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Cuckoo's Progeny wrap-up

January 10, 2017
Posted at 2:16 am

As Cuckoo's Progeny nears it's conclusion, I'll be combining chapters (as many are incredibly short). Thus the story will conclude this week (Tues: chapters 23 & 24) and Thurs: ch 25. 26 and the prologue to Not-Quite Human 2: "Lost With Nothing to Lose").

After that, I'm going to take an extra long breather (two months). That's because I've been having a prolonged medical issue due to a medicine conflict for the past six months which has dramatically cut back my productivity. I've finally quit the one medication, but I'm not sure how long it'll take to return to a stable basis. I'm guessing at least a month, so I'm counting an extra month to get back to work before I begin my next story, "The Zombie Leza".

That should give me time to complete my next story, "The Demons Within", then allowing me to begin "Lost With Nothing to Lose" (an even longer delay).

This story had a LOT of extremely short chapters (1,500 words), which I'm attempting to correct in "The Demons Within", so the new books are taking longer to write, in addition to my non-productive periods.

Hoping to get back into a more productive period to try to make up for my lack of productivity.