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November 26, 2016
Posted at 10:12 am

On the Improbable Science and Art of Writing

Hi Randy Readers!

You naughty jack-off boys.

I read an article that described a couple of types of fiction writers. Macro Planners lay out the structure of the story in advance. They know ahead of time where the narrative is going.

So not me. I dictate my silly little chapters to one of my paralegals who types it and sends it to Jimmy. Who then adds his own bumf and posts it here and one other place.

If we were talented, we'd belong to the second type of authors - - Micro Managers.

In our case, lost, wandering around in Clueless Land.

Neither of us has more than a vague idea where we're headed with our stories. For me, it's character driven. If I come to like someone, I'll let her hang around longer, let her take me wherever she wants to go.

Keep it up!