Just Good Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Slow,

Desc: Romantic Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Well, actually, for some people there are things more important than sex...

The story begins sometime during the first half of 2011.

Kevin Bishop and Alan Ayre had been friends for a long time. They met when they were in the same class at primary school and then went to the same secondary school. For most of this time they lived on the same estate in North London and hung out together most days. Their friendship continued into their teens, although by then Alan's parents had moved off of the estate. As they got older there were several holidays in the sun, in a group with their friends, where there were lots of the things that young single men in these situations get up to.

But, as often happens, their paths eventually started to diverge, as education, employment, and love took them down different roads. Kevin met and eventually married Sarah Turnbull. Alan was unfortunately unable to attend the wedding, as at the time he was living and working abroad, but he promised that as soon as he returned to England they would catch up. That time came after Kevin and Sarah had been married for almost two years: Alan had returned to his home town and was now living in a rented, one-bedroom flat which was some five or six miles from Kevin and Sarah's home. Alan had told Kevin that he was back and a reunion was set up for the three of them to meet up, in a restaurant.

A little background information at this point. Both men were almost the same age, although Kevin was a couple of months younger than Alan. They had both been mad keen sportsmen at school and played football in the school team, and up until pre-teens they harboured ambitions of playing professionally; although by the time that they got to secondary school, they both appreciated that they still had the enthusiasm, but not the necessary talent, although they both continued to play for enjoyment.

Kevin's eyes were brown and he now had close-cropped black hair; whereas Alan's hair was longer, a little unruly and the colour of pale straw, he had blue eyes. When Kevin had stopped growing he was still a couple of inches shorter than Alan, but he now had a more muscular and toned physique; which he tried to keep without going too far overboard. He was also quite good looking, in a very masculine way, so before he met Sarah there was never a shortage of girlfriends. If anything, though, Alan was even better looking: taller, but not as toned, he also had his fair share of female admirers, but he was in no hurry to settle down and he often went for months before he dated. He was always very up-front with women: he told them that he liked women's company and all that that involved; but also that he wasn't looking to get into a serious relationship. He liked sex and it was generally agreed that he was quite good at it, but unlike his friend, Kevin, that, too, was something that he could go without for long periods, if he chose to.

When Sarah had met Kevin they were at a wedding reception: the bride was a friend and workmate of hers, whereas Kevin had been invited as a family friend of the groom. There was an instant attraction and they seemed to spend a lot of the time either in or near each other's company. There was slow dancing and smooching, and although they left separately, telephone numbers were exchanged and shortly there­after, a first date; which included sleeping together. Over time, things took their inevitable course and they became a couple and although Kevin was probably the more sexually experienced of the two, Sarah was as equally enthusiastic, and to say that they had always had a good and varied sex-life would be an understatement. They were both young and enjoying life, so they agreed that there was no hurry for children, and that they would wait maybe five years or so before they tried for a family.

Sarah was a very attractive young woman, who liked to swim and who regularly attended dance-based fitness classes. Like Alan she had fair-hair, although worn shorter, but her eyes were green. Life was good: she had her man and so although she naturally attracted male attention, she never flirted; although when she and Kevin were on holiday, she mostly wore thongs and went topless on the beach. It was accepted by both of them that men would look at her and that Kevin would look at other women; but that looking was as far as it ever went.

Although they had never met, Sarah had seen pictures of Alan, taken when he and her husband were younger, and Kevin had told her about lots of the things that they had done as kids and young adults, and Sarah was looking forward to meeting him. She also saw how good looking he was and she liked what she saw, but she was still a happily married young woman.

The reservation was for eight o'clock and they agreed to meet in the restaurant bar before hand. It was a quite balmy early-summer evening, so Kevin wore slacks and an open neck shirt and he took a lightweight jacket. Sarah wore a simple yellow dress which was just above knee-length and had a repeating small print, and also a plain, fine-knit top, in case the evening temperature was chilly. Because it was a restaurant, she also wore quite sheer hold-up stockings. She usually preferred thongs, but with this dress she wore a matching lemon-coloured bra and bikini-brief set. Although neither Sarah nor Kevin intended to drink that much during the meal, rather than Kevin not drinking at all, instead of the car, they took a taxi to the restaurant. When they arrived, at about seven-forty, Alan was already there. Kevin shook hands and introduced Sarah and then she and Alan exchanged chaste kisses on the cheek.

It was a very enjoyable evening and the two guys acted as if they had never been apart. Sarah was included in everything and never felt left out when they reminisced about the past. Perhaps not unnaturally, Kevin and Alan were very much alike in both easy-going temperament and personality: Alan was better educated and had a very dry and quite wicked sense of humour and Sarah went home afterwards having spent most of the evening laughing at the anecdotes of her husband and Alan; who she considered to be her friend now, too. Alan had also come in a taxi, so they all walked to the cab stand where they each caught one to their respective homes. Before they parted, Kevin said:

"You've got to come over for a meal one evening, Al, Mate!"

