Matt Moreau: Profile

Over the years I have developed my own ideas about what are tasteful in terms of erotica. Such ideas are mine to hold or modify, and I don't concern myself very much as to what positions others may take in the matter. I respect everyone's right to be their own person, and I am intolerant "only" of intolerance!

For myself, I prefer intelligent mature women who have some sense of adventure and good hearts. I have been fortunate to have known a number such, who fit that bill, and I am still in contact with some of them even at this late date in my life.

My interests, in terms of my writing, lie in three primary areas: cuckoldry, which I find very erotic at least mentally; some of the milder elements of femdom and male submission; and straight up romance which I find very uplifting. Over time I will write in all of these genre and hope they appeal to the SOL readership.

I consider myself "bi-curious" at least in spirit; but will admit to very little experience with such.

Good luck to all who read these pages. May whatever I submit hurt no one and excite everyone.