Aine Anderson: Profile

Im a cronic procrastinator who cant sit still if her life depended on it and would die if she didn\'t have at least three things to do at the same time.

A qualified chef who hates to cook.
A people person who hates going out.
A writer with terrible penmanship.

I favor the Sci-fi, Fantasy and Supernatural genres.

Like many writers I have a few plot obsessions and philosophical points which will probably bear on all of my stories and are usually derived from mythology. Especially the more obscure areas.

Ratter is posted on Literotica which is an erotic fiction website and so will possibly at some point involve adult content. I also hold no restraint on language so all my stories will contain some degree of cursing. Its not every second word, its just used to illustrate character personalities. So dont panic!

Chimera is likely to remain a little rough around the edges for as long as it remains incomplete. This is because I thoroughly suck at editing : ) I get comments on Ratter to tell me to keep going through the Literotica website but since Chimera wont be there, please let me know what you think and if you want it to keep going.

Previous editor ran away :) If you're up for it, please email me.

Love, Aine