"Yes, please do!" Sarah added, enthusiastically.

"Okay, I'd like that! I'll call you and we can work out a good time for both of us," Alan replied.

He let Kevin and Sarah take the first cab and before they parted, Sarah kissed him on the side of the mouth.

"He's a really nice guy!" she said, once they were seated in the cab. She never said anything to Kevin, but her imagination had already started to wonder about her new friend, and she tried hard not to seem too excited at the thought of seeing Alan again, although she was; perhaps more than she cared to admit to herself. Kevin leaned over and nuzzled her neck, which he knew she liked.

"When we get home I'm going to undress you with my teeth!" he whispered, which made her giggle.

As he said he would, Alan rang Kevin early the following week.

"Come over on Friday, Mate, then we won't have to worry about getting up the next day," Kevin told him.

"Sounds good! I'll get another cab over, so I can have a few beers."

"Yeah—good idea! See you Friday, then!"

Sarah liked cooking and she thought carefully about what she was going to prepare for Friday. During the week she worked until four-thirty in the afternoon and she needed time to get home, have a quick bath, and then get the meal, so she did most of the preparation on Thursday evening, so that she didn't have to rush. Kevin didn't usually get home much before six o'clock most days, so she had plenty of time.

As soon as Sarah got home from work on Friday afternoon she quickly stripped off her clothes and ran a bath. Had Alan not been coming—he'd only said a vague 'sometime after seven'—she could easily have stayed in there for an hour or more. Sometimes she stayed in the bath until Kevin came home, then, instead of showering, he would climb in with her: and at least once a week on average they would fuck in the water, until more of it was on the floor than in the tub! But that evening she had things to do, so it was a relaxing soak of no more than half an hour.

She quickly dressed in a simple skirt that came an inch or so above the knees of her shapely, slim legs, fresh underwear, and a navy-blue, loose-fitting T-shirt. Still barefoot, she was in the kitchen when Kevin got home. He stood behind her and cupped her nice 32D-sized breasts and kissed her neck.

"There's no time for that now, my husband will be home soon!" she said playfully. He let go of her boobs and slapped her bum.

"I'd best get in the shower, then, Babe. Did you sort me some clean clothes out?"

"Of course—on the bed. And don't mess that bathroom up!"

Sarah went back to the meal preparation. She had a recipe for creamy pesto chicken with roasted tomatoes, which she and Kevin both liked and which she usually served with pasta and a simple tomato sauce. She had also picked up a couple of bottles of red wine on her way home. There was always ice cream in the freezer, which she had taken out when she got home, and a fresh raspberry sauce was a matter of a few minutes work. Not knowing when exactly Alan would get there, she had timed everything for eight o'clock, but she was relieved when the doorbell rang at seven-twenty-five. Kevin let him in.

"Come on in, Al—Sarah's in the kitchen."

Unlike Alan, whose own flat was the upper floor of a converted semi-detached house, Kevin and Sarah were living in a two-bedroom flat in a low-rise block; although their second bedroom was quite small and was currently filled with all that accumulated stuff that couldn't be found a home elsewhere. Alan followed Kevin to the kitchen, where Sarah was taking plates down from a wall-mounted kitchen cupboard.

"Hello again, Sarah! I hope this isn't too early? I brought flowers."

"Oh, they're lovely! Thank you so much!" She took the flowers and then surprised Alan by putting a hand on his shoulder, stretching up on her toes, and giving him a little kiss on the mouth.

"Er, there's also wine; but you can save that for another day, if you like," he said, quietly.

"Okay, we'll see how it goes. Why don't you go and have a seat. Would you like a beer while we're waiting for the food?"

"Erm, yes, please! Shall I take one through for Kev?"

"No thanks—I'll bring ours in a minute, you go and get comfortable."

When Sarah came into the room carrying the beers for herself and Kevin, he was sitting at one end of the long sofa while Alan sat at the other. As she handed Kevin his beer and then parked herself on his lap, her skirt rose up her thighs. She wriggled to pull it down straight away and at the same time Alan automatically turned his head to look away. Both of his hosts noticed.

"You never used to mind looking up a pretty girl's skirt, Al!" Kevin said. Alan smiled.

"We were younger then, Kev, and Sarah's your missus. It's only polite to look away."

"—See—I told you there were still some gentlemen left in the world!" Sarah said to her husband. "Thank you, Alan! I appre­ci­ate the gesture, even if some people don't!" Kevin laughed.

"That would be me, I suppose!" Then before Sarah could say or do anything else, he quickly lifted the front of her T-shirt with both hands, giving Alan a good look at her low-cut black bra and cleavage. She quickly pulled her shirt down, slapped Kevin's hand, then looking a little flushed, she looked directly at Alan and mouthed the word 'sorry'. He in turn allowed the merest hint of a smile in the corners of his mouth.

