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Finally Made It

September 12, 2017
Posted at 12:37 am

My apologies for the late posting of Art Critic. Turned out that I had opened the file for editing and hadn't resubmitted it. Got that turned around and now the first chapter of Art Critic is live. Haven't posted much leading up to this (in my opinion). Nonetheless, I'm happy to have this latest story in the 'Strange Art' series ready for readers. The eBook and paperback will be available Saturday. The story will post on SOL every three days.

Arthur √Čtrange. What a strange boy. This book opens soon after Art Project closes. It covers sophomore and junior year in the first three chapters, because everybody wanted to know about Art and Kendra, his best friend. You get an idea in the first chapter, but don't assume that is all of it. Then there is Art and Susan, the model who prefers to be blindfolded and positioned wherever Art wants her.

Then there is Mavis.

In Art Project, Mavis appeared at the start of second semester during Art's freshman year in college. Art has always had a visceral reaction to Mavis. He just can't help the way his body reacts. In Art Critic, Mavis becomes a major influence in 'Artie's' life. She is a photographer and there is just something about the way the two interact.

Of course, the girls are all important to Art, but the story is triggered during Art's preparation for his senior BFA exhibition at the university. Art is overcome by a darkness that takes all his lovers and friends to overcome.

It was really hard to code this story. Paranormal often refers to time travel or to urban legends like zombies and vampires. ESP, or extra-sensory perception, typically applies to mind-reading. So, what does seeing auras qualify as? It is certainly an extra sense. Most definitely outside what is considered 'normal'. But neither one really captures the ways that Art, Morgan, and their mother see the world. With Art's decided social handicap, bordering on (or perhaps completely within) the ill-defined areas of autism or Asperger's, his world collapses and Art is sent deep within himself.

Only paint on canvas and the love of his friends can save him.

The reason I missed the fact that my story was held up briefly by the editing I had done and not saved, is because I was working on another new project, slated for release on April 5, 2018. Remember that scene where Art poses Susan? I photographed it today. Yeah. Really. An incredibly cute blonde who allowed me to blindfold her, drape her, and photograph her. The book I'm working on is a 'nonfiction' work titled The Art of Sensual Draping and will show and explain the use of fabric to conceal and reveal a lover. But for now, I'm just reliving the day while flipping through hundreds of photos of an incredibly beautiful woman who put her body in my hands to show the reality of Art's fantasy.

That has not slowed me down on the writing of The Props Master Prequel: Behind the Ivory Veil. (Note a theme developing here?) I'm 60,000 words into the novel that explores Rebecca Hart Allen and Wesley Allen as they enter the occult world simultaneously embodied at the great circle of Carles Castlerigg in Northern England and the City of the Gods, accessed through a secret passage in the Metéora of Greece. This book will show how Rebecca and Wesley meet on the mountaintop and release the goddess hidden Behind the Ivory Veil. Unfortunately, the interference of The Blade leaves Rebecca and Wesley separated by the impenetrable veil. It has been two years since I released The Props Master 1: Ritual Reality. The new volume will explain how the characters got to the point they are and will open the door to many more questions.

Don't worry. The first drafts of The Props Master 2: A Touch of Magic, and The Props Master 3: Child of Earth have already been completed and I expect to finish both before the end of 2018.

Crossover? It has been mentioned. I anticipate that a new generation from this cast will show up at PCAD and seek help from Tony Ames and his family from Model Student. Now you've got something to look forward to in 2019! There is even a chance that the next generation from Living Next Door to Heaven might show up!

My travel schedule from the Pacific Northwest to Southern California will be a bit compressed this year. I'll be making the trip between October 15 and November 1. The planned route will take me the length of Idaho on U.S. 95 to Nevada and then across to Reno where I'll pick up U.S. 395 to SoCal. If you are along that route during the last two weeks of October, though, let me know. I always have time for a cup of coffee or dinner and I'm happy to meet fans wherever I travel.

That means I'll hit the Riverside, CA area just in time to start NaNoWriMo again this year. I have three potential projects and will spend the time between now and then deciding which will be my focus for the end of the year project. I have another new artist, Jett Blackburn, who discovers what Drawing on the Dark Side of the Brain means. Alternatively, I might continue working on the Props Master series with A Touch of Magic. Finally, I've been researching a post-apocalyptic literary piece (not erotica at all) that I've tentatively called Singularity. It is a surprising tale of redemption and hope. But it's hard work getting all the data that I need to project a future that's a couple hundred years away. Or maybe it is only a couple decades away.

Of course, I welcome your input, even if I ignore it.

I hope this finds you well and that you have escaped the fires of the Northwest, the continuing floods of the South, and the hurricane winds of the East. Go outside and look at the Northern
Lights. Really. Right now!

We're off on another new adventure!