you so bad," she told me.

"I want you too," I said back. "We are gonna drain these guys balls dry and I can't wait to get my tongue and hands all over you," I truthfully said.

I couldn't believe how wet she was getting. I know I gush and squirt like fuck, but christ she was wringing, the back seat was awash with her juices, a clear wet patch drooling all over the seat cover and her dress.

As she finished cumming, we had the most wonderful and sensual kiss. Really taking our time to explore each others mouths and tongues.

The start to the fun had been hot and the rest of the drive home was spent anticipating the ensuing fun and games.

Louise and I had hit it off instantly and I could tell that we would be getting down and dirty a lot more over the coming weekend.

Once back it was a case of settling them into the spare room, a few glasses of wine and beers for the guys as we waited for Bill and Peter to arrive.

Louise and I had asked if we could maybe have a bit of open air fun as we had both enjoyed the dogging session where we had first met.

The plans were quickly made and we arranged to all head up to the local woods after a few drinks and a bit of playing indoors.

Louise had changed into the tiniest of white mini skirts. She kept her gorgeous legs bare and wore a see through white top with no bra, over this she popped a jacket for going out to the car for travelling.

Her panties, if you can call them that were the tiniest of a white thong. She wore a real stripper's pair of see through heels to top the look off.

I had plumped for a white suspender and bra set, white heels and matching laced panties.

For once I could tell I wasn't the centre of attention!

Once we had all got to know each other and Bill, Peter and Frank had spent time with Simon it was out to the car and off to the woods for our first bit of outdoor fun.

Once we had all gotten comfortable with each other it was out to the car. Luckily Peter has a large people carrier style vehicle, he says its handy for taking his grand-kids about in. That made it feel even naughtier as Louise and I sidled our way into it.

me dressed in my white stockings and suspenders covered with a long coat.

Louise in her tiny mini skirt and ridiculous stripper heels.

To think this guy uses this car for his family and here we were like a pair of trollops sat in the very back, driving to some woods so that we could let these four guys fuck, suck and generally have their wicked way with us!

The drive was a fairly short one, only about 20 mins or so and during it, Louise and I teased the guys mercilessly, asking them if thy thought they could handle the two of us, if they would be able to satisfy how horny we were feeling and if they had enough spunk for us both to lap on.

The guys responded likewise, calling us teasing tarts and generally having a go at getting us worked up.

They said it may not just be them four as what if some strangers passed by and saw us all having fun.

This got things even steamier as Louise in particular said she was ready, able and willing to satisfy a battalion of the Scottish regiment if they came by!

On arriving at the woods area, it all seemed clear.

By now it was 10pm and there where no other cars in the area.

If any did show up, chance s are that it would be other couples outlooking for fun and games. the area has been known to be a bit of a dogging hot spot.

I decided to be very naughty and took my coat off as we got out of the car. This left me walking for m the car park area into the woods dressed just in my stockings, lacy bra and pantie set and high heels.

Louise followed suit leaving her jacket off and clip clopping behind me as best she could in her see through stripper heels, tiny mini skirt and see through top.

The four guys followed behind us all sporting stiffys in their trousers already.

Once we got into the woods a little way the fun and games begun.

It started with Louise and i carrying on our exploring of each other.

slowly kissing and caressing each other.Our hands feeling all over each others bodies in anticipation of a good cocking form the guys.

My cunt was fucking dripping wet as she rubbed and toyed with my tits through my bra, I followed suit by feeling her tits up through the light top she had on.

As we snogged the face off each other, tongues flicking in and out of our mouths and then sticking them into each others ears and lapping at each others faces like demented cats, the guys stood around watching and egging us on.

Frank and Peter had their cocks out and were slowly tugging on them, toying with their stiff pricks to keep themselves ripe for us.

Soon the guys started to all unbuckle their trousers and it was time for us to get some meat.

Louise was soon in a kneeling position. Her top off by now and her bare tits being manhandled by Peter as she worked her magic on his rampant member.

As she she lovingly sucked, licked and lapped at his prick, frank was feeling her up, his hands all over her ass and fanny area as her skirt was hoisted up above her hips.

Soon her panties were being slowly eased and slipped down her long, slender, tanned legs and Frank had his first sight of her gorgeous young shaved pussy.

He gasped as he saw how wet she was and was soon joining in with Peter as he expertly got to work on their pricks.

I was now sat on a wooden bench being pleasured orally by Simon. He worked away on my cunt with his tongue and fingers as Bill licked and nibbled on my tits from his position at my side. my panties were now off, wee I say of, they clung for dear life to my right ankle, hanging desperately around my high heels.

My bra had been discarded and hung over the back of the wooden bench as I sat splay legged for my two lovers to get to work on me.

I had an exquisite view of Louise now kneeling with both Frank and Peters cocks in her mouth, both red, hard and poker stiff. she lapped on them for ages as I watched Simon really getting to work on my cunt as I did so.

Louise was then virtually carried over beside me to the bench and she sat beside me as the two guys began to work on her in the exact same manner as Simon and Bill did with me.

We sat spread legged on thee bench as they licked us out, sucked our tits and took it in turn to deeply kiss us.

