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Thanks for the critiques


I'm not certain if this is the place in the forum for this but I'm writing it here.

I have received so much feedback for my last story, "Stowaway to Forever" I can't hope to reply to all of them as is my habit. I hope this will reach enough of the writers here to suffice as thanks.

Misspelling Auckland was a stupid mistake. My spell checker flagged it and I ignored it. I try not to do stupid things, but sometime they happen.

My thanks is both for the identification of my error, but more so to the people who took the time and effort to tell me I have written for several sites, and have never received this much feedback for any story. Most of the feedback I have received from this site is polite and constructive instead of gushing praise I know isn't true. I appreciate all feedback, but the feedback of a constructive nature is the best of all. I'm happy to be writing at a site with authors and readers who think this as well.

Thanks again,


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Sometimes authors use their blog to communicate with readers.

Crumbly Writer

Silverhawk, I've always found SOL readers to be extremely helpful in a variety of ways. The overall response rate is low (only 2 to 3% of readers) but that's far and above most other sites, and they'll not only point out errors (like submitting the wrong chapters), but will offer insights into topics you're unfamiliar with (which often leads to new story ideas).

I never consider a story done until it's been vetted by my SOL fans. By the way, FS is almost as helpful, but SOL (with more members) has more bang for the buck.

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