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Reposting Life is Good

April 5, 2006
Posted at 1:38 pm


I started this story little over a year ago intending it to be a single stand-alone story of about 26 chapters. Then half way through writing chapter six I was injured in a 'hit and run' accident; of which the most serious injury was to my back and spinal column. Luckily my spinal cord was not damage, but I did break two vertebrae in my lumbar region. I have under gone several surgeries to repair the damage, which was followed by many, many months of physiotherapy. During my recovery, I could not write, mostly because of the effect of the pain medication I was taking, and the exhausting effects of one-day-on-one-day-off physiotherapy. The other reason was I just could not motivate myself to write; I tried but what I wrote was garbage at best. But I did write plenty of notes, record audio memo's on my PDA, and with some advice from 'TeNderLoin' I was able to outline most of the stories that will one day soon form the basis of the 'Other When' Multiverse.

The second problem is I have is that because of my injury I was not able to work. As an insurance profession I had plenty of insurance (I am my own best client), but I still had to dip heavily into my retirement savings to avoid debt. So as a result I have ended my semi-retirement and I am now working full time again rebuilding my business. If you live in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada region and you need insurance or financial advice; or if you know of someone who lives in the area let me know.

So while I am still writing it is only a few hours a week. Based on what I have completed so far it looks like I will be able to post a new chapter about twice a month. I have completely re-written the story so far, and beginning next weekend I will be posting the new story at the rate of about 1 chapter every couple of weeks.


The 'OtherWhen' Multiverse, will encompass three universes each containing it's own unique version of our planet Earth. The world of 'Life is Good' is very much like our world, except that a death plague killed off most of the world's population. This universe is also home to the Grelix.

The second universe contains the world of 'Norman', which is considerably different from our world. The most significant difference is there are three humanoid species occupying the world; Homo Sapiens; Homo Neanderthal, and Homo Erectus. The three species can inter-breed but the resulting Hybrid is itself sterile. This universe is also the home of the Vorn.

The Third universe contains the world of the 'Emporium', but what this Earth is like will not be revealed other than to say that it is somewhat like our world, and that you will pick up the details as this story line progresses.

OtherWhen Muliverse

I will be posting the 'OtherWhen' Multiverse, as three stories; 'Life is Good', 'Norman' and 'Emporium'. These stories will from time to time become linked and the story lines will be joined but told from the different points of view of each story. I will be posting chapters of the three stories as needed to maintain the overall joint story line.