"Come on, sexist pig, let me up; there's a meal to get ready. Come and help me please, husband dear!" She looked at Alan again and smiled, "Have a seat at the table, Alan; it should be ready to serve now."

It was another good meal, and with the addition of several large glasses of wine, once again there was lots of jollity and laughter. The time passed quickly and the wine flowed freely. Alan was slightly drunk, but not insensible. He looked at his watch:

"God! It's gone two! I'll have to be going—it's been another great evening. Thanks, both of you!"

Kevin was maybe the drunkest of the three of them.

"Why don't you stay, Mate! We can carry on tomorrow where we left off. Pity there's no football, but you're more than welcome, Mate!"

"All right! It won't be the first sofa I've crashed on; if you've got a blanket, Sarah?"

"Nah! You don't wanna sleep on no sofa—our bed's plenty big enough for three! Nuffin's gonna happen, is it: we're all tired and half-pissed. Wadya say?"

Alan looked at Sarah, who looked at him and unconsciously chewed her bottom lip.

"So, wadya say, Babe—your call!" Kevin said.

"Well, I suppose it will be all right. Can you give me fifteen or twenty minutes to change and brush my teeth, please, Alan; and can you turn this light off when you come to bed."

"Sure, no problem! You two go ahead."

As he sat waiting, he slipped off his shoes and socks. Fortu­nately, despite the early hour of morning, the air temperature in the flat was still pleasantly warm. He waited for twenty-five minutes before walking to the Bishop's bedroom. Once inside he looked over at Kevin and Sarah as he removed his jeans and T-shirt: Sarah was in the middle, but cuddled up against Kevin, leaving lots of the bed for him. As he carefully folded back the duvet, he couldn't help but see Sarah's pale legs, the skimpy bikini briefs and her lower back and bum crack, where her loose T-shirt had ridden up. For a brief moment he was tempted to pull her shirt down at the back, but he erred on the side of caution and got into bed with his friends; although he stayed as near to the edge as he could and facing away from them. He was tired and was soon asleep.

During the night he must have turned over so that he was facing the others: there was a slight contact with Sarah, which caused his eyes to flicker open; she had rolled over, too, and almost at the same time her eyes also opened. For a few seconds two half-asleep people lay looking at each other, then Sarah smiled and closed her eyes again. Alan turned over again to face the other way.

Alan was awoken again by movement in the bed and whisper­ing. Or, rather, he was half-awake and vaguely conscious of something happen­ing near him.

"—No we can't, Kevin—not with Alan here!"

"—Oh, he'll be all right!" he heard his friend say, "You should have been in our apartment in Spain—Alan, me, and all our mates, all shagging girls we picked up, at the same time! Come on, Babe—you know I need to start the day with a nice fuck!"

"—Oh, okay, then—but it's still not right!"

At that moment Alan opened his eyes. On the bed next to him, Kevin was taking off Sarah's knickers, while she was working her shirt over her head, giving him a good view of her bouncing boobs.

"Er, I think it's time I wasn't here, Guys," Alan said quietly, "I'll go and get myself some coffee. Have fun—see you in a bit."

He rolled out towards the edge of the bed and without looking back, picked up his discarded clothing and left the room. He carried his clothes into the kitchen and once he was dressed, he filled the kettle. The kitchen was the room in the flat that, apart from the second bedroom, was furthest away from the bedroom that he'd just left, so apart from a brief bathroom call, he stopped there until he heard people moving around again.

He was still sitting at the table, sipping coffee, when the door opened and Sarah came in, once more dressed in her T-shirt and skimpy briefs. She looked at Alan and smiled, but seemed to be rather embarrassed.

"I'm sorry about that, Alan—we shouldn't have."

"It's all right, Sarah: it was just one of those things, and I can think of much worse sights to wake up to!"

Alan tried to appear calm and stared ahead dispassionately as he contin­ued to sip his drink, as Sarah moved around the kitchen getting hers and Kevin's breakfasts. With everything on a tray, Sarah once again turned to Alan:

"I'm sorry to be such a bad host; give us a little while to eat and get dressed, then we'll be back."

"Don't rush. I've got to get off, anyway. I need to get home and shower and change these clothes. Tell Kevin I said goodbye, and that I'll get in touch again, soon. Thanks again for a great meal and a fun evening—we must do it again sometime." Sarah still looked flustered.

"Oh, all right—if you really must go. Yes, let's do this again some time, soon."

"I look forward to it!" Alan said, softly.

Sarah put the tray down on the table. Alan stood up, and for a few seconds they looked into each other's eyes again. There was another brief kiss on the lips, and for a moment she felt his hand on her hip. After the kiss Alan was sure that Sarah sighed.

When he was ready to leave, he knocked on the bedroom door and stood briefly in the doorway.

"I'll see you both soon!"

Later that day, Alan rang Kevin to apologise for rushing off like he had. He thanked him, as he had Sarah, and said that they'd definitely do something again some time.


