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July 17, 2017
Posted at 3:25 pm

I have a NEW HOOD chapter to post, I am sorry it took so long. I find going slower make the story better, at least to me it does anyway. I am almost done with the next RETURN OF THE MACK chapter also Mack and company are now in Arkansas making new friends and among other things. Thanks to bachgen, areosick, and barnyr, for helping me with the flaws. I wrote a story in an Authors Note: I wrote exactly like I heard it from a live album the way the late Levi Stubbs the original lead singer for the Four Tops for over 40 years. Please don't send mail saying that I can't spell or do I speak english. At YouTube "I AM YOUR MAN live in concert in 1974 go listen for yourself what the man said and the way he said it. The enire song is 9:25, but the story starts at 4:43, and it is comical. Thanks for reading my work. BUICK GS