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More thanks

May 28, 2007
Posted at 11:17 pm

I seem to be saying "Thanks!" a lot more these days. This time it's for the overwhelming response to "The Last Wish Blues" and "Bobby's Good Deeds".

Both of these stories were the result of comments made by readers, who wrote to me about other stories, and made suggestions while they did so. Lots of people have good ideas, even though, to tell the truth, neither of the folks who suggested the plot ideas for these two stories would recognize their idea, once it was in print. That's because my mind (and my muse) process things a little differently.

This is not to say I take every suggestion. I have to "feel" right about a suggestion, which is something even I don't understand completely.

But, thanks are in order anyway, both to those who sparked the ideas in my mind, and for those of you who were so kind about the results.

As usual, thanks for reading too.