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Notes on "Flossie's Revenge"

March 7, 2007
Posted at 10:57 am
Updated: November 1, 2010 - 10:50 am

Several of you have asked what I've been up to for the last month or so, since I haven't posted anything.

Here's the deal. I've been working on "Flossie's Revenge", which is a story that departs, in some ways, from my usual fare, but in other ways is a result of what you, the readers, have told me you want.

It departs from my usual fare in these ways:

It is longer - MUCH longer than my usual stories.

Interracial sex is pivotal to the tale. While I have included that in stories before this, it was only incidental to the plot.

I have used patently offensive speech, of the sort I usually avoid at almost all costs. Historical accuracy required it.

It is similar to my previous offerings and addresses reader's comments in the following ways:

It is a tale of love, and how love can appear in the most unlikely circumstances.

It is the "whole" story. Those of you who repeatedly chastise me for stopping too soon have been heard. On the other hand ... be careful what you wish for.

It required extensive setup to put the characters in a position for relationships to develop in a way that is credible. That means it is a very slow story for the first ten or so of forty-four chapters. It requires you to almost live the life of the characters, so that you will understand why their opinions and biases change.

I step on my soapbox relatively frequently. At the same time, I have tried to present views from varying directions, and any diatribe included is there primarily to support or illuminate the plot.

As, with most of my characters, I have forged the participants in this story on the anvils of love, hate, fear, doubt, joy, desire, and a host of other completely normal emotional states that we all enjoy or endure. The goal is to give them true freedom to live life to the fullest, and make available as many options to them as possible to move forward toward as much happiness as they can find.

And, of course, there's lots and lots of hot sex.

I don't usually explain a story before I post it, so by doing so now, I suppose it is also a departure from my norm. I do so because I want you to take the plunge ... to read something you might otherwise have decided to pass on, based on codes alone. This story includes factual historical descriptions that are disturbing and which will not be easy to read, because our grandmothers and grandfathers lived and acted out those disturbing scenes. At the same time, we have moved forward from that disturbing time in our history, and that should be celebrated.

Not all will agree. Racism still abounds, and I may get some hate mail as a result of this story. Before you fire off some of that hate mail, though, I have to tell you not to waste your time. You have as much chance of "fixing" me, as I do of "fixing" you.

In the end, though, it is not acutally the purpose of this story to change anybody's mind about racism. I do not delude myself into thinking that a simple story can affect that kind of change. It's just a story. As usual, I wanted to see if I could take an unlikely scenario, and make it work in a way that readers would embrace as "possible". It's a fairy tale, in the sense that money isn't the problem, and happily ever after is the end result.

It is for that reason that I invite you to read it. It's just a story, with ups and downs, and love and hate, just like our normal lives, except that, of course, it has a happy ending.

At least I thought so.

Thanks for reading