It had been a few weeks since Alan Ayre had gone to dinner at the home of his friends, Kevin and Sarah Bishop; they had chatted and drunk until quite late and he had stayed the night, sleeping in their bed. In the morning he'd been woken up by the movements and noises of them preparing to have sex. Alan was no prude, and he wasn't embarrassed, but he had got out of bed and left the room, to allow them some privacy. Some time later, he was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffee, when Sarah came into the room to get breakfast. She apologised for hers and Kevin's behaviour, but Alan said that it was nothing, but that he had to leave in a little while, but that they'd all get together again, soon.

Life slipped back into its usual pattern and although Alan and Kevin talked on the phone occasionally, there had so far been no more socialising. Sarah was sure that this was because of hers and Kevin's behaviour last time, but Kevin laughed it off and said:

"Don't worry, Babe, Al's cool—we haven't scared him off; me and him go back too far for that to happen!"

So, one Saturday, shortly after this conversation took place, Kevin had gone to work and Sarah had taken the bus into town to get some shopping, she was just strolling through her favourite shopping precinct, when she thought that she saw a familiar face looking in a shop window.

"Hello, Stranger! How are you?"

Alan had seen her reflection in the shop front window as she approached and he turned and smiled. Sarah had forgotten just how attractive that smile was.

"Oh, hello! I'm fine, thanks! Is Kevin with you?"

"No, he's gone into work; but anyway, he hates shopping and there's nothing worse than shopping with someone who doesn't want to be there! How about you: are you like him, too?"

"No, I don't mind, would you like some company, I don't have to be anywhere else and I've got my car if you'd like a lift home later; unless you came in yours. But I might have to go back and pay for some more parking time."

"Yes, please, to both! I've never learned to drive: I was thinking about it, but then I met Kevin and I haven't really needed to since then; there's a bus stop practically outside our flats and I can be at work in twenty minutes. I usually just walk around for a while, maybe stop for a coffee, then I'll get my main shopping before I go home; but if there's a lot I get a cab home. I could be some time, so I hope you don't regret the offer before we're finished. But it will be nice to chat and get to know each other better: apart from a few minutes here and there, it's usually been the three of us."

Alan wasn't really a great fan of shopping, either, but he liked Sarah and in the past he had been with former girlfriends who also liked to shop, so he knew what to expect and he didn't mind. Although they were old pals and in some ways very similar, in other ways Alan was very different to Kevin: for one thing, Alan had the ability to put people at ease and he was genuinely interested in them and what they had to say. He was also very well read and knowledgeable about all sorts of things, so no matter what the topic of conversation was about, he could ask relevant questions and engage in the subject intelligently. After her husband's undisguised indifference to shopping, and apparently other things that she was interested in, Sarah naturally found Alan's attitude to be a revelation.

Sarah was also used to other women checking out her handsome husband when they were out together and she drew her own fair share of admiring looks from men, but she soon became aware that this was apparently nothing compared to the attention Alan received. In the beginning it was a little disconcerting to see even quite mature woman stopping and staring and she found herself inexplicably doing something quite extraordinary for her: she held onto his arm as they walked, as if to say, 'You can look, but he's with me!' And whereas her husband had always been aware of his good looks and seemed to like being admired by others, Alan seemed totally unperturbed and just carried on walking and talking and almost acting as if they were completely alone. They stopped to get a drink and something to eat.

"Can I ask you something, Alan. I couldn't help noticing that while we've been walking around that you get a lot of female attention—don't look, but there's a couple of women a few tables away who can't take their eyes off of you—is it ever a problem?"

"No, not really; you just have to look at it philosophically and take it as a compliment. What is more interesting for me, is how does it make you feel?"

Sarah wasn't expecting this, and she felt the heat rise to her face.

"—Well—to be honest—I shouldn't really be saying this, I suppose, but I've been feeling a little bit insecure, and a bit possessive. I get the female attention bit a lot when I'm out with Kevin, but I kind of laugh it off with him, because I know that he enjoys it."

Alan smiled at her again and Sarah got that same feeling again in the pit of her stomach and she couldn't look him in the eye.

"—And that's always been the main problem, Sarah. I accept that girls and women find me attractive, but it's always been harder for the girlfriends I've had: it doesn't seem to matter how many times I tell them that they are the only ones that I'm interested in, eventually they seem to feel like you do. So now I've got to the stage where the women that I really get on well with are only friends and usually married or in firm relation­ships. I'm an old fashioned guy in some respects, Sarah: I really enjoy your company—and, yes, your physical attractive­ness; but you are my friend's wife and I will never do anything to undermine that relationship.

"So, if any woman wants more than friendship, especially if she's got a husband or a regular partner, she's out of luck—and any single, unattached woman that I do get involved with gets my loyalty, guaranteed, one-hundred-per cent of the time. It also goes without saying, of course, that as my friend you can expect my total loyalty, too; as long as it doesn't conflict with our loyalty to Kevin. Does that change your feelings, Sarah?" She put her hand on his arm.

