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Starting to Begin to Brainstorm to Fathom the Next Chapter

May 16, 2018
Posted at 3:59 pm

I've been a little sick this past week, battling down the hatches and playing some Vermintide 2 while trying not to think about how sore my throat was. Luckily I'm feeling much better now, and so will start in on the next chapter today. Hopefully in 1-2 days it'll be done.

I only got two chapters worth of edits in the time between this post and the last. It's hounding me! I wasn't in the mood to write all week cuz of said sickness, but I'll start in on the rest of the edits after fifteen.

BTW, WE BROKE 50,000 words!

I'm surprisingly proud of myself. The longest story I'd written before this was 30,000 words, with a lot of shorter 10 to 15 thousand shorter unfinished stories before that. I have no idea where I've managed to dredge up enough dedication to continue, but I think it has something to do with all the nice messages people send me. Thank you! They really help :)

If you've been reading all my blogs you know how hard it is for me to consistently write. This month I'm starting in on the third chapter, and I hope to get one more out before it ends. 4 chapters in a month! It sounds pretty paltry, but if you've been here since the start you're probably itching to slap me. (to get me to write more lol)

I've been forcing myself to fit more words into each chapter to stop those darn cliff-hangers from happening. They still do, as evidenced by last chapter hehe, but I hope it's more tolerable in big ol 5,000 word chunks instead of those measly 3,000 word ones. I'm not a cock-teasing web-novelist!!! (actually that describes me perfectly lol)

anyways I'm in a grand mood, I hope your day is going well too <3