Willy Tamarack: Profile

The fictional character "Willy Tamarack" made his first appearance in the news group alt.sex.stories some time in 1996. His author and creator, Frederick T. (1948-2002), actively posted to alt.sex.stories and alt.sex.stories.moderated until December of 1999. In 2002 he posted again for a short time and created a web site at the Alt Sex Stories Text Repository (asstr.org), where all of his work resides. You can visit the site and download his stories at http://www.asstr.org/~Frederick_T/

Frederick T. was more than a friend, a comrade and wingman. We collaborated on several stories in the mid-nineties, including "Shack, Lead !" and "If Candy is Dandy and Liquor is Quicker...Who's Maryjane ?" After he left us, I posted his last two installments of "The Stories of Willy Tamarack" to the web and compiled a short tribute to his work. I'm further honoring him by taking his most memorable character as my pen name. I pray my contributions will be worthy.