Geraldine by Dual Writer

Author's Description:
A college student who thought she was in love, dropped out of school and came to Tampa with her boyfriend. She found out he wanted more from her than what a boyfriend should want. Instead of turning to the worlds oldest profession she chose to just tease around the edges. Her new occupation paves the way to some good money plus the chance to meet new friends. (Characters and locations of the Florida Friends Series are used in this story.)
Size: 199 KB ( ~ 37,736 words)
Sex Contents: Some Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa

Review by therev   [other reviews by therev]

Reviewed: 2014-03-20

A nice story - not a "fluff" one. It was good to see the background of how Gerry joined the group. She seemed to appear out of nowhere doing research work. This gives her character some life and reality. Well done.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 10