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The Hunger

June 2, 2007
Posted at 11:28 pm

Tonight I have just posted a new story, The Hunger, after not having posted one in ages. Like the other stories I have posted under this pen name, this one has a disturbing theme that most readers will not enjoy. While I don't necessarily watch scores, I will predict that this will have scores about the same as The Last Blind Date. In particular, it will be low.

I do believe that it is a well told story, but it is also one that most people will not want to read. My Muse doesn't always inspire to write things for other people. I share what I write with others regardless of its appeal.

My Muse wants me to understand people a little better. People are not neat little beings that fit into pretty little boxes. Some people are ugly. Some people have ugly characters. Some people are motivated by ugly little quirks. Some people are losers. Not every woman is a supermodel. Not every man knows Martial Arts and will save the world.

Few of us walk into a room and have hundreds of members of the opposite gender fall to their knees begging us to ravage them as we wish. It just doesn't happen. While stories that are like that may be fun to read and write, they are less in touch with reality than explosions in space making a sound.

The stories I publish under this pen name are about the losers of society. Taking center stage are the ugly, the fat, the bitter, the hurt, and the unsuccessful. The Hunger is about one of these losers.