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Anonymous mail

March 28, 2006
Posted at 9:30 am

There are other entries in this blog where I rant about anonymous email from people who make negative comments about stories.

This entry, however, isnt' going to be like that.

With the changes Lazeez has made to the feedback process, it is now possible for an author to receive anonymous email on a fairly regular basis. That's fine. I understand how people who read smut don't want their name bandied about "in public". After all, I created an email account under a ficticious name to post these stories, probably for some of the same reasons people want to write anonymous emails.

But I get a lot of comments now from "anonymous" that are engaging, and which I'd like to answer. I try to answer all my feedback email. It just seems neighborly, you know?

But you CAN'T reply to anonymous email, the way it's set up in SOL. Those replies don't go anywhere, because it's actually anonymous.

So, this entry is to thank all of you who have written, or will write anonymously. I appreciate your viewpoint, and your comments, and I actually pay attention to them.

I can't tell you that in an email tailored to you, but I just wanted you to know I'm thankful for your comments.

Thanks for reading.
Anonymous Bob