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Doing more than just writing

January 7, 2006
Posted at 1:24 am
Updated: January 18, 2006 - 4:41 pm

When I wrote the story called "Teasing Niece, Teasing Sister" I made the story about ... teasing. Now some of you out there might say "Well duh!"

But the fact is, I got some mail after the first chapter, and some people called me out, so to speak, because the chapter was so short, and not very much happened, and they wanted to know what happened next and were unhappy that I didn't tell them that in a longer chapter.

Now think about that.

It's a story about teasing.

See, you can do more with a story than just write it. You can put things in it that you know will bring up old memories in the reader's mind. You can talk about places that some readers know about because they've been there, or maybe even live there. You can put in cars and songs that they'll remember from their youth. And when you do things like that, it makes the story more personal to the reader.

You ... connect with the reader.

Isn't that what stories are all about? Aren't they supposed to connect with the people who read them? And doesn't it make sense that, if the reader is looking at a story about about teasing ... you should maybe ... tease them a little bit? Wouldn't that make a connection? Wouldn't the anticipation about what happens next spur their imagination?

I thought so.

So I teased the readers with a short chapter that didn't deliver very much ... but hinted at things to come. And a hundred and nine people voted for that story, even though all that had happened was that they were teased a little.

And a few of them were mad as hell that they had been teased.

Now I have to say here, that there were a fair number of folks who sent an email in which it was obvious they noticed my teasing them and approved of it. To them I give my salute. They "got" the fact that there can be more to a story than just the words in it.

This blog entry is for those folks who were so busy looking for the sex that they missed the ambiance of the story.

Now that the story is finished, I have to point out one last thing. A few folks wrote to me and wanted to know the paternity of Crystal's first baby. Was it her brother? Or Uncle Bob?

What better way to end a story about teasing ...

Get it?

Thanks for reading.