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Lost and found

October 2, 2006
Posted at 11:31 am
Updated: October 7, 2006 - 7:18 pm

With the posting of two stories, "different" versions of "For Love Of Nature", I have to admit to a human frailty. My memory isn't too great.

Many of you write and tell me how much you like to read my blog, so I thought I'd expand on the author's comment at the beginning of both stories.

I wrote the original story, the one called 'Chrissy's story' a long time ago, based on a request from a female reader to write 'her' story. As it turned out, she didn't like the way I wrote it and, after she sent me a photo, I began to suspect that she was underage. So I terminated my discussion with her.

The reason she didn't like the way I wrote it was because 'that's not how it happened'. I had taken the germ of her story, as she told it to me, and had embellished it a little. What most people don't understand is that "real" stories, while they may be tittilating, often lack what we want to read in a good erotic or fantastic story. So I filled in a bunch of blanks and she didn't appreciate it. And I still think she was underage, even though she claimed she wasn't.

So, what I had was a story that I couldn't post. The reason for that is because I always promise not to post someone's story without their approval. And she didn't approve. And she was probably underaged anyway.

Some people might think it's odd to think about having morals when you write stories about things that would be illegal if they actually happened. But, odd though it may be, I have a set of morals. We can argue about that if you want to, but not here. The fact is, I told her I wouldn't post it unless she approved, so I decided not to post it. And, I was pretty sure she was underaged, and I don't encourage underaged sex, odd as THAT may sound to those of you who read my stuff.

So, the story sat there until I finally deleted it.

Later on, my morals being somewhat maleable (isn't THAT a surprise ), I regretted the deletion of the story. I began wishing I'd kept it. I could change it around more, thus making it even less 'her' story. I could change the names. The location was already wrong. That was one of her complaints.

But all I had left of the story was the first page or two that I had sent her in an email. I actually sent her the whole story, but she deleted the vast majority of it after trying to correct the first few pages.

So I had the beginning of my original story, with her changes. I decided to go ahead and rewrite it. I settled on some character names and off I went.

As those of you who read my stories routinely have figured out, I have evolved into an author who writes longer and longer ... and longer ... *sigh* ... stories. I knew that the rewrite was longer than the original, but after those first couple of pages I also knew it went in a different direction. Same general idea, but told in a different way.

I finished the story and then, one day, while I was still editing it, I was rummaging around in my car and found a CD on which I had backed up all my stories once upon a time. I looked at the list and, lo and behold, there was "_________'s Story" in the original format I sent her so long ago.

I opened it up and read it, just for fun, to see how well I had recalled things.

Boy, howdy, did I do it different the second time! At least I think so. It had a whole different flavor. In fact, the flavor was SO different, I couldn't stand the thought that it would never see the light of day.

I had written things in multiple versions before. That was received with interesting comments. But this wasn't quite the same. They were about the same idea, but they were really different to my eyes. In the past, different versions had the same characters, by and large, but this time I thought that if I left the characters names the same in both stories, it would be really jarring to those who read them both. I know that you guys out there always read all the versions - don't ask me why - even though I wrote different versions to appeal to people's different tastes.

So this time I went into the newer story and changed all the names. Except for Uncle Bob, of course. It's probably my vanity that caused that, even though I'm nothing like any of the Uncle Bob's I write about.

Anyway, there you have it. You have a chance to see how I'd have written a story a year ago, and how I'd treat the same story idea nowadays. I really think the flavor is completely different, and that the characters display their passions in a different way.

I suppose you'll have to be the real judge of that, of course. In any case, maybe the evolutionary style of things might be interesting, if nothing else.

Let me know, if you so desire.

Interestingly, this is an example of why I don't want to write all those sequels you folks keep clamoring for. I'm convinced that I wouldn't be able to recapture the ambiance of the original story now that I've "evolved". I'm convinced that, while the sequel might be a good story, in and of itself, someone reading the original and then the sequel might be disappointed. That's not to say I won't write some sequels some day. I'm just putting it off out of angst. Another human frailty exposed, huh?

Now you know the rest of the story. And, as usual, thanks for reading.