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An updated Fall-Out 4 review (and a new chapter)

April 20, 2017
Posted at 9:48 pm

First, the easy stuff. Chapter 58 is posted and should be up for reading any time now. If you have an issue with plural marriages, well, too bad. There's also a couple of surprise wedding guests as well. And once again, just because I didn't want to do the Thieves Guild questline as it was in the game doesn't mean we're not doing some of the quests. (That's okay, someone noticed that I sort of avoided the College of Winterhold questline as well recently. Patience! I can only kill off the Thalmor so quickly, after all.)

Also a public shout out to Wayde. You're the reason this chapter ended the way it did. I honestly hadn't considered it at all. Three guesses some of what happens in Chapter 59, and the first two don't count!

I decided to update my review on FallOut 4 from March 10, since I started the game over and played through it a LOT more. (As in, slightly more than 250 hours over a couple of weeks - amazing how much couch time you get while recovering from foot surgery.) That, and I managed to snag a deal on all the DLC, which, while it didn't change some things, made the game more immersive. And according to MXR (look him up on YouTube), making it immersive is what it's all about. Immersive as f*&k, actually.

Having said that, screw playing the game without mods. It's a grind. We're playing to have fun, not spend hours trying to drag supplies from point A to point B so you can upgrade things - and then find out you need one more something or other. I'm playing on the Xbox One, and I have 36 total mods loaded and running. Here's a simple list:

Unofficial FO4 patch, Cheat Terminal , WRVR - New Companion, Snap'n Build, K-9 Harness, Realistic Bullets, Full Dialogue Interface, Busty EV, One Minuteman Radiant Quest at a Time, Pleasing Piper Attitude Adjuster, Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar, Player Marriage, Sexy Lingerie, Girly Animation, Increased Settler Limit Awareness, Improved and Rechargeable Stealth, Power Conduit Radius and No Build Limit, Upgrade to Crafting, 1950's Feminine Outfits with stockings, Push Away Companions, Visible Companion Affinity, Minutemen Morale Pack, Better Settlers, Companion Tracker, Ashara FO4 Under Armors, Vault 111 Settlement, Unlimited Companion Framework, Disable God Rays, Improved Map with visible roads, Alert Carry - Lower your weapons, The Cheaters Den, Realistic Ragdoll Force, Loving Cait, Loving Curie, Loving Piper

Seems like a long list - but you'll note that a chunk of them are just eye candy. (Hey, I'm a guy, since I can't do nudity on the Xbox, being able to have the girls run around in sexy lingerie works!)

Anyway, suddenly NOW the game becomes much more than I think Bethesda ever though it would be. The Full Dialogue Interface means you get to see what you're going to say first, making it okay to be snarky. Unlimited Companion Framework - no having to pick and choose who's going to go with you. You want Valentine AND Piper along when you go explore Far Harbor? Take 'em both with you. (And Far Harbor is … a damn good DLC. Well worth it.) Want to take Hancock and MacReady with you to Nuka-World? Take 'em both with you. Oh, and Nuka-World is fun, too, but … I don't know that I could actually do part of what the DLC wants you to do. But if you like being a Raider and don't mind destroying what you built in the Commonwealth, go for it. With the Automatron DLC, it's not much of a questline, but … yeah, make your own robots. There's just something pretty fun about running into a Behemoth, and having your own personal robot armed with gatling lasers. Or even better, your own personal ARMY of robots armed with gatling lasters. They chew up feral ghouls quite nicely.

To give you an idea - I've started another play through. About 40 hours into it. I'm married to Cait and Piper, romancing Preston, flirting with Danse, finding more things that I've missed from previous playthroughs, fixed the castle walls and have it defended with 40 laser and rocket turrets, have 15 settlements going strong … and I haven't been to see Nick Valentine to advance the main quest at all. It's sort of like Skyrim, where you turn left instead of right. Eventually you end up at High Hrothgar, but there's so much to do, you don't HAVE to do it right away - and it's really best to NOT do it right away. Same thing with FO4 - so with mods, I really do recommend the game. (It's still not the RPG that Skyrim is, but … meh, it's fun and addictive. Now, excuse me, I need to go build my own Vault...)