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Wonders of the U.S. Highways: White Line Fever

January 11, 2017
Posted at 1:42 pm

Leaving Alice behind was difficult. I had to wonder if we really had something or if this had merely been an opportunity for her to satisfy her curiosity. I probably wouldn't know until I cycled back through Montana again next year.

But, I had a new story brewing in my mind. I was almost finished writing LNDtH1: The Rock and would dedicate my NaNoWriMo to writing the sequel to Redtail. As soon as I figured out a title for it. But I knew more about Wyoming now than I had when I wrote Redtail. I decided to return to Laramie and spend a couple of weeks researching before I started writing.

I had no idea to what depths my research would take me. Repeatedly.

What is it about me and crazy women? Do I have a sign on my back? As far as crazy goes, though, I'd rather the crazy psychic Aubrey Diaz than the crazy psychotic Belle. Or Georgia. Or Nicki. Or… I guess actually, my time in Laramie, Wyoming researching Blackfeather was pretty sane by comparison.

I wasn't finished here yet!

What a week! Trying to get projects for two different authors out the door at the same time while finishing up a story that surprised me and needed to be written has really taxed my time. Add to that the fact that I leave Sunday for Las Vegas for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo ( And that's where the excitement comes in. I might have a new project to work on that you'll all enjoy. On the other hand, there are so many contingencies that I might fail completely. I just want to get there and get 'er done.

Speaking of which, Wonders of the U.S. Highways comes to an end next week. Wonders of American Backroads is all edited and I'm working on formatting. But, to give your weary heads a rest from my memoirs, I got carried away and wrote a new story called Art Something. It's just fourteen chapters and as my trusty editor Pixel the Cat said when he finished the first pass, "…it just doesn't feel like enough. 'It tastes like more.'" He went on to give me about five more storylines to pursue, so I will probably be making it into a universe with several stories eventually. I've just added it to my 'to be written' list. I think you will enjoy this one the way it is, though.

Originally, I thought it was going to be part of Pygmalion Revisited. I was aching to get back to writing about the art world. But it took on a life of its own. So, by the time American Backroads finishes posting, I promise to have another Pygmalion story ready to go. You know what my promises are worth. I coulda been president!

I actually have a title for the new story, however. Many months ago, SOL author Teloz put Triptych on his favorites list with the words "'If a picture paints a thousand words…', a phrase from a 70s hit from Bread; aroslav turns that on its head, and uses thousands of words to paint a picture." And from that comes the title of the next Pygmalion piece: "A Thousand Words".

Well, I've just been asked by a beautiful young woman for more information about the AVN show. Given the choice between talking to you all and talking to a beautiful young woman…

Enjoy today's chapter of Wonders of the U.S. Highways: "White Line Fever"!