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What the readers want ... the readers get?

February 3, 2007
Posted at 12:20 am

It is not unusual for me to get mail, wherein a reader says I did not go far enough in a given story ... left things hanging ... didn't finish it.

Of course everybody has different ideas about that. In my case, I like to leave an opening for a sequel, later on down the line, after I've used up all my ideas and have writer's block. And, I figure it gives the reader a chance to fill in the blanks with his or her own imagination. Readers don't have any control over the story, so at least they should get to decide how things worked out in the "future".

That said, in deference to all of you out there who would like to see a proper ending sometime, I have appointed Gene, one of my favorite readers, to act as your proxy. After I posted the last chapter of "The Honeymoon Blues", Gene sent me the rough draft of an ending he'd like to have seen. I have taken the liberty of expanding a tad on his rough draft, but what follows is basically what Gene would like to have read, maybe as an epilogue.

If you haven't read the story ... "BAD READER!!" No, what I actually meant to say is that if you haven't read the story, this won't make any sense. So here's Gene's (and by proxy your) ending.

Arianna Phips sat back in the coach seat of the airplane and coughed up three-fifty for a whiskey sour. If she couldn't smoke on the damned airplane, she intended to get good and drunk.

When her only daughter had disappeared off the face of the earth, not coming home from her honeymoon in the Bahamas, she had made inquiries. Her new in-laws were anything but helpful, insisting they didn't know where either their son, or her daughter were. She'd had to get ugly to get the truth out of them.

She'd laughed at first. Like mother ... like daughter. Arianna had never chosen good men. Her first was a stick in the mud, and the ones since had all gotten fat, or cheap, or worn out or something.

After almost a year of getting nowhere, it finally occurred to Arianna to ask the Post Office where they were forwarding Julie's mail. Being the Government, and being helpful, they gave it to her, telling her she was lucky to have asked, since, in about a week, the year of forwarding would be up and the card would be destroyed. The address they gave her was in the Bahamas.

Leave it to Julie to find husband number two while she was on her honeymoon. Arianna had to admire that.

It had taken her another six months to get together enough money to buy a ticket down there. She only bought a one way ticket. It was time for Julie to take care of her dear old mother, and the Bahamas was the perfect place for her to do that, as far as Arianna was concerned.

Finally the plane landed, and a very drunk Arianna collected her luggage and wobbled out to a cab. As the cabby put her suitcase in the trunk, she squeezed his ass. She'd never had black dick before. No time like a nice trip to the Bahamas to find out what that was like.

"Paradise Inn" she slurred to the driver as he pushed her into the back of the cab.

"Pardon, Miss?" he said. "I don't know of no place called Paradise Inn."

"Well it's Paradise something or other," she snarled. "How many paradises can you have on this island?"

"Ahhhh," he sighed. "You mean Paradise Cove, yes?"

"Sounds good to me," said Arianna. You got any booze in this cab?"

"No ma'am," said the cabby, hoping she wouldn't puke on the seat.

Since she now couldn't drink, Arianna figured it was time to smoke. She chain smoked two cigarettes while the cabby rolled down his own window, and then reached over to roll down the other one in the front. He coughed.

"You should see a doctor about that cough," Arianna cackled.

The ride wasn't long, and the cab pulled up in front of a small building that had a sign over the door. It said "Welcome to Paradise Cove".

Arianna crawled out of the cab. She waved to the cabby.

"Hold on to that stuff for a minute. My daughter is here. I'll probably stay with her. Lemme find out if somebody knows where she is."

She entered the front door, and there, right in front of her, behind the desk, was Julie. It was obvious it was Julie, even though her belly bulged like she was six months pregnant. There was a baby outside her belly too, perched on her hip in that way that makes it clear it's that woman's baby.

"JULIE!" shrieked her mother. "BABY! ... SURPRISE!"

Julie's face fell.

"What are you doing here, mother?"

"I came to see my BABY," crooned Arianna. "They said you got married to number two already. I'm so proud of you! And I have GRANDBABIES TOO!" she squealed.

"You can't be here, mother," said Julie, looking like she was suffering some panic.

"Course I can!" mumbled Arianna. "I have to meet the lucky groom!"

"No, mother, you do not." said Julie firmly.

Just then a man walked in the door behind Julie. The baby on her hip smiled and said "DA DA".

"Julie? Have you seen that roll of ..."

"You can't come in here now, JEFF!" gasped Julie, turning around and pushing at him to make him go back out the door. "My MOTHER just walked in the door, JEFF, and this is not a good time JEFF!"

"What?" asked the man.

"DA DA" gurgled the baby.

"That voice sounds familiar!" said Arianna, trying to peer past her daughter. A man's face appeared over Julie's shoulder.

"NO!" shouted Julie.

"BOB?" screamed Arianna.

"DAAAA DAAAA" screamed the baby, crying and reaching for its father.

Julie slumped, gave the baby to Bob, and turned around.

"All right. Now you know. I married my father. I had his baby and I'm going to have another one. I'm not going to let you mess up my life, mother."

It started as a sort of a twinge. Maybe a catch, like a knuckle feels just before you pop it. Whatever it was it was damned uncomfortable, and Arianna wished it would go away. She had to deal with her fucking first husband, and figure out some way to get him away from her fucking pregnant daughter, because she was not ABOUT to put up with this shit!

The twinge turned into an honest pain, and then it suddenly felt as if a semi had parked on her chest. Her hand slapped her flabby breasts, trying to wipe the weight off her chest, but it didn't work. Now her left arm was killing her, and her knees didn't seem to be working right either. It wasn't until the last few seconds, when her eyesight zoomed into a small spot that was full of Bob's face, that she realized she was having a heart attack. She tried to ask Bob to help her, but she couldn't draw a breath to do it.

They called the ambulance, and it got there pretty quickly. Bob tried to do CPR, but it didn't do any good. The ambulance attendant shook his head.

"She's gone, mon."

"Tell them I'll take care of the arrangements." said Bob. "I need to see ;to my family and then I'll come down and fill out all the paperwork."

"She one of your guests?" asked the man.

"No, she just stopped here to ask some questions." said Bob.

In the end, Julie did end up taking care of her mother. She bought her a pine casket to take her long nap in.

The End

Thanks for reading.