Do You Believe in Magic?
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Magic, Fiction, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Time Travel, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, Exhibitionism, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Safe Sex, Slow,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - One way or another things that are supposed to happen do. Take Ben and Bev for example. Things between them were, well, pretty dull. The right time, the right conditions and, Wham! 5 years of dull and they get a new spark. Where would it end you ask? Read on Mac Duff and you'll find out. That is if Bev and Ben can survive that first adventure together. 'Live' off the land, how appropriate that saying would be.

"What are you waiting for? Move, I want to see what you have. Schnell!"

Kira, Shelly and Jade began to move. 'Finally' I thought.

I guess we could expect the good with the bad, and this test shoot was bad, really bad. The concept of a pre-made team was just not working. Monica, the show's 'prima donna' was far better than any of them. The problem was she had gotten impossible to work with, at least her mother was.

Three agents, three teams and Nada. Maxine, from last years show was decent, more than decent if she really did what she said she would do during the shows hiatus.

Right now she deserved another role. If we could not use her in ours, I would 'release' her to do someone else's show. You ask what was I looking for? I could give you one of 50 pat responses to that question. All sounded good, were politically correct and would satisfy any questioner. But none were the truth.

I was looking for someone whom would never be found. Yesterday, I had told the Executive producer that I would not renew my contract for any new season for the show, citing personal reasons. Heather, my Heather had been killed, killed I felt because I made her leave to be with her mother alone. I should have been with her, saved her or died with her. I knew it was no one's fault from the studio. I felt it was mine though.

I offered, if she wanted, to help cast any new actresses, but I think she knew it was just something expected not really what I wanted to do. I had three winning shows over the 11 years I had worked for the studio, 2 the last 5 years Beverley and I worked together. There was a series about the crash in the LA Times, news footage on KCLA and several dozen blubs on the Internet, then some more 'hot breaking news ' took centre stage. I knew how the game was played, I had played it myself in the past. My daughter had been the only thing good to come out of my 38 years of life and now that was gone.

My ex-wife Cathy never spoke to me much before, after that tragedy it did not get any better, why should it. I did appreciate that she had never blamed me. She did not have to, I blamed myself, still do. My last day at the studio ended pretty much the way I wanted it to. I turned in my keys, stickers, passes badge, whatever I had accumulated here and walked to my car. I went to Gandolf's for a drink and maybe dinner. Bev said she would be there by 5:30, if so it would be nice to end things after seeing a friend.

Bev was a friend. She was, in effect my boss, but after a few trial and error times, all failures for anything serious, I might add, after my divorce, we dusted ourselves off and decided being friends worked for both of us a lot better. It was just after 5 pm and by gosh and by golly, she was walking up to my table. There were a few nods, glances and hellos exchanged but her walk never faltered.

"Well big boy, buy a girl a drink or three?"

"Depends sweetie, what say you and I blow this popsicle stand?"

Now that our standard one liners from old movies was over, she bent down, kissed me on the cheek and sat down.

"Whew, I sure hope you know how to show a girl a good time, better than you look, the rejects from the zombie set seem more alive than you do."

"Thanks, I love you too. Thanks too for making this easy on me, Bev."

"Have you decided what you are going to do, Ben?"

"Well, I was thinking Carnegie Hall or maybe the London Philharmonic; but then again I'd have to learn how to play the Piano first."

"Ha, Funny man!"

"No Bev. I have a couple of things to do then I'll choose something. I'll be gone and I'll really miss you, you know."

"Hey, if you ever get your head out of you ass, I'll come and visit."

"Nice way to talk after all I have done for you. Remember when I got you a coffee and held that door open for you and ... What else was it ... Right ... made you win that award for best picture."

"Right sport, you and the gazillion others who keep telling me that. Seriously sport, I will miss you too."

"You know Bev, if we had meet 20 years ago thing would have been different, better different, I mean. You are 1 in a million."

"Yeah, yeah, and the other 999 are even better, I know you smooth talker you. You're not going anywhere, are you?"


"Don't Bev me, I've known you too long buddy. I am not going to let you end it, not while I can try to be there for you. I know Heather is gone and you blame yourself, but damn it Ben, I am not going to let you blame yourself for that. Promise me you won't end it Ben!"

"OK Bev, I promise, I won't end it!"

"Bullshit! What am I going to do with you? You are a horrible man!"


"Drink, food, phone number?"

"Yes, Yes, in your dreams!"

"Same old?"

"Yep! Ben will you go with me for a week or so? I want you and I to share some things that may make both our lives have more to live for. Will you do that for me, 1 or 2 weeks?"


"Ass! My dime and I'll feed you at least once a day, twice on Saturday!"

"And dessert on Friday and breakfast in bed and maybe you'll have a deal."

"You drive a hard bargain old man. OK, but I think you are abusing me on all those extras."

"Ha! I would have just settled for the breakfast in bed part."

"Ben. I love you, you dumb ass. I don't want you to go! I know we said that we had nothing before, but I lied stupid, I did not think you wanted me in your life."

"Bev, it was never that, after the Cathy thing, I did not want you to go through what I knew I was like."

"2 weeks Ben. If I don't kill you during that time you will never want to be anywhere else but together."

"Ha, you and what army, short stuff."

"We my dear we are going to explore the Grand Canyon then go camping and live off the land. It is like that 'Outward bound' stuff. If you and I can do all that, I have backing for 13 weeks as a reality show and you and I produce, direct and control the editing. Of course we will have to 'pretend' to be in love or husband and wife to get the right 'feel' of things, for the show you understand."

"A toast then, to the show!"

There was something in the air that night. One thing led to another, a few more drinks, a walk down the beach, a moonlit night and the warmth of another human being and they ended up in Bev's condo and Ben indeed got that breakfast in bed the next day.

Each were now seeing the other in a whole new way. When before everything seemed to focus on external things, they both had put that aside and listened to what their hearts were saying. This time each had nothing to loose and what appeared to be everything to gain.

The idea of seeing the Grand Canyon then living off the land had been a spur of the moment thing. The more she thought about it though, the more she liked the idea. She also knew that her parents would provide whatever backing they would need. She never before had asked for anything from them. That idea had spurred Ben out of his funk. Bev, seeing her, being with her had actually done that to him. It was the first time since his daughter's death he had slept through the night, well almost the entire night.

He ate the next morning, half staring at Bev, half thinking of how her idea could be become a series.

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