"Yes, I suppose so—I believe you, and I think you're kind of special for thinking that way—I know other guys who would say it, but they'd still be trying to get into my knickers! I've never had a male best friend before and I think we're going to have a lot of fun! Shall we make a move: I've still got a few places to go before we hit the supermarket."

As they made their way through the shopping centre, Sarah still noticed the women checking Alan out, but she was now more relaxed and just enjoyed his company—and his full attention —as they walked along.

The next shop that they went into, Sarah was looking at skirts and tops and she took several of each from racks to try on. A young female assistant came up to them. She obviously checked out Alan and noticed Sarah's wedding ring:

"Would you and your husband like some assistance?" Sarah looked at Alan and he saw that she was grinning.

"No thank you, but I'd like to try these on: is it all right if my husband comes in with me, it will save trying them on one at a time and asking him?"

"Yes, of course—the last cubicle is probably the biggest," the shop girl said.

"Okay! Come on, Honey!" Sarah said, still grinning as she led Alan away. Once inside the changing area, Sarah giggled. "It's all right, you can close your eyes if you want to, but you won't be seeing anything that you haven't already," she whispered.

So Alan stood in front of Sarah, eyes open, as she wiggled out of her jeans and pulled her top over her head, to leave her in just her sexy underwear. Once again he admired the view, but then he just smiled and commented as his friend tried on her selections, before she dressed again in her own clothes and they went to pay for her new items. Once outside the shop they both laughed; ignoring the looks of others.

"Can we take these back to your car, Alan, then we can get the boring stuff. But tell me, truthfully, now that you've had a chance to examine the goods more closely—bum or boobs?"

"—Hmm—truthfully—too close to call. But personally, I've always been a bit of a fan of a nice bum. Although I know which Kevin prefers." Sarah laughed again.

"You're not wrong there—I'm sure that if I asked him for the money to get bigger boobs he'd write me out a cheque on the spot—not that I'm going to, of course; I'm quite happy with the ones I've got! And speaking as a man, Honey, can you explain the attraction men have for huge tits; I bet if you all had to live with them on your chests you wouldn't be so keen!" It was Alan's turn to chuckle.

"—No, I can't really. I suppose some of it is probably to do with infantile memories of breast-feeding; but it's also a cultural thing and associated with sex."

"Well, like I said, I'm quite happy with mine, but there is a price to pay: it's great going topless on beaches in the summer, but I do need a well-fitting bra most of the time; although, to be honest, it's great to get in from work and take it off and then I can lie in a nice hot bath and let the water take the weight. And you know that bigger busted woman get back ache and boobs can get quite sore and sensitive during our periods; but most guys don't appreciate that and they can get quite rough with them. Kevin's not too bad, but he still likes to 'play'."

Once again Sarah smiled to herself when she realised that she'd never had this sort of conversation with her husband or any previous boy­friends, and it just felt so right and so comfortable to be able to talk to Alan about such things; just like she could with another woman. And she was also beginning to feel like she'd known him for a long time, when in fact it was merely weeks.

When they got to the supermarket, Alan was happy to chat and push the shopping trolley, while Sarah gathered the items on her list, most of which were things she bought regularly, anyway. It was a nice day and they weren't in the supermarket that long, so they bought cold drinks and sat in Alan's car with the windows open, to get a nice through breeze. Sarah had also bought some grapes and while they chatted she would often pop one into his mouth. They were both still really enjoying each other's company and at one point Sarah pretended to put a grape into Alan's mouth, but at the last minute she giggled and placed it between her own lips, looked at him and leaned across towards him. Alan smiled and then leaned in towards Sarah. Her heart started to beat faster as he slowly got closer and she braced herself ready for when he reached her. But with his face just centimetres from hers and their eyes locked on one another, he pulled back and whispered: "Now play nicely!" before pushing the grape into her mouth with his finger. Sarah was still excited, but also, in truth, a little disappointed, but she laughed: "All right, game over, you won—this time!"

They drove back to Sarah and Kevin's flat, where Alan helped her carry her shopping.

"Kevin will probably be in by now, coming in for coffee, Honey?"

"Okay, for a little while."

Kevin Bishop was indeed sitting on the living room sofa with his feet up, sipping beer. "Hello, Mate!" he said when he saw Alan.

"We bumped into each other in town, Babe, I'm making coffee, do you want one?" Sarah asked him.

"No, ta, Love; I've got a cold one on! Would you rather have a beer, Al?"

"Not for me, thanks: I'm driving."

When Sarah returned with the coffees they all sat down to chat, and Sarah told her husband all about her morning. As Alan got up to leave, to go home, Kevin said to him:

"So when are you coming over for a few beers again, Mate? In fact, why don't you come over Saturday for a meal, then stay the night? And I promise, Al—no more early morning sex shows; you've no idea how much grief I got after you were gone that morning!"

"All right, Kev—if it's okay with Sarah—but only on condition that you let me sleep on the sofa this time." Kevin laughed.

"Okay, Al—if you insist! If you don't hear anything before, we'll see you on Saturday."

Sarah was delighted. Before he left she kissed his cheek.

"Thanks for today, Honey! We'll expect you on Saturday."

Instead of getting a cab, Alan drove to Kevin and Sarah's. There were no flowers this time, but he did take some more wine. It turned out to be another great evening, with good food, lots of beer and very drinkable wine, and of course lots of laughing and kidding around.

For some of the time during the course of the evening, Sarah sat on Kevin's lap, but at other times—when she came back from the loo or getting drinks and snacks—she sat between Kevin and Alan on the sofa. And at times they would all be laughing so much that tears would run down her cheeks, and if Alan was the one providing the humour, her hand would lightly rest on his arm.

They were drinking steadily and Sarah was getting more animated and playful. Alan was still sober enough to enjoy her behaviour, but also still mindful about not letting things get out of hand. So the evening was getting later and then after another visit to the bathroom, Sarah came back into the room and whether she really realised what she was doing or not, she sat herself down on Alan's lap and put her arms loosely around his neck. Alan looked at Kevin and raised his eyebrows, but Kevin just smiled back at him, seemingly unconcerned. After a moments hesitation, Alan put a hand lightly on her hip, but moved his free hand onto the sofa in plain sight. The conversation continued and Sarah was only there about ten minutes until she had to get up again. Alan looked at Kevin again, but his friend just shrugged and smiled.

But they all had to get some sleep some time. They'd gotten through a lot of booze that night, but in all the years that he had known him, Alan had never drunk as much as Kevin did, so he was happy and pissed, but not to the same extent as his friend. Kevin said goodnight, then wandered slightly unsteadily towards the bedroom.

"Jus' gimme me a few minutes, Sweetie, then I'll get you a blanket!" Sarah said. She was also a little unsteady on her feet.

He sat on the sofa and waited. Now that the laughing had stopped, he was tired, but he didn't feel so light-headed. He heard Sarah coming back: the sitting room was only a few steps across from Kevin and Sarah's bedroom. She still had a slightly glazed look in her eyes, but Alan couldn't help but notice the way that her now unsupported boobs bounced as she walked, and as she bent to put the blanket on the sofa, the over-large T-shirt that she was wearing rode up, exposing her thong and bare bum cheeks. She had been happy, chatty, and a little bit flirty all evening, but Alan thought that was just the booze talking. But as she stood up she overbalanced and once again ended up in Alan's lap. "Oops!" she said, giggling.

"Now are you sure you don' wanna sleep in our bed again tonight, Alan," she said, her flirt control turned right up to maximum. Another person might have reacted differently, but Alan was sober enough to politely decline the offer, at the same time gently disentangling Sarah's arms and helping her to her feet.

"—Mmm—pity!" she replied. "Well, g'night then, Honey!"

She moved quickly, once again putting her arms around his neck, pulling herself into him and then kissing him for several seconds. It wasn't at all a sexual kiss—but it could so easily have been. Then, just as she got to the living room doorway, Sarah paused, and with her back towards Alan, she lifted her shirt a little and wiggled her bottom provocatively, before giggling and pulling the door closed behind her.

Alan was the first person up the next morning and the now-sober Sarah, looking rather coy and a little embarrassed, found him sitting in the kitchen, eating toast and drinking coffee.

"Erm, some of last night is a bit, er, foggy—but I think I might have been a bit, er, silly—" Alan looked steadily into her green eyes and smiled.

"No, it's cool—you were just, what shall we say, 'playful'—but you didn't say or do anything that might cause offence, or be construed as anything other than what it was: two friends enjoying each other's company."

"That's good!" Sarah said, "I'm glad that you see it that way."

"—I must say though, Sarah—you have got a very nice bum!" She giggled.

"Thank you! And I don't suppose that will be the last time you see it!"


Alan Ayre was sitting in his flat on a warm summer, Saturday afternoon when a familiar tone informed him that he had a text message: it was from his friend, Sarah Bishop.

Hi, Alan! Kevin's gone to work, it's hot, and I'm bored! Do you fancy going to the park and hanging out, then maybe a beer later? Don't worry if you're busy, but I don't like going on my own. X

He thought: Why not! I could do with a break. He keyed in his reply and sent it: Okay! You're nearer, so I'll come round, leave the car at yours, then we can walk there together—30 minutes?

