Who'd Have Thought? by Thesandman

Author's Description:
His mother and sister both had told him he should have never married in the first place. And perhaps he shouldn't have... but he had done so for reasons that he couldn't share with either one of them
Size: 115 KB ( ~ 21,807 words)
Genre: Incest
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Cousins, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism

Review by orangeade   [other reviews by orangeade]

Reviewed: 2010-07-06

Thesandman's "Who'd Have Thought?" is a nice, tightly written bit of erotica, a short story that's naughty and genial at the same time.

Danny is back home after his ill-conceived marriage goes down the drain, but returning to his family is a reminder of just why he rashly married so young in the first place. He deals with temptations and emotions both expected and unexpected and finds his life devolving into something of a British farce, with sexual encounters coming in one door and going out the other before the climactic finish.

Thesandman does a fine job of setting up scenes and situations, so that even what is, at base, a fairly common scenario in erotica comes across with surprises and misdirections. The reader may reach a point midway through in which the story seems to simply be a litany of incestuous sex, only to realize that Thesandman has hooked you to the end, wondering how things will sort out.

This isn't so much a stroke piece as it is some well-written, humorous fun. Thesandman is a good story teller and accomplished at using the language to create an enjoyable reading experience.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 9