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The Demons Within, Chapter 3

September 11, 2017
Posted at 8:53 pm

Several notes, especially concerning the books I just published on Saturday.

I hadn't made clear that the "Demonic Issues Box Set" is also available on Amazon. I didn't mentioned it because Amazon's preorder sales aren't counted the same way that Smashwords' are. However, several people started purchasing "The Demons Within", not knowing the Box Sex is now published on Amazon too. It's only $1 off (instead of the preorder price on SW of $8.99), but it's still cheaper than buying the two books individually.

I've also set up my website, (, which has a slightly more graphical interface than SOL. I also post my latest chapters sooner there, so I know whether it works before posting to SOL. You can also visit the more robust site at, which also features site, book and story updates.

There were a variety of issues with the new releases. Specifically, Smashwords was unable to process the graphic files properly, so if you have trouble downloading large files, or an older device, that's probably your best bet.

I also posted both files ("The Demons Within" and "Speaking With Your Demons") on The graphics work well there, but they don't have the box set. Finally, Amazon has never had trouble processing any file I've submitted to it, so you can usually count on those files.

For those of you unaware, since I moved my "Catalyst" series to 'Premiere Only', I'm slowly posting it to I'm currently up to book 3, and posting one chapter a day, Monday - Friday.

Finally, with no books ready when the current two books complete, I may slow down to a single chapter a week, just so the delay between stories isn't quite so long, but I haven't committed to that yet.

The preorder and the Box Set were a HUGE success. While I'd previously had issues with preorders, I'd never considered sweetening the deal with a time-limited discount, which made ALL the difference.

By the way, the print version ($9.99) of "Speaking With Your Demons" is gorgeous! I'm also giving away several copies for free on smashwords (in exchange for potential reviews). You can find the details at: