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LoveSupernaturally: Profile

I am mostly a reader, a hard core procrastinator, a lover of all things supernatural, and small portion of writer. I hale from the Western part of the U.S. and am a college student fast tracking into nursing. I love shoes, but can never find anthing thing in my size. Thats what happens when you have wide feet. I'm living with my grandparents who are helping to pay for my college. I'm really paying for it with my sanitity though. Hence the fact I've taken up writing to keep me sane. I'm also in the process of lossing weight. 59 lbs down so far !

On the writing fronts, I'm an extremely horrible speller, and my grammar leaves much to be desired. Thanks to my wonderful editors! Thats right, I've gone through two. I'm now on my third editor, who's more of a temp and a fan. I've actually sat down and writen several chapters of the story, because I get a rush from it and love it so much. But because the que has been backed up from my editors, and I've been waiting weeks. Then trying to find a temp, and all that crap, I said no more writing until I can share it. I love sharing and it brings me lots of joy, so for it to sit and wait around unread and eventually needing to be changed, it gnaws at me. So I've been sad lately, unmotivated to write and just trying to find ways to branch out and share.

Thats my story and I'm stickin' to it!