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Making sense of erotica

July 14, 2006
Posted at 9:16 am

Somebody wrote to me the other day and asked me what it was like to have frequent sex with my female relatives. He also asked me how many illegitimate babies I'd knocked them up with.

That brings up the question of how you can make sense of what you read at places like SOL.

Think of it this way: You go out and buy a Playboy. You could make it a magazine that women like to buy (for the same reason men like Playboy), but that would make this blog entry really long by doing the he/she thing. So let's just stick with Playboy for now.

You open the magazine and there she is ... the woman of your dreams. She's beautiful, intelligent, has hobbies you like and works with charity organizations. She's perfect, and she took off her clothes just for you.

So you find out where she lives and go knock on the door and say "Here I am, Baby, let's start our perfect life together!"

If you think that scenario will work, you need to stop buying Playboy, because you're missing the point.

Women who take their clothes off for magazines (or web sites) do it for money ... not for you. Oh, I'm sure there are some exhibitionists out there who get a kick out of it, but if you show up at their door with a hardon and an empty wallet, don't expect to be greeted with open arms.

It's all fantasy boys. They sell you the fantasy, and you pay for the fantasy and you ENJOY the fantasy ... but it's still ... fantasy.

Just because a woman takes her clothes off in front of a man does NOT mean she wants to have sex with him. Nude beaches come to mind. That buxom babe lying on a towel over there topless might want to have sex with ONE of the men on that beach, or in some circumstances even a few more, but she'll always want to be the one to choose WHICH men get to do the deed.

Movies are the same way. Women (and men) do things in movies to intrigue and excite the viewer. Sometimes they are sexy things, and there's the expectation that the viewer will want to put him/herself (I said I wasn't going to do that, didn't I!) into one of the roles in the imagination.

They sell fantasy.

If you take the fantasy too seriously, the nice policeman comes and takes you away, and the celebrity goes on Oprah and sighs about how precious their privacy is.

So please ... please ... understand that I serve up the same thing. I think of things that, in an alternate universe would be a lot of fun to actually do.

But I live in THIS universe.

Thanks for reading.