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Loving My Bunny Girl by Allan Joyal

Author's Description:
A young man reflects on the changes in his life when a classmate comes down with MORFS and he comes to her aid.
Size: 204 KB ( ~ 38,684 words)
Genre: Science Fiction
Sex Contents: No Sex
Tags: Romantic, Science Fiction, Slow, Transformation

Review by Ivan_Ronical   [other reviews by Ivan_Ronical]

Reviewed: 2012-04-29

As I write this, I'm wishing that I had a perfect memory so that I could actively critique more of this story. As it is, I read it several months ago, and so I'll only be mentioning the parts that I feel I can remember fully.

"Loving My Bunny Girl" (hereafter LMBG) is a story set in the MORFS universe: a fictional dimension where lots of guys turn into girls, and people either love it or are pretty upset about the whole thing. That's the impression I got from reading the universe summary and the descriptions of other stories set here anyway. If you're not Allan Joyal and you've written a story in the MORFS universe, don't take me seriously here. I haven't read your work, and I like to pretend that I'm funny as I type these reviews while crying tears of loneliness over my keyboard in my parents' dark basement. Woe is I.

The main character, Hector, begins the story in an anti-MORFS group (think KKK for kids or something), but he, being a huge asshole to all of his loyal friends, decides that he's going to save the poor, misbegotten MORFS survivors and try to show them the errors of their ways, because being genetically changed into a bird or a turtle against their will is completely a choice. He spends the entire story aiding and abetting deity-cursed hellspawn who should have the decency to kill themselves, and he ends up dicking all of his confused former friends over for reasons they can't understand; all they wanted was to spread the good word.

Hold on, I fucked that up: wrong perspective. Hector Lynwood is a pretty cool guy who, having gotten sick of the bigoted and prejudiced attitudes of the group he was forced to join years earlier, decides to stick up for his beliefs and help out some of his fellow classmates who have been stricken by a weird disease which changes their gend...I mean...turns them into part human, part animal hybrids. He encounters resistance and challenges along his way, and he must work through them as he makes new friends and allies. Among these is the titular (pun relevant) bunny girl, and Hector stands no chance once she sets her romantic sights on him.

Stroke: The code indicates that there's no sex in this story, and this is true. There were a couple somewhat sexy scenes, however, and I say kudos to the author for not ruining the flow by overdoing it.

Technical quality: I don't remember, but I don't tend to remember unless it was particularly good or bad. This is a good thing here, but I'm not going to make up a number because you're not supposed to do that. Or maybe you are and I never got the memo; it would certainly explain some of the non-reviewer scores on certain stories on the site. ZING! I kid. But seriously, it would explain them.

Plot-wise, this is a very well-crafted story. It has ups, it has downs, and it leaves just enough time between them for you to start thinking that everything is okay. The characters, particularly the main character, are likeable when they're supposed to be. The "bad guys" are suitably aggravating and, despite not getting the satisfaction of seeing them cast into the maw of an erupting volcano at the end of the story, their uppance does come. Up. They get their uppance. Uppance is theirs. Up they go. I feel like I'm close enough here, so I'm going to move on.

Overall, I found this to be a fun and enjoyable read. It's definitely unique: out of all the stories I've read on the site, I can't think of a single one which was at all similar in premise (though its themes of tolerance and understanding are not by any means unique). It won't break your brain like Foucalt's Pendulum, but it will leave you with a big smile on your face and that classic "warm feeling" in your stomach when you finish.

Give it a try, you'll probably like it. Either that or you'll send me hate mail complaining about my deceptive reviewing practices.

Plot: 9 | Technical Quality: N/A | Appeal to Reviewer: 9