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New Story: Spirit Quest

May 19, 2017
Posted at 8:20 pm

16-year-old David Whitehorse suddenly finds himself transported more than 1500 years into the past. This is the story of how his parents prepared him and of his life back then: how he used his considerable knowledge and skills, and how he finally came to understand why he ended up back then.

If you don't like stories where the protagonist begins with huge loads of modern weapons and equipment, you might like this one. All David takes with him besides his extensive knowledge and training are twelve duffel bags, a goatskin tent, and a small, homemade, wooden cart. His weapons include two Mongol-style bows, several small weapons like throwing knives and shuriken that he made, and a set including a katana, wakizashi, tanto, and sai. Everything else is seeds, bare-root saplings, or items he made or helped to make. Some of the homemade items are "books" of pages he hand copied or wrote on silk, using homemade ink.

The story is 16 chapters. It is complete and edited. I will post the first three chapters, and then one chapter a day. If, like me, you prefer to wait until a story is completely posted before reading it, bookmark the story and check back in 13 days.