Simon loved getting his tongue deep up me then coming up for a deep french kissing session, letting me savour my cunt juice on his lips and tongue.

Soon they had developed a system of swapping over and Louise was presented with Bills tongue and lips coated in my pussy juice and i was lapping away on franks face, savouring the sweet honey taste of Louise's cunny.

The next stage saw Louise having her skirt completely removed and then her top was off.

She was now nude save for the stripper style heels as she was bent over the back off the seat about to receive Peters cock up her wet twat.

I was kneeling on all fours on the bench facing her as Simon entered me from behind with Frank standing at my side so I could bob my head onto his cock at the same time.

This continued with the guys switching places a couple of times, presenting me with their cocks coated in my cunny cream to lick and suck whilst the other replaced the cock in my gaping, sodden twat. I was wide open and splayed by now, the guys easily finding my sloppy hole and slipping me the full length of their engorged cocks.

I bucked back as best I could acting the slut for my two lovers.

My white stockings now bore the stains of the forest. Some rough edges of the bench had snagged my left stocking and a large rip and ladder began to work its way down the length of it. My right stocking was flapping around as it had come adrift from the suspender belt clasp with the frantic fucking I was taking. My suspender belt clasp flapped and slapped around in time to the strokes and heaves of the cock fucking me deeply.

My ass was now reddened and stung from the slaps and cracks that my doggy style pounding deserved. each of the guys slapping me hard as they shagged me, telling me how wet I was, how much of a slut I was and how they were going to spunk me.

As Peter slammed into Louise and began fucking the crap out of her really hard, Bill had worked his way to the side of her and she dipped her head down and sucked on him at the same time.

We both had spit-roast going on at the same time and the sight of her bucking back, slobbering over a cock whilst being really pounded hard form behind, sent me over the edge. I began to climax heavily on Simon's prick moaning and swearing like a trooper as he fucked me harder and harder.

"Go on fucking screw the shit out of me!" I begged.

"Oh Christ I'm cumming. Look at your fucking wife Simon, fuck she's gorgeous."

"I know she's turning into a cock mad bitch!" he said in reply as Louise bucked and writhed back to meet Peters hard thrusting.

By now she was leaning against a tree, digging her nails hard into the bark as she was pummelled from behind in a standing position.

Her taut slim legs bent ever so slightly to allow Peter to really get deep up her steaming young pussy.

"Fuck me hard you randy cunt!" she screamed at him. Peter obliged and the sound of his balls and cock slamming into and onto her was echoing through the woods.

Bill was watching and wanking, sweat dripping from his forehead until she finally let go of her hold on the tree and was shoved forward onto her hands and knees and the two guys really got to work on her doggy-style, kneeling on the woodland floor like a set of rutting deer.

I loved watching her taking a cock length from both ends, her spit drooling all over Bills prick as she begged for a hard cocking and slavered and slobbered over the cock being fed into her willing mouth.

One of her shoes was now off, lying to the side of her, as this gorgeous young wife bucked and fucked like a dirty whore. Peter slapped her ass hard as he rode her, and she eagerly egged him on with filthy language and guttural moans of delight.

Simon really got into a rhythm as he slammed into me. My orgasm was in full flow and I literally came gallons, my cunt sent hot spurts of juice back onto him and onto his slippery cock. That proved too much for him and he was soon moaning in delight as he pumped his seed deep up me as I came with him. it was a glorious, a mutual orgasm as he came up me and I juiced all over him at the same time.

Frank was now watching my face intently as he loves the expressions I pull when am cumming. This and my language began to send him over the edge and he announced he was going to spunk up.

"Get It on my face," I literally screamed at him and boy did he oblige!

He began to unload all over me at the sane time as Louise was climaxing her language coarser than a dockers as she she begged for more cock and for spunk up her.

Peter was also clearly cumming and he was seeding young Louise deeply as she bucked back like a pro. She really should be on the game!

Frank was now sending ropes and threads of his jism splashing across my face as Simon's last spurts shot up my creamy cunny and began to leak out of me slipping and oozing down my stockinged legs and down onto my heels.

Franks spunking was coating my face and as Bill saw this he began to unload all over Louise.

"Take it you slut!" he barked as he jetted his jism onto her pretty young face.

Peter and Bill simultaneously cumming up and over her as she creamed and moaned.

She was looking over at Simon telling him how much she loved him but how fucking good Peter was at screwing and how she wanted more cock. All this at the same time as Bill sent spurt after thick spurt of cum flying across her face, tits and neck.

What a sight. This gorgeous young slut telling her hubby how much she loved him as two older guys unloaded all over her!

The session was fantastic and as Franks spunking subsided over my face and Simon plopped out of me I watched intently as Bills final spurts shot over Louise face and tits.

The air was thick with the scent of the woodlands and of sex.

Cum and pussy juice coated the night air as we all collapsed onto each other on the wooden bench.

Me with spunk dripping out my twat sitting on Franks lap, cum leaking out onto his thighs as I did so and Louise and Simon now in a touching embrace as cum glistened on her face and dripped out her young snatch.

It was then we heard some rustling in some nearby bushes.

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