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A Rough Week by Knave of Hearts

Author's Description:
Adam Williams is having a rough week. Little does he realize that an after hours encounter with the boss' beautiful secretary will lead him to spend the week as the office stud.
Size: 78 KB ( ~ 14,791 words)
Sex Contents: Much Sex
Tags: Ma/Fa, BiSexual, Cheating, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Anal Sex

Review by Celeste   [other reviews by Celeste]

Reviewed: 2002-03-01

While the wife's away the husband must play. In the present case, the wife is out of town, and the boss's secretary comes on to the husband. Which brings up a very important grammatical point: in the preceding sentence there's a space between "on" and "to." Some folks have a tendency to blend the two words together whenever the words are adjacent in the designated order. However, "coming onto" someone would be quite different from "coming on to" that person.

So Adam has an "endearing fantasy that somewhere in the depths of every woman's soul is a cock-sucking, nymphomaniac slut just waiting for the right time to pop out." The author probably means "enduring" fantasy, but he has a valid point. During my adolescent years, I used to have a foul mouthed friend -- actually a brother of a friend, since I wouldn't be caught dead with him unless he were the last boy in the world or unless I knew then about the marvels of mind control, about which children in Catholic schools back in my schooldays learned nothing, possibly because the nuns thought they had a monopoly on that sort of thing -- who had a similar fantasy. All women were latent nymphos, he said -- except for Sister Michael William, whom he hoped would remain a virgin forever, for the good of the males of the species. For my part, I have often wondered why a Church who had so many nuns with male names could be so vehemently opposed to homosexuality. Anyway, Ava's inner nympho takes over, and she comes on to Adam on Monday. Each day a new co-worker or two join in, and a very good time is had by all.

The action is hot and heavy -- so hot and heavy, in fact, that I didn't even notice the use of stereotypical language like "Fuck me hard," uttered by a nubile damsel whose voice was "hoarse with lust." Let's just say the imagery was vivid.

The rating of "8" for plot and character may be high. If what you want is some hot sex, then this story does a decent job of giving it to you. However, if you want an actual rationale for why people behave the way they do or some insights into how this all influences the people involved, then the story is weak. I mean, the upshot of the guy cheating for a week is that his marriage becomes stronger. It seems that the women in the office were "anxious to test drive the husband's dick," and the wife just loaned him out when she went away for the week. Right. Of course, the wife should have said "eager," not "anxious."

Plot: 8 | Technical Quality: 9 | Appeal to Reviewer: 7