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Incest is best?

April 19, 2017
Posted at 2:05 pm

What is it about incest stories that make them so damned appealing? I cannot think of one sister, parent, child, or aunt of mine that I ever lusted for in the slightest! Ew,yuck! Ick! Ick! Okay, a couple of cousins maybe. Otherwise? Talk about killing a boner.

Yet, I enjoy reading them, even when it is a late reveal. "Oh, by the way, this is really your long-lost sister whom your father abducted when he left me." For me, it is strictly sibling incest that does it. And the closer the siblings are in age-down to and including being twins-the better. Most recently, I'm reading Art Class Preempted by autofocus. Everyone's related!

I've dabbled in stories with incest. It surprised the heck out of me when Redtail got the second place Clitorides Award for Best Incest Story of 2014. I had to stop and think about what was incestual in the story. Oh, yeah. He sleeps with his cousin and falls in love with his great great grandmother when he time travels. I guess that's incest. The next year, Blackfeather won Best Erotic Western Story but wasn't even nominated in the incest category. And in it, the brother and sister were lovers. I don't get it.

That, by the way, is all to remind you to get over to and vote for your favorite stories in The Clitorides Awards. Voting is about to close down, so don't lose your opportunity.

And if you need a little incest entertainment while you are waiting for Art Project next month, try reading my classic incest story, "My Brother Reads Incest Porn. zOMG! He Writes It!"

I spent a delightful weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Rabbi Rabbit this week. You know Rabbi Rabbit as a prolific, opinionated, and often humorous reviewer of stories on SOL. I learned to know him as a phenomenally intelligent man with enough experiences to write a few books himself and a generous heart that draws other incredible people to him. Wonderful time and a huge thanks to the Rabbi for his hospitality and for introducing me to still more authors to add to my reading list. So, my writing delays this week are brought to you courtesy of Rabbi Rabbit!

In my typical fashion, I woke up camped near a lake (as in fifteen feet near) with ducks and geese circling the trailer to see if I'd left scraps or a partially smoked stogie for them. I thought, this is idyllic. So, I decided to stay another day. I have a big date this weekend in New Orleans, but I'm only 250 miles away, so I can well afford the extra time basking in the sun here near Vicksburg, MS.

There is quite a story involved with this date. Since I'm not ready to write the next volume of my memoirs yet, I might make the story my quarterly exclusive for my patrons at the $5 level. Patrons will also be receiving Art Project a week before it starts posting on SOL in May. Check it out. I'd like to make this a special place where I can meet with people who are active supporters, but not interested in buying from Amazon.

In spite of my joking about not making progress because I've found something new to read, I have just one chapter of Art Project to finish writing. I'm pretty pleased, but the editors have only seen the first four chapters so far and I'm not sure how they'll respond to the next batch. We'll find out soon! This is the sequel to Art Something. It covers Art's adjustment to college life with his girlfriends and his discovery of what friends are. Mid-May.

I'm eager to get Art Project finished because I'm ready to start the rewrite of Yelloweye. Next week, I'll start heading through some of the territory that influences the characters in Yelloweye and that always gets my creative juices flowing. That would mean I could possibly release Yelloweye in July or maybe the end of June. I'd like that because I have three other stories waiting to be written/rewritten and released. I hate it when I have a backlog of stories in my head and can't get them out immediately.

Wish me luck. Hope you are having weather as beautiful as I am having in the the Mississippi Delta.