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Whoa, Buttercup!

May 5, 2007
Posted at 12:45 am

I love writing stories for a lot of reasons. I love the challenge of taking an unlikely plot, and pushing and prodding it until, hopefully, it sings. I love getting to know the characters, as they evolve. Those are all solitary things, that any hermit can do, though. There's a whole other side to writing, and that's talking to readers who send you feedback.

There are all kinds of readers. Young, old, male, female, intelligent and ... well ... maybe challenged is the best word. I love talking to them all, because they're all different, and they all have a story to tell.

Now, about "The Last Wish Blues". I got a ton of feedback on this story. About half of it never got to my mail box, as discussed in the previous blog entry. What that means was, that for a whole week, while I was posting this story, I didn't get even ONE email. I knew it was a decent story, but nobody was saying anything, or at least that's what I thought.

Then, the second week, my computer gained ten pounds, because of all the feedback that poured in. Interesingly, the vast majority of it was from males. I find that interesting, because the hero of the story was actually a heroine, who was itelligent, and capable, and brave and all kinds of other good things.

I thought it was interesting that the ladies out there didn't identify with her NEARLY as much as the men did.

Anyway, thanks very much for all that feedback.

Why did I title this blog entry "Whoa Buttercup"?

That's easy. I got a significant amount of mail from people who thought the "cure" in this story was based on medical fact.

It isn't.

This is fiction, folks. I needed a little miracle to save her, so I dreamed one up.

So, for all you guys out there who are dashing around, looking for bald teenage girls with brain tumors ... WHOA, big fella! Making them pregnant won't cure them. And if you try that, their parents, whether they're named Dave and Linda or not ... won't appreciate you.

For the rest of you ... find someone to cuddle with and remember - Everybody loves to gallop.

Thanks for reading