Sarah read the message and smiled. She just had enough time to change. But before she did, she sent another text, to her husband, Kevin: Going to get some sun in park with Alan, Babe. Maybe the pub after. Text me back if you want to meet us there. X

Alan had that California surfer look: longish fair-hair, blue eyes, and a handsome, boyish face that made him look younger than his middle to late twenties, and which many woman found very attractive. The look was enhanced by his faded knee-length, cut down jeans and cap-sleeve T-shirt. On his feet he wore trainers; without socks, of course. His exposed arms and legs were practically hairless, but he already had a light tan. It was a look that Sarah had never seen on him before, and so when she opened the front door she looked on appreciatively.

The appreciation was reciprocated as Alan took in his lovely friend's own choice of clothing. On her small feet were lightweight sandals, then nothing on her long, slender legs until her own variation of faded denim shorts; although cut much higher and with barely any leg; they were also a much tighter fit than Alan's and accentuated a nice round bottom. Her midriff was also bare from the top of her shorts to the loosely-tied, long-sleeve shirt that now finished just below her boobs. The shirt was otherwise unbuttoned, giving Alan's gaze access to her cleavage, con­strained within a bikini top. She kissed his cheek.

"Just let me grab my bag, then we can be off!"

Downstairs again, Alan went to his car and took out a cool box. Sarah looked at him, quizzically.

"—When the weather's like this, I always keep it ready—just in case. There's drinks and a few other bits and pieces," he said, anticipating her question.

The public park was a mile or so from Sarah's home and so with the cool box in his left hand, Sarah slid her hand unselfconsciously into Alan's right, and they set of.

Because he had been born in the area, Alan knew the park quite well from his youth, although he hadn't been there for quite a few years. Sarah had been a few times with Kevin since they were married, but as he often worked on a Saturday and played football during the season on Sunday's, there was seldom the opportunity; and as she had said, she didn't like the idea of going there alone.

The park had several entrances in its perimeter, but near to the main gate there was a little tea room where people could buy ice creams and other refreshments, which stayed open until six in the evening during the summer, and a little distance away was a toilet block. As Alan had brought cold drinks, they decided that they should stay within a short walking distance from these.

Sarah took a large beach towel out of her bag and laid it on the ground. "There's plenty of room for two." She also had a large tube of sunblock cream.

They sat on the towel and both took off their footwear, then as Alan pulled his shirt over his head, Sarah lay back and wiggled out off her shorts and untied and removed her shirt. Although she and Kevin had not yet been on their summer vacation to one of the sunnier parts of Europe, she, too, already had a slight tan; mainly from when she sunbathed on the balcony of their flat. As Alan had surmised, she was wearing a bikini under her clothes. It was one of those garments that was basically three triangles of material connected by thin strings. The two which comprised her top covered her lower breasts and nipples, but exposed the fullness of their sides, and it was made of a material thin enough for her nipple shape and size to be obvious; while the third triangle was the bulk of the bikini bottoms and performed the same function for her pubic area. Sarah wasn't an exhibitionist, but she considered it to be suitably 'decent' to wear in a public place like a park. She and Alan were just good friends; but as friends they were close enough to speak freely to each other, and openly admire each others physical attributes without there being any tension or awkwardness.

After applying some of the cream to Alan's back, Sarah handed him the tube before rolling over onto her front and lying flat. "Can you untie me, Honey?"

As he set about the task in hand, he said: "So is this what you wear on those foreign beaches?" Sarah chuckled.

"—Mmm—and much less if I can get away with it! I love the feeling of the sun, sea and breeze on all of my body! I'd get my boobs out now if we weren't in a public place!"

"—And I suppose that wearing a bra you get used to tying these strings behind your back—although if you go topless it's not a problem, is it." Sarah chuckled again.

"—Just use your imagination! If we were somewhere else I'd show you."

After Alan had applied plenty of the sunblock to Sarah's back, they both lay with their discarded shirts under their heads while the sun continued to toast their skin. After some time lying there, they both stirred.

"—Mmm! That was nice!" Sarah said, "—But I suppose you'd better re-tie me, if you wouldn't mind. One of those nice cold drinks that you carried here would be nice, too!"

Alan sat up and pushed his sunglasses up onto the top of his head. Sarah smiled as she felt the merest of touches of his hands on her skin as he tied the bikini's fastening strings in a big bow. With her top secured, Sarah got up onto her knees. After waiting until she had adjusted her top and was settled, Alan took off the lid of the cool box and handed her a plastic bottle of water. "—I've got fruit and chocolate—" He took out another plastic box, removing the lid and offering it to her for inspection. Sarah took a large peach and a bar of chocolate.

They both held a hand under their chins to catch the copious amounts of juice from the peaches they were eating, but Alan's larger hands were more successful at containing it and by the time that they were finished, both of their mouths and chins were covered in the sticky liquid, but some of it had made its way onto Sarah's cleavage. She licked her palms and fingers and then grinned mischievously at Alan.

"I can't reach down there with my tongue—I don't suppose that you could do it!" He laughed at her cheekiness.

"—Oh, I think I can do better than that!"

Lifting the lid on the cool box once again, he reach in and took out a bottle of water and a washcloth. Sarah laughed.

