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More thanks to the readers

May 14, 2006
Posted at 12:52 am

I must, once again, thank some of you out there for doing something nice for me. I write for fun, and it really is fun. I didn't intend to become a feedback junkie, or to touch as many lives as it appears I have touched, but those things happened.

Now, somebody out there nominated "The Orphange Blues" for a Silver Clitoride, and a bunch of other people voted for it - at least enough to make it the winner of the Silver Clit in April.

I have to tell you something though. I may have mentioned it before, and the authors who read this will probably understand exactly what I'm talking about. You see, sometimes, when you start writing a story, the characters take over and tell the author what they want to say and do. It becomes their story in a strange way, and a good author will listen to them. Those turn out to be the best stories for me. That's what happened with that story.

So the Silver Clitoride really DOES belong to the story, because all I did was listen to those women, and that young man, and write down what they told me to write.

They asked me to thank everyone who voted for them. They appreciate your support.

And thank you all for reading.