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Return of a Girl Named Blowjob

March 19, 2017
Posted at 9:34 am

I have submitted a new story that, I am confident, most people will *NOT* like. Based on previous experience with this series, I am very confident in this assessment. Nevertheless, a few readers *REALLY* liked the previous two installments of this series. So I will press on and give that small but devoted readership something they will probably like a lot.

The new story is titled "A Girl Named Blowjob Meets Her Adoptive Mommy." It follows upon the earlier two stories, "A Girl Named Blowjob", and "A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Blowjob."

From the story titles alone you should be able to gauge whether this sort of thing is your cup of tea. If you have any doubt, then just stay out. If you are curious, please read the story tags carefully. I am not hiding anything about the contents of this story, nor did I hide anything about the others in this series.

This story is minimalist. There is no character development, no conflict, and no mystery. It's all a description of what happens to a 14-year-old sex slave in the harem of the Master when she enters upon the next stage in her life of sex slavery, which is to be adopted by an older sex slave in the Master's harem.

Don't expect any grand narratives. This is just some nice, dirty, sexy, male dominant wish-fulfillment, as seen through the eyes of one young girl and her new mommy. It takes place within the Master's personal paradise, which is a place I described at great length in the "Welcome to My World" book / serial. The Master populates his World with female sex slaves. Some he synthesizes using genetic engineering and biotechnology. This is the continuing story one such synthesized girl, who was given the name Amber at birth, but whom her Master re-named Blowjob when she joined his harem on her 14th birthday. Now she is often referred to as Amber-Blowjob. If you like 'em young and no holes barred, with plenty of gonzo action, you'll love little Blowjob!