"You're just a regular little boy scout, aren't you, Honey!"

He unscrewed the lid on the bottle, then beckoned for Sarah to move off of the towel, he then poured some of the water over her sticky hands. That done, he did the same to his own hands, before handing the water and the washcloth to her. Alan expected her to wet the cloth and wipe the juice from her cleavage, but instead she looked at him and smiled and then tilted her head back and slowly poured the water over her mouth and chin; allowing it to also run over her boobs. Alan looked, smiled, shook his head, then chuckled. The two triangles of material were still translucent, but had now molded themselves to her boobs. She handed the water and cloth back to Alan, then sat back down to eat the chocolate.

They still had an hour or two of sunbathing to look forward to, so after applying more sunblock to their fronts, they lay on their backs. Sarah extended Alan's right arm so that she could lie on it.

Neither Sarah nor Alan were asleep, but the heat had induced that languid, drowsy feeling in both of them. However, after some time, Alan said: "I think we should be getting back soon!" Sarah opened her eyes and rolled over onto her side and rested her hand on his smooth chest, then she lightly kissed his cheek.

"I suppose so—I need to pee, anyway! I'll buy you an ice cream on the way out."

Sitting upright, she pushed her sunglasses up onto the top of her head, then she pulled her shorts up her legs, wiggling seductively as she fastened them. Alan, meanwhile, had put on the T-shirt that fitted his torso snugly, and he was tying the laces of his training shoes while Sarah was buttoning her shirt instead of tying it. Then, while she sat down again to put on her sandals, Alan was collecting all of their loose items together; and when Sarah was once again standing, he folded the beach towel and put it back in her bag.

They walked the short distance to the toilet block: Alan exited from the men's first and waited a few more minutes for his friend to join him. They then walked to the tea room, where Sarah bought them both the promised ice creams.

Alan once again had the cool box in one hand while he ate his ice cream as they walked along, but as soon he had finished it, Sarah slipped her hand into his as they made their way back to her flat. Once there, Alan unlocked his car and put the cool box inside. As they were walking up the stairs of the apartment block, Sarah's phone made a familiar noise: the tone that she had chosen for the text message alert. She stopped and took the phone out of her bag and pressed the appropriate key:

"It's Kevin—he says that he's going straight to the pub, and that he'll see us there, later."

The Bishop's kitchen was at the front of the flat, near the front door, so Sarah went in and put her bag on the table, then she said:

"I'm going to shower and change before we go out again: do you want one, too, Honey?"

"—Not a shower, but I might freshen up and borrow some of Kev's deodorant."

"Okay! You can do that while I'm in there—it's all right, I'll be behind the curtain; and, anyway, I've been practically naked in the park all after­noon!"

As they walked from the kitchen to the bathroom, at the back, next to the bedroom, Sarah was unbuttoning her shirt and undoing her shorts. She removed both items and tossed them through the doorway of her room. Then, while Alan took off his shirt again and filled the bathroom sink with water, Sarah stepped into the bath and drew the shower curtain closed. Alan heard a giggle and then he felt her wet bikini bottoms land on his shoulder before falling onto the floor behind him. He smiled to himself before carrying on with his wash. As the shower started, Sarah said: "Don't put that shirt back on, one of Kevin's will fit you."

"Okay! I'm nearly done: do you want a coffee before we go out?"

"—Mmm—might as well! But don't make it yet, I'll be at least half-an-hour, yet. The T-shirts are in the bottom drawer, help yourself."

Alan was in the living room, leafing through a magazine, when Sarah came into the room: she was now wearing a lightweight, loose-fitting white sun-dress. He was wearing a plain, black T-shirt, that was also a looser fit than the one that he'd worn earlier, as Kevin's chest was a couple of inches bigger.

While Sarah finished drying her short hair, Alan went to the kitchen and turned on the kettle: he had prepared the mugs while she was shower­ing, so after only a few minutes he was walking back to where Sarah waited, carrying the two mugs.

"I enjoyed today," she said, "I hope the weather stays like this so we can do it again. How would you feel about going somewhere where I could go topless, next time?"

"—We'll talk about it another time," Alan said, quietly.

"Okay, fair enough! But getting back to today, Kevin got a lift this morning, so he'll be up for a drink tonight: why don't we walk to the pub then you can have a few beers, too; you can always stay here tonight."

At about seven-thirty, they left for Kevin and Sarah's favourite watering hole, which was about a fifteen minute walk away. As they walked down the stairs Sarah's hand once again found Alan's: as stated, their relationship wasn't sexual, but they both enjoyed the contact of this small intimacy. When they got to the pub, Sarah made no attempt to release her grip, but when they got to the bar where Kevin was standing and chatting. Alan steered her towards him and released her hand and the couple kissed and Kevin put his arm around Sarah's waist.

"I'll get these," Alan said, "What are both having?"

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